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07 Apr, 07:38 PM UTC
07 Apr, 07:29 PM UTC
Kansas City Royals
Jakob Junis takes the ball as we wrap up a brief two-game set in Cleveland this afternoon. #TogetherRoyal @Royals's photo on Junis
07 Apr, 01:45 PM UTC
Alec Lewis
Have a damn day, Jakob Junis. Five innings. Six strikeouts. One hit. Wanted to finish it off and did with authority.
07 Apr, 06:27 PM UTC
Royals Review
Jakob Junis has made his claim for the rotation. Impressive outing. And with just two days rest since his last outing. @royalsreview's photo on Junis
07 Apr, 06:38 PM UTC
Bally Sports Kansas City
Five scoreless innings for Junis. And six Ks. #Royals @BallySportsKC's photo on Junis
07 Apr, 06:32 PM UTC
Anne Rogers
Impressive showing there from Junis. He gets two outs and then walks Jake Bauers, prompting a mound visit from Matheny. Talks his way into staying in to face Roberto Perez, gets a 1-2 count on him and then throws the cutter for the swinging strikeout. 5 scoreless, 6 strikeouts.
07 Apr, 06:30 PM UTC
Alec Lewis
So Jakob Junis’ cutter actually registered as a four-seamer most of the day. It has fastball velo. It’s filthy. And it has an incredible backstory: https://t.co/hiANKylHLh
07 Apr, 06:29 PM UTC
Joel Goldberg
Junis’ exit was what Cleveland’s struggling offense needed. No runs against the Royals in 14 innings until Jose Ramirez’s 2-run homer off Hahn.
07 Apr, 06:47 PM UTC
Sou hetero e sempre gostei de garotas mas esse neymar desperta algo em mim que nunca senti com outros caras, eu seria capaz de experimentar tudo com ele
07 Apr, 05:13 PM UTC
Lynn Worthy
Jakob Junis' line: 5ip, 1h, 0r, 2bb, 6k, 58 pitches (37 strikes). #Royals
07 Apr, 06:36 PM UTC
Nick Whyman
Jakob Junis was suppose to work as an opener today. However, he gave KC five innings of work and only gave up one hit. #MLB #TogetherRoyal
07 Apr, 06:28 PM UTC
Should’ve just taken Royals f5. Didn’t know Junis was only going 5 with 50 pitches.
07 Apr, 06:47 PM UTC
Anne Rogers
#Royals notes: ⚾️ Carlos Santana on his return to Cleveland ⚾️ Dozier on his return to the lineup ⚾️ Matheny explains the thought behind today's bullpen game (which maybe isn't really a bullpen game now with Junis' efficiency) https://t.co/a3MUFdhYaJ
07 Apr, 06:21 PM UTC
Brad Henson
I so do not like Hahn they should of kept Junis in. I have never liked him.
07 Apr, 06:47 PM UTC
@Royals And then you pull Junis and find yourself down 2-1, Junis was pitching a hell of a game.....good job Matheny...
07 Apr, 06:49 PM UTC
m.e.h. #MaskUp
Kinda wish Junis could have stayed in #Royals
07 Apr, 06:47 PM UTC
ju ')
neymar ta jogando pouquinho, tá
07 Apr, 07:31 PM UTC
Conner Becker
Anyone else feel good about Jakob Junis? Finished his day with 6 K’s. #TogetherRoyal
07 Apr, 07:08 PM UTC
Bernie Pleskoff
Jacob Junis pitched a very good 5 innings for the #Royals. The #Indians are now in to the #Royals bullpen. Maybe things will change after a leadoff single by Jimenez in B6
07 Apr, 06:39 PM UTC
Paxton Reedy
@goldbergkc So wtf did they take junis out with a low pitch count???
07 Apr, 06:48 PM UTC
Brett Rasdall
Knew that was coming. Hahn somehow didn’t. He shouldn’t pitch in high leverage situations going forward. Junis has to be pissed. Should have left him in. #Royals
07 Apr, 06:47 PM UTC
Jay Dorv
@Royals How tf you gonna take Junis out, embarrassing absolutely threw this game matheny
07 Apr, 06:49 PM UTC
Sam Hays
Poor Junis, he didn’t deserve that.
07 Apr, 06:49 PM UTC
Steve Stevenson
I just don’t trust Jesse Hahn. Waste of an awesome day from junis
07 Apr, 06:49 PM UTC
KC Kingdom
Man, that’s rough. Junis pitches so well and was in line for a win.
07 Apr, 06:48 PM UTC
Ryan Blank
Jakob Junis was dominant today against the Indians. 5 IP 1 hit 2 walks 6 SO 0 ER
07 Apr, 06:47 PM UTC
Shitter’s Full
Shouldn’t have taken Junis out
07 Apr, 06:47 PM UTC
Chris Gehring
Baseball is the first sport I ever loved but man it is so much easier to watch Sexton and Garland combine for 50 in a 20-point loss than it is to watch the Tribe put up a combined 2 runs against Danny Duffy, Jake Junis and co.
07 Apr, 07:37 PM UTC
Stephanie Long
@joltvedt @royalsreview Though Jake Junis looked Hella good today...barely over 3 pitches per batter for 5 whole scoreless innings! I will take THAT!
07 Apr, 07:25 PM UTC