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Brachy [Commissions Closed]
I found it hilarious. #JUMPFORCE (To clarify, this is a parody, I found it funny how some people are over blowing over that line of dialogue) Brachy [Commissions Closed]'s photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 07:50 PM UTC
Bandai Namco US
Son Goku, Naruto, Luffy come together in the most EPIC 3-piece diorama. They're ready to UNITE TO FIGHT -- Are you? Order the #JUMPFORCE Collector's Edition to receive the 30cm tall character diorama along with 3 art boards, a steelbook case and the game: https://t.co/2aJpkIOzL5 Bandai Namco US's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
Bandai Namco US
Get a taste of all 40 playable JUMP FORCE characters. Who will you Unite to Fight with? #JUMPFORCE officially releases on February 15th or unlock the game NOW when you order the Ultimate Edition: https://t.co/2aJpkIOzL5 Bandai Namco US's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 12:00 AM UTC
Chucho Calderón (Emoji de Corazón)
Que épico se ve #JUMPFORCE Chucho Calderón (Emoji de Corazón)'s photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 11:44 PM UTC
Jump Force sounds like it got overhyped and released too early. You can’t just have the GOAT’s of anime all come together and have scenes that look like this. #JumpForce Omni's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 09:51 PM UTC
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
3 days left until the release of JUMP FORCE! Goku is growing impatient to finally meet you. #unite2fight #jumpforce BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 12:00 PM UTC
Brachy [Commissions Closed]
I had to continue that. #JUMPFORCE (AGAIN, THIS IS A PARODY, DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY) Brachy [Commissions Closed]'s photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 03:29 AM UTC
Bandai Namco US
Pegasus Seiya will be joining the JUMP FORCE and bringing his superhuman strength, speed, and the power of his Cosmo. Unite to Fight when #JUMPFORCE releases on Feb. 15th! Unlock the game NOW when you order the Ultimate Edition: https://t.co/2aJpkIOzL5 Bandai Namco US's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Bandai Namco España
¡Quedan 3 días para el lanzamiento de JUMP FORCE! Goku se está impacientando por conocerte. #unite2fight #jumpforce Bandai Namco España's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
GAME España
La COLLECTOR’S EDITION de #JumpForce es así de bonita 😍😍😍 ¡Todavía estáis a tiempo de reservar la vuestra en GAME! @BandaiNamcoES https://t.co/2qZ0bpvz4A https://t.co/TdaEryokja
12 Feb, 01:48 PM UTC
ROG France
🎁#CONCOURS - Pour la sortie prochaine de #JUMPFORCE, ROG s'associe à @GamesplanetFR & @BandaiNamcoFR ! Vous pouvez dès à présent remporter: ⚫️Un casque ROG DELTA CORE 🔴Une édition collector du jeu ⚫️5 éditions standard du jeu Participez ici ➡️ https://t.co/e0VlG5FlED ROG France's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 08:39 AM UTC
Okay homies #JumpForce Giveaway is now live!! Win a copy and start beating ppl up online I’m really loving the game it’s very fun and it dont matter what platform But DON’T forget to 👇🏾 💙Retweet + Follow 🌴Tag a Friend 🗣More Entires Here: https://t.co/ulYMK56INA 🎋•LifeOfRio•🎋's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 09:58 PM UTC
John Guerra
I'm not sorry for this. #JumpForce John Guerra's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 09:29 PM UTC
Cain de Game Oxygen 👊💥👊
Rasgos, Peinados, Voces y mas detalles del Editor de Personaje del #videojuego #JumpForce, cuantos puedes reconocer tu? https://t.co/eQWR0t9Ohe @Promox_YouTube @youtubers_rt__ @Promo_YT @promoYTV @MegamasterHD @You2beando Cain de Game Oxygen 👊💥👊's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 04:00 PM UTC
Chibi Fernando
Frieza in JUMP FORCE be like #JUMPFORCE Chibi Fernando's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 11:29 PM UTC
GameSpot Deals
Last chance to pre-order the #JumpForce Collector's edition before the Feb 15 release. https://t.co/RbFBt1KJJF GameSpot Deals's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 01:14 AM UTC
¡Quedan sólo 2 días para el lanzamiento de #JumpForce! ¿Cómo va ese hype? 😏 JUMP FORCE ESPAÑA's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 07:54 AM UTC
Знакомство со всеми бойцами #JumpForce за пять минут: https://t.co/A52lHDV1fb
13 Feb, 07:33 AM UTC
Game Infinite
New Game Tuesday! Check out https://t.co/s2hAtOTB4K for the full scoop on this weeks releases! • #gameinfinite #gameinfinitenews #GiFriends #crackdown3 #farceynewdawn #MetroExodus #JUMPFORCE Game Infinite's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 12:43 AM UTC
The Copy Ninja! #JUMPFORCE #XboxShare DoktaVODKA's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 08:07 PM UTC
This guy caught the hands #JumpForce John's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 08:17 PM UTC
Awakened Dreamz™
Introducing... Kenpachi Riku #JUMPFORCE #XboxShare Awakened Dreamz™'s photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 06:58 AM UTC
Timothy Bryant
@ichigonumber1 I did the same thing!!! Doesn’t look as good as yours but I think it’s pretty good #JUMPFORCE Timothy Bryant's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 07:45 AM UTC
Everyone who is criticizing #JumpForce I repeat You are all my friends https://t.co/qafEUGKmgI
13 Feb, 07:26 AM UTC
Jump Force : Trophées/succès & Configurations PC #JumpForce #BandaiNamco #PC #Steam #PlayStation4 #XboxOne @BandaiNamcoFR https://t.co/JylMxJ8FJx GamersNine's photo on #jumpforce
12 Feb, 10:43 PM UTC
The Jump Force is strong with this one.⠀ ⠀ #JumpForce #VideoGames #Gaming https://t.co/XEmoFQJ9A9
13 Feb, 07:48 AM UTC
Ezra Caelum
Jump Force Ultimate Edition 🖤 #JUMPFORCE #PS4 Ezra Caelum's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 07:37 AM UTC
Omg what a fight!!! https://t.co/VDmBsJUpZo #jumpforce #anime #streaming #twitch
13 Feb, 07:35 AM UTC
It's a big week for gaming, with #MetroExodus, #FarCryNewDawn, #Crackdown3 & #JumpForce all releasing! Here's everything you need to know about them: https://t.co/wYt2plojxK MenStuff's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
باقي يومين فقط على صدور لعبة #JumpForce ! عبئ رصيد حسابك واحجز نسختك الرقمية DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION مسبقا من متجر بلايستيشن للاستمتاع بالقتال مع أقوى أبطال مانغا دراغون بول زد وون بيس وناروتو وبليتش والقناص ويوغي أو! ويويو هاكوشو وسانت سيا وغيرهم https://t.co/DdfPIhs0cU #meplay meplay's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
GAME Coventry
HUGE week of launch's this Friday, we got the awesome @terrycrews in #Crackdown followed by @Ubisoft newest #FarCryNewDawn THEN #JumpForce for all you Animé fighting fans AND lastly, My Fave, #MetroExodus survive a post nuclear Russia. Gonna be a long weekend #CheaperWhenYouTrade https://t.co/scYsRgcG2O
13 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
Harold Finch
THIS VALENTINE'S DAY: We're traveling to the world of #JUMPFORCE to defeat DIO- I mean play the story mode! Come join me in my trip through Jump Force and hopefully we'll see DIO. Maybe we'll play some more JoJo games if Jump Force gets bland? Find out! https://t.co/iMIm9i7YO7 Harold Finch's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 07:51 AM UTC
A Guy Named Bryant
Why TF do you have to wait for every little new screen to load #JUMPFORCE like do you really need to load the pause menu?
13 Feb, 07:48 AM UTC
📢 Je démarre un 🔴 LIVE sur #JumpForce ! https://t.co/3EcTWXhKzQ #wizebot #twitch
13 Feb, 07:40 AM UTC
Jump Force desata su potencial en su tráiler de lanzamiento - https://t.co/o5nM5iFxdu - #BandaiNamco #JumpForce #Ps4 RegionPlayStation's photo on #jumpforce
13 Feb, 07:38 AM UTC
Can anyone help me with my PC I want to upgrade it? #JumpForce #JUMPFORCE #PCgaming
13 Feb, 07:38 AM UTC
My opinion on #jumpforce @BandaiNamcoUS STORY - 3/10 BATTLE MECHANICS - 5/10 SPECIAL/ULTIMATE MOVES - 8/10 This game could of been so much better, just a cash grab for anime fans it irritates me when something so epic like jump force exists gets no love from the developers
13 Feb, 07:35 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Germany.

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