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Jon Rothstein
Indiana's Justin Smith will graduate and transfer, per release. Immediately Eligible. Significant Big Ten News. #iubb
22 May, 03:24 PM UTC
Jeff Rabjohns
Indiana forward Justin Smith will graduate transfer IU announced. #iubb
22 May, 03:39 PM UTC
Zach Osterman
Justin Smith will graduate and transfer for his final year of college eligibility. IU back down to 11 scholarship players. #iubb
22 May, 03:23 PM UTC
Inside the Hall
Indiana forward Justin Smith entering transfer portal https://t.co/gvrU6MxRul #iubb
22 May, 03:28 PM UTC
Jon Rothstein
Justin Smith led Indiana in minutes played last season, but has opted to graduate and transfer. Nevertheless, the Hoosiers remain at 19th in the ROTHSTEIN 45. #iubb https://t.co/KS37fpHmwf
22 May, 03:52 PM UTC
Mike Schumann @ The Daily Hoosier
IU basketball: Justin Smith to graduate and transfer from program #iubb https://t.co/Z1QqPQkFSi
22 May, 03:27 PM UTC
@49ersHive Justin Smith was just a man amongst boys. https://t.co/hC4EGu3xB5
22 May, 02:21 AM UTC
Alec Lasley
Justin Smith will graduate and grad transfer for his final year of eligibility, per a statement from IU. #iubb
22 May, 03:27 PM UTC
Mac Irvin Fire
6’7 Super Athletic Justin Smith leaving Indiana. He is immediately eligible. #MacIrvinFire
22 May, 05:02 PM UTC
Matt Cohen
IU has a hole in its lineup now. There’s not a clear answer to fill what Justin Smith’s departure takes away. But Archie Miller has options. I took a quick look at some new possible lineups. #iubb https://t.co/AD1WqPPil4
22 May, 04:32 PM UTC
Zach Osterman
On paper, IU has the tools to, if not replace Justin Smith's impact, then at least pivot to other ways of solving the same problems. But that only happens if the players Indiana needs to step up can. Insider: https://t.co/XUS83Dtpne via @indystar #iubb
22 May, 05:04 PM UTC
Jeff Rabjohns
How will Indiana possibly play with Justin Smith's departure? @247Sports national analyst @BSnow247 breaks it down. Story: https://t.co/tlcEaeOoc3 https://t.co/JnvIiQ8BIy
22 May, 05:00 PM UTC
Jeremy Price
New at HSR: Justin Smith to leave IU as grad transfer https://t.co/4zRuucYaiA https://t.co/v7Bu16IR5R
22 May, 05:14 PM UTC
Senior Day in March will be missing one notable figure. After three seasons, Justin Smith will graduate and transfer from Indiana. Smith is Archie Miller's 6th (!) transfer in 3+ years. Read more below! #iubb https://t.co/V9jT7x1It0
22 May, 04:56 PM UTC
Tom Brew
Justin Smith is a smart kid, graduating from the Indiana Kelley School of Business in 3 years. With diploma in hand, he decided to LEAVE and enter the NCAA transfer portal. Was Indiana's second-leading scorer and rebounder in 2020 #iubb @si_ncaabb @SInow https://t.co/hqsF0zR3PP
22 May, 04:28 PM UTC
Indiana announced F Justin Smith is leaving as a grad transfer. Smith graduated from IU's Kelley School of business in three years #iubb
22 May, 04:39 PM UTC
Transfer Tapes
*Available Graduate Transfer* Justin Smith Indiana University 1 Year of Eligibility Remaining 10.4 PPG | 5.2 RPG | 49.2% FG @justinsmith3_ @TheMacIrvinFire @SHS_BHOOPS @chicagotribune @JeffRabjohns @EvanDaniels @daily_hoosier https://t.co/xA22OzdRXp
22 May, 05:12 PM UTC
happy wife guy, happy life guy
Best of luck to Justin Smith. IU is going to miss him on the defensive end and as a potential 4-year guy, but his absence could also create potential for Jerome Hunter or Race Thompson to Make The Leap next season.
22 May, 05:02 PM UTC
Verbal Commits
Indiana F Justin Smith (JR) is leaving the program. Grad transfer w/one year to play. https://t.co/Rw7FaIyxQi https://t.co/UukUlHpX05
22 May, 04:37 PM UTC
Tyler Trent Fan Account
#iubb fans being happy that Justin Smith is transferring makes no sense to me. Sure they have some guys with similar size and abilities, but he is their most experienced player and is extremely versatile.
22 May, 05:05 PM UTC
Mike Schumann @ The Daily Hoosier
Updated IU basketball scholarship grid after Justin Smith transfer announcement #iubb https://t.co/qL84tsLg7Q
22 May, 04:55 PM UTC
Justin Smith will not be returning to Indiana next year as he has entered the transfer portal #iubb https://t.co/AtUQa6xxwg
22 May, 05:36 PM UTC
Joshua Bowles
#IUBB doesn't get better by Justin Smith transferring and if you think otherwise, you are absolutely delusional.
22 May, 05:32 PM UTC
Sean McDermott
Justin Smith is entering the Transfer portal #IUBB now has 2 available scholarships
22 May, 05:01 PM UTC
Tom Brew
Justin Smith had to see the writing on the wall a little bit at Indiana. With all those wing players coming in and Archie Miller wanting more perimeter shooting, Smith might not have gotten those 30 minutes a game next year. #iubb https://t.co/hqsF0zR3PP
22 May, 05:09 PM UTC
Insider: IU has the pieces to replace forward Justin Smith, who will graduate and transfer Via @ZachOsterman https://t.co/5GHlLSpbLn
22 May, 04:58 PM UTC
Kent Sterling
Would Damezi Anderson have transferred if he had known Justin Smith was going to bolt the #iubb program?
22 May, 04:41 PM UTC
Andy Bernard:Regional Director in charge of Sales
Damn Justin Smith transferring? https://t.co/pyXmOHuH8g
22 May, 04:27 PM UTC
Kent Sterling
Justin Smith transferring from #iubb to try to fulfill potential elsewhere https://t.co/RpqYLxot56
22 May, 05:32 PM UTC
IU basketball forward Justin Smith to graduate, transfer out https://t.co/zAeChsroA2
22 May, 04:05 PM UTC