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Jenny Frecklington-Jones 🇺🇦🌏🔥💉♀️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Anyone else remember how the Libs described PM Julia Gillard? And yet Tanya Plibersek is made to feel she should apologise for such a harmless comment about Dutton that Twitter has been meme-ing abt forever. Starting to think women are held to a different standard than most men. https://t.co/2SH5eV5vmF https://t.co/NTtnzRkZns
25 May, 09:30 PM UTC
Phil Reid born a Geordi…went to Australia 1968.
@macsween_prue @LiberalAus @AustralianLabor @tanya_plibersek @PeterDutton_MP Tony Abbot and Bronwyn Bishop along with Alan Jones and a host of right wing media started this ,against Julia Gillard.. so I’d be careful throwing around the word hypocrite. Oh and your stable mate Andrew Bolt attacked a fifteen year old girls appearance…
25 May, 06:25 PM UTC
According to the hypocritical left, it’s ok (& hilariously funny) to make fun of Peter Dutton’s appearance, but was disgraceful to make fun of Julia Gillard’s appearance.
26 May, 12:47 AM UTC
Peter Stevenson
@mjrowland68 @AlboMP @BreakfastNews Labor shouldn’t have to apologise for having a jibe @PeterDutton_MP . I’ve never ever seen a Lib feeling bad at their jibes to various Labor MPs or Labor Prime Ministers i.e Julia Gillard.
25 May, 10:23 PM UTC
Anthony Element
So @LiberalAus, yeah you know, the party that heaped all kinds of vile personal insults on Julia Gillard, is now clutching their pearls at Tanya’s Voldemort comment. Hypocrisy. Much? Suck it up snowflakes!
26 May, 01:37 AM UTC
Prime Minister Julia Gillard anyone? https://t.co/cQ6G4A5fgd
25 May, 10:31 PM UTC
James Dunstan
Alan Kohler: This was Julia Gillard’s election victory | The New Daily https://t.co/nifH8M0E3x Women rose up against Morrison and his Govt. But they still don't get it. They need a fresh face at the top & a fresh approach. Liberal Party so stuck in the past.
25 May, 07:11 AM UTC
💧julie boyd
@mjrowland68 @tanya_plibersek @PeterDutton_MP How many libs apologised to Julia Gillard ??
25 May, 11:30 PM UTC
Bianca Minnie
@mjrowland68 @tanya_plibersek @PeterDutton_MP 2/ PM Julia Gillard was characterised as a "witch", her appearance mocked (by men who were often far from perfect physical specimens). The appalling menu at a Libs fundraiser springs to mind. Apologies? No wonder the Libs have a 'woman problem'. #auspol
25 May, 10:13 PM UTC
@theprojecttv Just to the right was the ditch the witch sign, Julia Gillard then Australian Prime Minister, still waiting for an apology. https://t.co/6AYoiXWwRA
26 May, 01:21 AM UTC
@JonesHowdareyou @Pikiran2ku maybe @mjrowland68 you should have reminded your audience [if you still have one] abt the disgusting tirade of sexist filth directed against Julia Gillard as PM??? Has anyone on tory side of politics [including well known LNP media propagandists] ever expressed any contrition???
26 May, 12:21 AM UTC
@BreakfastNews @mjrowland68 @AlboMP Seriously Michael how long before you throw your arms in the air and tell Lisa and her crony mates that millions of ABC people have had enough. Get Dutton on and ask him about his references to Julia Gillard and countless others. Run with hounds and…..
25 May, 11:35 PM UTC
Mary Doyle
@cadarbara @robynbryant33 @Chris_Murray48 That was my first thought actually but there you go… and let’s not forget all those politicians who lined up in front of all those disgusting signs denigrating PM Julia Gillard.
25 May, 11:49 PM UTC
Tania Scott
@GemmaTognini Was alright for your mates to do though hey princess? Remember Julia Gillard? We haven’t forgotten so pardon me if we find your tweet a fecking joke.
