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Bennett Conlin
UVa head coach Tony Bennett is joining @WaterboysORG, per a release. The organization, which works to bring clean water to communities in need, also includes former UVa athletes Chris Long, Malcolm Brogdon, Justin Anderson, Kyle Guy, Joe Harris and De’Andre Hunter.
02 Dec, 04:18 PM UTC
Former 76er Justin Anderson just walked into the building and has a courtside seat next to Jo's dad. Anderson plays for Raptors 905 in the G League, and faces @blue_coats tomorrow night.
03 Dec, 12:21 AM UTC
Tony Diavolo 😈🌶
Justin Anderson sitting courtside. Sergio Rodriguez is also here in 209A Row 7
03 Dec, 12:27 AM UTC
The Phifth Quarter
Justin Anderson in attendance tonight as a #Sixers fan! https://t.co/YPtkRldbGl
03 Dec, 12:41 AM UTC
Was that Justin Anderson next to Thomas Embiid?
03 Dec, 01:07 AM UTC
Justin Anderson
Can't wait to buy my Hardstuck Diamond 4 Season 9 Zip Up Hoodie so I can flex IRL 😍 thanks Riot!
02 Dec, 07:43 PM UTC
Dennis Chambers
Justin Anderson just chilling court side at the Sixers game? Ok...
03 Dec, 12:39 AM UTC
Is Justin Anderson there as a fan tonight?
03 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
Aaron Kunz
Please retweet to spread the word. Thank you Justin Anderson for sharing the store address! https://t.co/fMNiPNuCU8
02 Dec, 05:36 PM UTC
Ali Shark
Wait... why is Justin Anderson sitting front row? #philaunite
03 Dec, 01:05 AM UTC
Casey Young
@SpikeEskin Justin Anderson sitting with Horowitz courtside. Is he challenging stauskas for biggest Sixers fan?
03 Dec, 12:42 AM UTC
Justin Anderson
@LiquidDominate I love being Diamond 4 😄
02 Dec, 07:45 PM UTC
Stone Cold Geeb Austin (14-6)
Lmaooooo. Why Justin Anderson sitting courtside next to the Sixer’s bench?
03 Dec, 01:06 AM UTC
Sports Fan
@kai_tremoglie Franco the justin Anderson of the sixers.
03 Dec, 01:07 AM UTC
Is that Justin Anderson courtside?
03 Dec, 01:05 AM UTC
anybody notice Justin Anderson sitting courtside???? Is he still in the league???
03 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
lmao was that Justin Anderson courtside??
03 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
Fuck Justin Anderson at the game for 😂
03 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
justin anderson fan account
justin anderson sitting courtside😀😊
03 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
Sixers Paraguay (14-6)
Miralo a Justin Anderson sentado al lado de la banca, volvé Simba.
03 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
Adam Booth
Is that Justin Anderson sitting court side?
03 Dec, 12:39 AM UTC
Why is justin Anderson in the front row?
03 Dec, 12:39 AM UTC
philly rick
Is Justin Anderson at the game just watching or am I losing my mind?
03 Dec, 12:39 AM UTC
J Every Day
Is Justin Anderson there?
03 Dec, 12:39 AM UTC
@Justin_Anderson this is just such a cool tweet
02 Dec, 08:14 PM UTC
리나 ✨
@Justin_Anderson Ugh flexing again??
02 Dec, 07:55 PM UTC
Justin Anderson
@JayJLoL Ichiran when I land in Japan is a first no matter what it's tradition - I love it so much.
02 Dec, 06:13 PM UTC
@Justin_Anderson I tried like 6 or 7 different ramen shops and although they were all great in different ways Ichiran was my favorite 🙂
02 Dec, 06:12 PM UTC

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