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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Friends, Morning (Friday) is Jummah, the weekly day of worship for our community of Muslim friends and loved ones. Be there for them. Check in. Perhaps extend a kind gesture at your local mosque. There is so much fear and hate. We must negate it with active, courageous love.
15 Mar, 05:16 AM UTC
Qasim Rashid, Esq.
Police are asking New Zealand's Muslims to not go to mosques Friday is Jummah, the Muslim holy day of worship Tomorrow is Friday We will go to our mosques We will pray for those harmed We will not cow down to hate & fear We will unite & rise above #NewZealandMosqueShooting
15 Mar, 04:18 AM UTC
Ilhan Omar
Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. This is chilling news to wake up to. In the face of this horror, I’m mourning with, and holding our community extra close today. We must not live in fear. I will be at Jumu’ah today and I hope others will too. Jummah Mubarak.
15 Mar, 01:14 PM UTC
Chelsea Clinton
Heartbroken & horrified by the white nationalist terrorist attack during Jummah on the mosques and Muslim community in Christchurch. Keeping all affected by this tragedy in my heart and prayers. We need a global response to the global threat of violent white nationalism.
15 Mar, 12:36 PM UTC
They passed away on a Friday at the time of Jummah. Subhan'Allah. The Messenger of Allaah ﷺ said: “there is no Muslim who dies on the day of Friday or the night of Friday, but Allaah will protect him from the trial (fitnah) of the grave.”
15 Mar, 07:33 AM UTC
hinata ®
For the new Zealand shooter to attack a mosque on a Friday, possibly during Jummah prayer, just shows how premeditated this was; he waited for our holy day and a time most Muslims would be there to launch the attack. I am sick to my stomach. islamaphobia is realer than ever.
15 Mar, 03:18 AM UTC
The New Zealand shooter is a terrorist and I’m tired of how normalised islamophobia has become. For him to PLAN a shooting on a mosque, on a Friday, during Jummah prayer, killing innocent people and livestreams it like it’s a fucking video game? Are Muslim lives a joke to y’all?
15 Mar, 06:34 AM UTC
Abdul El-Sayed
Today, I am proudly walking into my masjid for Jummah prayers, as Muslims have in our country for decades. Because that is our right. I won’t be afraid. I won’t cower to a logic of hate that wants to me to fear being who I am. Don’t share his images hate. Share your love.
15 Mar, 11:11 AM UTC
発散 🇵🇰🧚‍♀️
Today is Jummah, the hour before Maghrib starts is a special hour in that whichever du’a you make, it shall be answered by Allah. Please as an ummah, please pray that the victims of this attack are granted a martyrs death, the highest ranks in jannah and ease for the families.
15 Mar, 09:20 AM UTC
Wajeeh Mahmood
Still can’t get my mind off New Zealand.. imagine going to jummah prayer EVERY Friday, part of your normal routine, & then for something like this to happen out of nowhere. 40 people dead. Islamphobia is real. Don’t be scared, continue to attend Jummah and always turn to God ❤️
15 Mar, 07:08 AM UTC
Harris J
My mother is crying, and scared to let us go to the mosque today for Jummah... what am I supposed to say. She is right to worry.
15 Mar, 01:08 PM UTC
Labib Yasir
My heart breaks for the victims in New Zealand Jummah is a sacred day for Muslims and where many people find their only peace. Islamophobia and racism are alive but we must find strength and unite as a community ❤️
15 Mar, 07:32 AM UTC
Sayeeda Warsi
I have no words 🤦🏽‍♀️ I genuinely pity you Melanie - your reasoning and worldview is so bitter and messed up. Its Jummah today -I will do a special Friday prayer for you sister 🙏🏽 #turntolove https://t.co/Gc1knjG3RF
15 Mar, 02:33 PM UTC
Take a moment ! Pray for the Victims those killed in mosque of New Zealand , On the blessed Day of #Jummah May Allah grant them the highest rank in Jannah. May ALLAH Protect all the Muslims around the World (Ameen) #Christchurch #NewZealandShootings #NewZealandTerroristAttack SyeDa's photo on Jummah
15 Mar, 10:04 AM UTC
“Bentley” Addison
When the Muslim community had the back of the Jewish community after Pittsburgh, I knew that we’d need to be there for them when something similar happened. When, not if. I know the world we live in. I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. Jummah Mubarak.❤️
15 Mar, 02:22 PM UTC
Greg Carr
Today is #Jummah . Our Muslim family will gather, as Muslims have for nearly fourteen centuries. Muslims have as much right as any other being to worship without being killed for how they do so. If we can't help them seek refuge from human evil, we are all ruined by that evil.
15 Mar, 01:11 PM UTC
Khawar Malik
This guy kills 50 people and leaves 20 severely injured in a Mosque during Jummah Prayer in New Zealand and International media calls him a ‘Shooter’ instead of a ‘Terrorist’. Shame on International Media for being so ignorant 👎 Khawar Malik's photo on Jummah
15 Mar, 10:10 AM UTC
Joanna Peña-Bickley
After Pittsburgh, Muslim communities showed up for us, protecting us at vigils & shared #Shabbat prayers. We must do the same. Today is #Jummah, Friday prayer Muslims hold every week. Check in & stand w/ your Muslim neighbors. We resist through solidarity. #HateHasNoPlace
15 Mar, 02:33 PM UTC
Zahra Billoo
Muslim Family, You’re likely waking up just as you slept, heartbroken and in shock about the terror attacks in #NewZealand. Please attend Jummah today. Be safe, be vigilant, and take precautions. Check in on each other. Different people will experience today in differently.
15 Mar, 02:15 PM UTC
Jummah Mubarak everyone today is the holy day don’t forget
15 Mar, 02:06 PM UTC
Imagine going to the mosque to pray Jummah and not knowing that this will be your last prayer.💔😢 May Allah grant them the highest of Jannah and justice be served. #ChristchurchMosqueAttack #JusticeforMuslims #StopViolenceAgainstMuslims
15 Mar, 01:23 PM UTC
Oxford Brookes Multifaith Chaplaincy
We stand in solidarity with the people of New Zealand coming to terms with the deaths of 49 people worshipping peacefully in mosques in Christchurch. We hope you will join us in holding silent vigil wherever you are at 1:20pm today, when our Muslim community will be saying Jummah Oxford Brookes Multifaith Chaplaincy's photo on Jummah
15 Mar, 12:06 PM UTC
maybe: ilwa*d
Umm we are not gonna hide and stop praying, that’s what the terrorists want. I’m going to Jummah today and making du’a for all the lives that were lost & for the safety of Muslims around the world who are going to go do the same. https://t.co/1oB95Qhp6x
15 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC
Jummah Mubarak... Please remeber to pray for the victims of the New Zealand mosque shooting....
15 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC
Salah Ahmed
Killing innocent muslims at mosque During jummah prayer, what is real indication? Still ,killer couldn't arrest!!
15 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC
My husband sent me this message right after Jummah Prayer in Luton Central Mosque. #Christchurch Tayaba's photo on Jummah
15 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from Canada.

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