25 May, 10:33 AM UTC
@GemmaTognini @tanya_plibersek Despite agreeing that Tanya shouldn’t have said this (despite it being a common moniker for Dutton) this is total bullshit. Julia Gillard was subjected to much worse. Didn’t impact anyone’s career.
26 May, 12:47 AM UTC
@leipard Ruth H
@JoshButler Er calling Albo the Manchurian Candidate “ Julia Gillard “ ditch the witch “ ? Tanya apologized , Dutton has never apologized the Manchurian candidate accusation was said in coward’s castle under parliamentary privilege!
26 May, 01:26 AM UTC
@10NewsFirst Talk about flogging a dead horse! The way the media & opposition treated Julia Gillard, and now you pretend to have morals! Fact - he does look like Voldemort! Seriously, move the Fk on! #ThisIsNotJournalism
26 May, 01:09 AM UTC
David Glynne Jones
@GemmaTognini @tanya_plibersek #auspol Seriously? This stuff doesn't even rate compared to the vile & evil stuff that both men and women on the "conservative" side of Australian politics and media said about Julia Gillard on a daily basis, and I'm not aware that ended any careers, even though it should have.
26 May, 01:33 AM UTC
@GemmaTognini @tanya_plibersek Have you conveniently forgotten Tony Abbott and the @LiberalAus Party's unrelenting attacks on Julia Gillard? Do better @GemmaTognini #Auspol
26 May, 01:30 AM UTC
💧Sally Lawry
@GemmaTognini @tanya_plibersek Are you kidding ? Remember the comments about Julia Gillard !!! Where was the apology ?
26 May, 01:35 AM UTC
Cathetine Davis
@cadarbara @MargsPolitics @robynbryant33 @Chris_Murray48 The LNP especially Tony Abbott were vitriolic towards Julia Gillard. Where was the outrage or the apologies. Thank you Prime Minister Albanese for being a gentleman and also bringing respect back to Government.
26 May, 02:08 AM UTC
Daylite Dave
@mjrowland68 @tanya_plibersek @PeterDutton_MP Perhaps you've forgotten the ABC made a sitcom based on Julia Gillard and her partner Tim's life. It was meant to humiliate the 1st female PM and make her male partner feel like he was diminished by being the partner to a successful woman. Where the ABC apology?
26 May, 12:46 AM UTC
@GemmaTognini @tanya_plibersek Search Alan Jones, the scumbag. He should've lost his job during Julia Gillard's PMship? Couldn't agree more.
26 May, 01:36 AM UTC
@mjrowland68 @tanya_plibersek @PeterDutton_MP Do you remember all the degrading things they said about Julia Gillard ? Selective memory I think @mjrowland68
26 May, 01:11 AM UTC
Remember this about Dutton. He had no respect for the Prime Minister Julia Gillard. https://t.co/Uz4iLupBuS
26 May, 02:14 AM UTC
@mjrowland68 @tanya_plibersek @PeterDutton_MP Michael Rowland , that is NOT a stinging insult. Calling Julia Gillard a witch displayed next to gallows, that IS criminal . So get of your high horse and stop 🛑 licking the ARSES of the LNP .
26 May, 02:12 AM UTC
@macsween_prue @LiberalAus @AustralianLabor @tanya_plibersek @PeterDutton_MP We're you in a alcoholic coma when Julia Gillard was in charge or when that juvenile Canavan made cat calls towards Penny Wong for FFS book yourself into rehab!
26 May, 02:11 AM UTC
@lavosaurus So you ok with the LNP criticising Tanya Plibersek's looks? I hated when the media did it to Julia Gillard, this should be no different. There is plenty to critise Dutton about, looks are really irrelevant and low iq.
26 May, 02:08 AM UTC
Dennis Callegari
@macsween_prue @LiberalAus @AustralianLabor @tanya_plibersek @PeterDutton_MP How quickly you forget Julia Gillard and Anthony Albanese as people who have been sledged for their looks.
26 May, 02:08 AM UTC