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Nature is Amazing 🐧
Meanwhile in Sweden 🐇 Nature is Amazing 🐧's photo on Kane
17 Sep, 08:59 PM UTC
Tottenham Hotspur
#THFC: Vorm, Aurier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies, Dier, Dembele, Eriksen, Lamela, Son, Kane (C). Latest odds from @WilliamHill 👉 https://t.co/oRsSYNYdAT #COYS Tottenham Hotspur's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 03:40 PM UTC
UEFA Champions League
🔷 @Inter are back in the #UCL! ◾️ 🆚 @SpursOfficial at San Siro 🏟️ 🇦🇷 ICARDI or 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 KANE 🤔 UEFA Champions League's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 11:18 AM UTC
UnsilentMajority 🌹
Conservatives and priests sure do have an incredibly high propensity for sex crimes 🧟‍♂️ In contrast Progressives and Atheists favorite past time is recycling and adopting a shit load of animals 🤷🏼‍♂️
18 Sep, 12:58 AM UTC
First Take
.@stephenasmith has no problem with Antonio Brown's "trade me" comment. First Take's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 03:32 PM UTC
Paddy Power
Kane through one-on-one with the keeper, makes a balls of it. Golden boot winner? Golden shite winner, more like.
18 Sep, 05:32 PM UTC
UnsilentMajority 🌹
China is the largest holder of US Treasury Securities (debt). So when Trump bails out the farmers he screwed over with his trade war, guess who we borrow from to pay it? China...🤯 This man is leading us off an economic cliff & isolating the ONE country that saved us last time https://t.co/JkuG7oEDGS
18 Sep, 03:43 PM UTC
Another game without goals for Harry Kane, but not to worry, here’s some motivation for him 😂🍆 Kane10's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 06:43 PM UTC
So 3 straight losses for Pochettino now. Is he finished? Does he have to change his tactics? Are his tactics obsolete? Is he holding Spurs back? Is he mismanaging Harry Kane? Has Dele Alli stopped progressing under him? Or those questions are only reserved for Mourinho.😂😂😂
18 Sep, 07:13 PM UTC
Television Academy
Hashbrown: no filter! Tina Fey, Ellie Kemper, @TitussBurgess and Carol Kane from @KimmySchmidt have arrived on the gold carpet. #Emmys #Emmys70 https://t.co/KimIYully1
17 Sep, 11:14 PM UTC
Scammy Abuharam
Harry Kane is Glenn Murray with a Nike boot deal.
18 Sep, 06:47 PM UTC
Ashley Watts
Nothing like Tottenham to make an all nighter and a 6am flight home even better! Somethings up with Kane. Too many players out of form and awful substitutions from Poch.
18 Sep, 07:09 PM UTC
Aditi Kinkhabwala
#Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin: "All of us that are competitors, you get fired up about staring adversity in the face." Well, if that's what fires you up... it's a good week for you.
18 Sep, 04:11 PM UTC
History Lovers Club
Orson Welles directing 'Citizen Kane' History Lovers Club's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 02:52 PM UTC
•《Claudia aka CLOUD》•♤🐷
A rare video of Alex Turner and Miles Kane together •《Claudia aka CLOUD》•♤🐷's photo on Kane
17 Sep, 11:55 PM UTC
El Fan De Jalil Elías
17 Sep, 11:13 PM UTC
German Shepherd Rescue Elite ( GSRE )
The #TongueOutTuesday gang are here and this week we have from #Chesterfield 4yr old Ted, From #Cornwall we have 7yr old Akeela and from #Essex we have 6yr old Kane and 2yr old Flash all #dogs looking for homes. https://t.co/4YSgBrKr5n
18 Sep, 03:57 PM UTC
English press are disgusting, when a foreign striker is on bad form they’re destroyed by the press but when white English Harry Kane is in bad form he must not be fully fit
18 Sep, 05:33 PM UTC
Here’s the thing. Scarpino has a right to his own opinion and if AB didn’t like it he has a right to fire back at him, but the trade me Tweet was taken way out of context. #Steelers
18 Sep, 07:15 PM UTC
Siavoush Fallahi
Icardi 1-0 Harry Kane
18 Sep, 07:48 PM UTC
Icardi scores a stunner with one good cross on his UCL debut while Kane misses a sitter and did jack shit. Please, don't compare again. Icardi is indefinitely superior to Kane. https://t.co/vRKeMFLvw9
18 Sep, 06:59 PM UTC
Win 1st 3 games: Joint top Kane scores in August Who needs signings? Poch is magic! Stadium late but looks 👌 Best run club Lose next 3 on spin: We’re shit Poch at fault No new players Sack the board, kitman & tealady No stadium Everyone is laughing at us Football eh? 🤷‍♂️
18 Sep, 07:52 PM UTC
Paulo Roberto Cecchi
Kane scappato una volta poi CANCELLATO da Stefan De Vrij.
