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Junmyeon is the only EXO member without a bad hairstyle in his career
14 May, 06:45 PM UTC
마리 ♡ 보보후
imagine exo members in their goup chat talking about junmyeon entering the wrong military camp on his first day dAMN i could imagine chanyeol rolling on the floor and hitting everyone around him
14 May, 04:05 PM UTC
Commissions open FanArtist미키 — ♡종대♡
#FANART #WEAREONE #weareoneEXO Just... I’m super happy 🥺💛 Hashtags: @weareoneEXO @B_hundred_Hyun @layzhang #exo #exofanart #baekhyun #kyungsoo #xiumin #minseok #lay #Yixing #chen #jongdae #chanyeol #sehun #kai #jongin #kpop #kpopfanart #suho #junmyeon @AmemiyaMiki's photo on junmyeon
14 May, 09:06 PM UTC

baek: enters public service caution area officer junmyeon: https://t.co/9oMlJB8JIi
14 May, 03:21 PM UTC
SH20코튼 '^'
SOOOOOOO PRETTY😭💙💙 Thank you so much SuhoBar for this project! and Hongdae is a MUST place for EXO-L to visit Like junmyeon said "This is art 유후👏🏻" https://t.co/oCk3H0gjey
15 May, 06:47 AM UTC
GMA The Heart Of Asia
Kim Junmyeon sweetie please know that there is no one in this fam who is going to forget you! EXO-Ls meant it with all their hearts when they said let's love for a long time. 😍 🐰 #SUHO missing hours now open. @weareoneEXO https://t.co/M2fVmxauNd
15 May, 05:25 AM UTC
면토끼 '^' 👨🏻‍🎨🖤
15th May: Junmyeon's Dinner 🥘 - Shrimp Burger - Boiled Eggs - Cereal It's Junmyeonnie's favourite burger !! Please eat lots and rest well 🥺 #EXO #수호 @weareoneEXO @BUNNYMYE0N's photo on junmyeon
15 May, 08:26 AM UTC
퀸시 🐣
here’s my favorite one so far! Junmyeon scolding SeKai then ChanBaek teasing them 🥺 artist: @goff510 ♥️ @quinsehun's photo on junmyeon
15 May, 04:07 AM UTC
면토끼 '^' 👨🏻‍🎨🖤
For Junmyeon's farewell meal, the entire restaurant was booked. There were many people that went. Even though it wasn't a huge place but both sides of the restaurant were parked with cars. JM introduced himself as a person who sings and acts~ ❤️ #EXO #수호 @weareoneEXO @BUNNYMYE0N's photo on junmyeon
15 May, 01:13 PM UTC
France Suho
[FUN FACT - 200514] Junmyeon s'est trompé de base militaire. Il n'est pas allé à la bonne, il a donc prit le bus militaire pour se rendre dans la bonne base. Voilà. Vive EXO. #LetsMeetAgain_SUHO @weareoneEXO #EXO #SUHO
14 May, 08:53 PM UTC
remember when Junmyeon walked on the stage alone to accept their win for Overdose since the members weren't feeling good. He was on the verge of tears but held them in and smile to the fans and the camera. https://t.co/NQKpl5lXfQ
15 May, 11:54 AM UTC
200514 at the jjajjangmyeon place junmyeon booked the whole restaurant for his farewell meal, the restaurant wasn't big but there were so many people (invited), the restaurant was surrounded by cars. it seems junmyeon introduced himself as someone who 'both sings and acts' #수호 https://t.co/U69zuWbTez
15 May, 01:01 PM UTC
uen 🍒
we'll be waiting!!🐰✨ #SUHO #Junmyeon #수호 @weareoneEXO https://t.co/3zb48wvCcL
15 May, 11:07 AM UTC
Junmyeon 30th Birthday Giveaway 🎂 🎂Unsealed Self-Portrait albums 🎂3 winners 🎂Malaysia only 🎂Ends May 21st @ 11:59PM KST 🎂RT to participate Happy Suho Day 🥰 https://t.co/yvLpmR5Ms3
15 May, 12:52 AM UTC
J👨🏻‍🎨🖤자화상 '^'
♡︎ Happy Suho Day Giveaway ♡︎ 🐰 RT & Like this tweet 🐰 Worldwide! Will end this on Junmyeon’s birthday & pick a winner ^^ Goodluck! #수호 #SUHO #준면 https://t.co/P14j4hwKye
15 May, 01:37 PM UTC
n년 전 오늘의 수호
190515 DIMF 인스타그램 https://t.co/fE7QtqW969 #EXO #수호 #준면 #SUHO #Junmyeon @weareoneEXO https://t.co/gsJjMSbGeM
15 May, 02:56 AM UTC
e as aquatics fazem tudo novamente neah, as placas de led vão ficar até o final do mês e vei ta muito lindo que saco junmyeon voce merece TUDOO #수호 @weareoneEXO https://t.co/7Dvn2eMIer
15 May, 01:30 PM UTC
EXO-L • 📷💮🍬
[ems] erii, boleh minta tolong? Stream lets love bentar lg 7M. Harusnya 7M goals waktu junmyeon wamil kemarin tapi blm sampe ternyata. Jadi bantu 7M ato kalo bisa 10M sampe junmyeon ultah tanggal 22 mei. Bisaa gaa? Yg punya wifi ato kuota banyak yg lagi gabut yu dibantu ya🐰🐰
15 May, 01:37 PM UTC
EXO Brasil 🐶🍭
[TRAD|📑] 15.05.20 Para a despedida de #SUHO, o restaurante inteiro foi reservado, muitas pessoas estiveram presentes. Mesmo não sendo um local muito grande, os dois lados do restaurante estavam lotados de carros. Junmyeon apresentou a si mesmo como uma pessoa que canta e atua. https://t.co/SZmUqrmsQu
15 May, 01:42 PM UTC
Cams 💙 new acc
Junmyeon carequinha indo pro exército, Jongdae aparecendo com cara de papai cansado e Yixing postando a foto no Instagram se despedindo do Suho... Só essas fotos fizeram tantas exo-l chorarem hoje https://t.co/JfRUAFQ447
14 May, 06:03 PM UTC
em menos de dois dias já choramos com a ida do junmyeon p exército, teve fotinha dos meninos se depedindo, interação ot9 no insta, jongdae apareceu e vimos a carinha dele em duas fotos diferentes, fotinhas do álbum do baek e agora o chanyeol posta foto OK TEM ALGO DE ERRADO https://t.co/c8UBVQmr2m
15 May, 01:46 PM UTC
if you’re happy to wait the it’s love -kim junmyeon
15 May, 01:46 PM UTC
natuto siya sa junmyeon's school of sipsip-ng-walang-laman-na-baso-for-aesthetic photography https://t.co/D2FGlzYGK9
15 May, 01:46 PM UTC
lavi ☾
o Junmyeon do lado do Jaebeom e do Jinyoung me deixou 🥺🥺🥺 muito talento mesmo https://t.co/ha2nbizUe2
15 May, 01:44 PM UTC
ainda sem acreditar que o Junmyeon se alistou cada dia mais cresce um buraco no peito
15 May, 01:44 PM UTC