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olivia rodrigo at glastonbury name dropping the justices of the supreme court who voted to overturn roe v wade “we hate you” and then singing fuck you by lily allen to them yea that’s my girl. @strawberritom's photo on Justices
25 Jun, 06:43 PM UTC
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Here’s how Dems can + must do more than wait for an election. Let’s start w/ why: - 7 of the 9 justices were appointed by a party that hasn’t won a popular vote more than once in 30 years - 1 of those seats was stolen - Several lied to Congress to secure their appointment…
25 Jun, 05:56 PM UTC
Moshik Temkin
I will repeat this as long as I have to, when the Supreme Court said in 1937 that the Social Security Act was “unconstitutional”, FDR didn’t ask people to vote harder in the next election, he told the Court he’d add more justices until they backed off, which they did.
25 Jun, 02:49 PM UTC
Dan Rather
I’m curious: which companies now paying for abortions for their employees also gave money to senators who voted to confirm the justices who gutted this constitutional right?
25 Jun, 07:36 PM UTC
Pop Crave
“This song goes out to the justices: Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, and Brett Kavanaugh. We hate you.” — Olivia Rodrigo before singing “Fuck You” with Lily Allen at #Glastonbury2022 @PopCrave's photo on Justices
25 Jun, 07:09 PM UTC
Andrea Junker
In 1869 it was decided to have 9 Supreme Court justices because there were 9 Circuit Courts. Now there are 13 Circuit Courts. So what exactly are we waiting for?
25 Jun, 05:15 PM UTC
President Biden
Only the Justices named by one president have been unanimous in upending the scales of justice and eliminating a fundamental right for women in this country.
25 Jun, 08:05 PM UTC
Olivia Rodrigo bringing out Lily Allen to sing Fuck You and dedicating it to the Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v Wade is not what I expected from Glastonbury but I’m here for it @liamjamesward's photo on Justices
25 Jun, 06:36 PM UTC
Jon Cooper
“Justices” Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Gorsuch can all go fuck themselves.
25 Jun, 02:39 PM UTC
BNN Newsroom
BREAKING: Pro-choice activists swarm the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices.
25 Jun, 08:48 PM UTC
Jack Cocchiarella
Six Supreme Court Justices committed perjury and should be held accountable.
25 Jun, 07:32 PM UTC
Pam Keith, Esq.
13 circuits, 13 Justices.
25 Jun, 11:35 AM UTC
Liam McCollum
AOC: the right to our bodies does not belong to nine Supreme Court justices SCOTUS: that's literally what we said
25 Jun, 03:14 PM UTC
Laurence Tribe
“The majority has overruled Roe and Casey for one and only one reason: because it has always despised them, and now it has the votes to discard them. The majority thereby substitutes a rule by judges for the rule of law.” — Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan, dissenting.
25 Jun, 09:37 PM UTC
jen ★彡
olivia rodrigo called all 5 justices out by name and said fuck you to them…one thing abt her is that she’ll always stand up for what she believes in
25 Jun, 06:38 PM UTC
Kevin McCarthy
Pray for the safety of our Supreme Court Justices. For churches across the country. And for crisis pregnancy centers that are literally under attack from the radical Left.
25 Jun, 05:13 PM UTC
Still The Nicest Guy On This App
Funny how 6 justices voted to overturn Roe vs. Wade but they wanna make Clarence Thomas the face of the decision https://t.co/Z6945fbNB1
25 Jun, 02:18 AM UTC
Erie Siobhan 🇺🇸
When the number of Supreme Court justices was set at 9, there were 9 Circuit Courts. The number of Circuit Courts is now at 13, so logically the number of Supreme Court justices should be 13 as well.
25 Jun, 08:59 AM UTC
Baby Lives Matter Benny
BREAKING: Donald Trump praises Supreme Court Justices for not being intimidated by Left Wing Violence and condemns Democrats for not speaking out about threats more strongly. @bennyjohnson's photo on Justices
26 Jun, 12:15 AM UTC
Michelle Kosinski
Don't forget: both Justices Gorsuch and Thomas have also called for a "review" of NYT v. Sullivan, a ruling that bolsters the First Amendment. Autocracy comes at you quick.
25 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC
Rep. Darrell Issa
Now would be a good time for the DOJ to start enforcing the law and protecting Supreme Court justices and their families — before another assassin makes another attempt on their lives.
25 Jun, 01:58 PM UTC
Judd Legum
1. I'll take a stab at this question. For simplicity, I'll look at corporate PAC contributions to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (@NRSC) which supports the reelection of all the Senators who confirmed the justices who overturned Roe Follow along if interested 🧵 https://t.co/t74U9bMbi5
25 Jun, 08:08 PM UTC
Occupy Democrats
BREAKING NEWS: Thousands of pro-choice protesters take to the streets in Los Angeles, chanting “This is BULLSH*T” at the extremist Supreme Court Justices who overturned Roe v. Wade. RT IF YOU STAND WITH THE PROTESTERS!
26 Jun, 01:18 AM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
“Partisan hacks” would be the polite term for Federalist Society justices.
25 Jun, 11:51 AM UTC
The Hollywood Reporter
Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen dedicated a performance of Allen's "F--- You" to the U.S. Supreme Court. "This song goes out to the justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh. We hate you," declared Rodrigo https://t.co/cG3r9Ifkat @THR's photo on Justices
26 Jun, 12:52 AM UTC
Mandice Aiston, a dude, a bro, an actual man
Stop expecting me to be nice about this. My window of niceness ended in June 2016, when folks started talking about not voting for Hillary. We warned you that Trump would appoint the Justices needed to overturn Roe. You didn't believe us. You mocked us when we cried on 11/8.
25 Jun, 10:17 PM UTC
Ben Jackson
.@RepMaryMiller just thanked Trump—who appointed the justices who killed a woman’s right to bodily autonomy—for a “HISTORIC VICTORY FOR WHITE LIFE.” She previously was called out for saying “Hitler was right.” This is who they are. https://t.co/aol4oibQtI
26 Jun, 01:50 AM UTC
@JohnnyNeff_ Shouldn’t her anger be directed at the bloated Cheeto in Florida, or the 3 BS justices he put in place? What about ‘I look like an uncircumcised 🍆’ McConnell? The true mastermind!! The White House? WTAF??!! I love Madonna, but girl, come on!
26 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
More female Supreme Court Justices voted to overturn Roe v. Wade than voted in favor in the actual Roe v. Wade decision.
26 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
John Marshall
@Charlen60403930 Apparently. Also, the “N” word & threatening to kill Supreme Court justices is ok too!!!
26 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC