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Mark Hamill
I'm beginning to accept the fact that I'll probably never do another movie that gets its own day. #MayTheFourthBeWithYou_Once_In_A_Lifetime @HamillHimself's photo on Julia
04 May, 01:03 PM UTC
monster de manga #LutoGilDoVigor
*pica pau arrancando os cabelos dizendo eu não aguento eu não aguento eu não aguento*
04 May, 12:14 AM UTC
normalizem não responder às pessoas até q vc esteja em um estado de espírito adequado pra conversar
04 May, 01:53 AM UTC
Neymar Jr
Que Deus nos abençoe e nos proteja 🙏🏽❤️ @neymarjr's photo on Julia
04 May, 05:13 PM UTC
a+ boiola desse site🏳️‍🌈⃤
às vezes no silêncio da noite, eu fico imaginando nós dois... @Isaah_Siqueira1's photo on Julia
04 May, 01:49 AM UTC
Carol N.
A gente se engana muito com as pessoas ...
03 May, 07:25 PM UTC
coisas que não tenho coragem de falar
@coisasquenfalei's photo on Julia
04 May, 03:19 AM UTC
Matheus Rocha
tão dando 150k ao cara que é famoso, filho de famoso, irmão de famoso para se vingar e deixando em terceiro uma mina que veio de baixo e tá batalhando. também acho horrível uma final sem o gil...... mas daí fazer isso........
04 May, 03:37 PM UTC
a música foi gravada antes do programa kkkkk POCAH SENSITIVA 🔮 https://t.co/CtW0hUngBL
03 May, 10:27 PM UTC
Julia clashes with International Trade Secretary Liz Truss: “You have battled for freedom and liberal values all your political life. Do you not realise how insane these restrictions are when yesterday one death was recorded from Covid?” @JuliaHB1 | @trussliz @talkRADIO's photo on Julia
04 May, 08:28 AM UTC
Al Yankovic
Just re-watched “Mystic Pizza” for the first time since it came out. I’d almost forgotten about this iconic scene that launched a young Julia Roberts into superstardom. @alyankovic's photo on Julia
04 May, 01:43 AM UTC
James Melville 🌸
Julia Hartley-Brewer @JuliaHB1 grouts her @talkRADIO studio floor with Liz Truss when discussing the illiberal and authoritarian government response to Covid. @JamesMelville's photo on Julia
04 May, 09:25 AM UTC
amber ⁷ ♛ tae
he has the most beautiful smile https://t.co/Rfwq543mQu
04 May, 12:59 PM UTC
Limón Agrio BLOG 🍋
NUEVO PACK 🆕 Fotos de la sensual Julia Tica 🤤🤤 #LimonAgrioBlog 🍋 Revisa el blog link abajo ↘️⬇️⬇️⬇️↙️ https://t.co/X9OkfWNnZG https://t.co/G652hNTzDE
04 May, 04:02 AM UTC
Steve Laws
Still find it absolutely bizarre that not one feminist group protested the murder of PCSO Julia James. It's obvious these 'groups' have an agenda and Julia's death didn't fit into the narrative they're pushing.
04 May, 08:13 AM UTC
David Atherton
What the bl**dy hell is going on @pritipatel? The number of illegal immigrants to Britain has doubled while there has not been one deportation flight since Brexit. https://t.co/scjTXqQWsP
04 May, 08:17 AM UTC
Guido Fawkes
WATCH: LibDems Stealing Here, Caught Lifting Leaflets from Doorsteps, Twice https://t.co/3TT7Rqt3L0 @GuidoFawkes's photo on Julia
04 May, 10:31 AM UTC
Norman Brennan
Folks tonight at 7pm the sister of Kent Police PCSO Julia James has asked that we light a Candle & Hold minutes silence in memory of Julia; it’s almost a week since our sister was Murdered; feel free to copy this blue candle; Julia always missed & will never be forgotten! RIP 😞 https://t.co/j7WaEZRuE9
04 May, 04:06 PM UTC
Russell Crowe
The Clarice Beckett exhibition at the @agsa_adelaide is quite simply spectacular. If you can at all get yourself there, you really should. @russellcrowe's photo on Julia
04 May, 06:34 AM UTC
John Apter
One week on from her murder, we paused at @PFEW_HQ to remember PCSO Julia James. If you know anything please call Kent Police on 0800 0514 526 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Julia will never be forgotten 💙 https://t.co/yYQVZEB0Lz
04 May, 03:07 PM UTC
Reclaim These Streets
A week ago, PSCO Julia James was murdered while out walking her dog. Our thoughts are with her family, and we're joining their call to light a candle on your doorstep tonight at 7pm to remember Julia and to shine a light on the issue of women's safety https://t.co/EDwVo8QjhD
04 May, 12:15 PM UTC
Joshua Clark Davis
Julia Aaron, New Orleans, 20 https://t.co/cwN2jpnl9Q
04 May, 12:18 PM UTC
Ricarda Lang
Traurige Realität dahinter: Der Anteil am Nettohaushaltsvermögen der unteren 50% der Haushalte hat seit 1998 von 3,7 auf 1 % abgenommen. Das heißt die ärmere Hälfte der Bevölkerung hat kein Vermögen. (Quelle: „Working class“ von @Fried_julia)
04 May, 01:33 PM UTC
só qria um dengo pra hj é pedir mt
04 May, 05:11 PM UTC
Norman Brennan
Folks tonight at 7pm 👇👇 we light a candle & a minutes silence in memory of Kent PCSO Julia James; 😞 https://t.co/fKDfD3HG8c
04 May, 04:42 PM UTC
ana ❾¾
oii, perdi minha conta então decidi criar essa aqui, me ajudem a chegar em mais pessoas por favorr:(( se você gosta de: -harry potter -friends -ahs -stranger things -shadow and bone -bts -livros -marvel vamos ser mootssss💗💗💗
04 May, 02:55 PM UTC
Linda Sadler 🇬🇧🐕🌄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇺🇸
@NormanBrennan RIP, Julia James, may the angels be with you. https://t.co/XX9OXzK6xZ
04 May, 05:08 PM UTC
pocah freire.
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04 May, 05:14 PM UTC