18 Sep, 07:44 PM UTC
Kane > Sturridge gang do you know this fucking song 5% TINT's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 07:34 PM UTC

How am I supposed to tell my kids Harry Kane missed from here but Jamie Vardy scored from here.. https://t.co/wUzs773ApU
18 Sep, 07:06 PM UTC
Icardi is actually what Pl fans think Kane is. Unreal baller
18 Sep, 07:16 PM UTC
د.منير عادل
مجموعم التقوية الجنسية مالتى ماكا تعمل على : تقوية وصلابة الانتصاب وطول القضيب تأخير القذف لمدة كافية زيادة الرغبة الجنسية عدم الشعور بالتعب او الارهاق تقوية القذف وزيدة كمية السائل المنوي لطلب راسلنى #لٌيٌفُرُبُوُلُ_بُارًيَُسًَ #بُرٍُشٍُلَوَنًهُ_اُيٍنِدْهَوُفُنُ https://t.co/IwbcP1QtWp
18 Sep, 08:01 PM UTC
د.ميسون عبدالله
برنامج التخسيس الطبيعى كلين9 يعمل على اذاب وحرق الدهون فى وقت قصير يشد الترهلات ويزيل الكرش يخلص الجسم من السموم صحى وامن وبدون اضرار بنقص من15الى20كيلو خلال 35 يوم لطلب راسلنى على الواتساب #بَرًشُلٌوٍنِهْ_اَيًنُدٌهٍوِفَنًَ #لَيًفُرٍبِوٍلَِ_بًٍاًِرَِيٍَسًٍََِ https://t.co/I7lJ2rS9NZ
18 Sep, 08:10 PM UTC
Poch took off Son, Lamela and Kane. Then inter had no threat at the back and came forward. No genius plan from inter needed. We made it easy for them. That was dog shit poor
18 Sep, 07:38 PM UTC
World Cup summed Harry Kane up. Padding stats against farmers then ghosting when they need him the most. Oloshi
18 Sep, 06:54 PM UTC
Maybe Kane does not want to play for Poch again
18 Sep, 07:13 PM UTC
When a manager comes out this early in the season and says "we are not in contention to win anything this season".. He can't complain when his team loses 3 on the bounce. Even Kane can't hit a cows arse with a banjo these days.
18 Sep, 07:01 PM UTC
Shannon O'Brien
"The best people to have power are the ones who don't want it." - Kit Harington Couldn't agree more! Shoutout to Marcus Kane for his humility and willingness to freely pass it to others. He truly deserved it, even if he didn't think he did. #MarcusKane Shannon O'Brien's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 03:55 PM UTC
We should try sticking Moura up top and just let him run at people. Drop Kane for a few games, the man isn't untouchable.
18 Sep, 08:06 PM UTC
Solo Inter
De Vrij si è appena tolto della tasca Harry Kane. #InterTottenham
18 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
Kane i love u man but you have been shit recently
18 Sep, 08:08 PM UTC
If you ever need to see a world class striker play just watch any big game with harry kane in & focus on the other teams striker.
18 Sep, 08:10 PM UTC
~ Abby and Kane The 100 (Cr: abigriffins on YouTube) léa's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 07:52 PM UTC
Simone Bellini
@_cristiano73 L'ingegner Kane.
18 Sep, 08:13 PM UTC
Princess Shuri 👩🏽‍💻
got the body of a goddess. got eyes butterpecanbrown ... I see you girl
18 Sep, 08:05 PM UTC
Cavani and icardi are so ahead of Kane not being reactionary
18 Sep, 08:09 PM UTC
@SpursEeyore I'd try anything over Kane right now. He needs a kick up the arse imo.
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
@KarlsburgReview Wow,not Kane west,how about some old school.
18 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
@TripseyMeta4Z Kane is even far better than these guys
18 Sep, 08:15 PM UTC
Joey Marlowe
In what world does buying tickets to metal concerts lead to a personalized lineup of Iggy Azalea, Sarah Brightman, Kane Brown, and fucking Kidz Bop Joey Marlowe's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 08:15 PM UTC
Si è vista la differenza. Kane un uomo squadra che fa reparto e Icardi uno che la mette dentro
18 Sep, 08:15 PM UTC
Mr Kevin Prior
@BBCMOTD @BBCSport Ever since mid World Cup Harry Kane still looks tired. Does he play too much for his own good?
18 Sep, 08:15 PM UTC
@MirrorFootball @MirrorDarren Kane needs a month off to get over burn out. Trouble is there is no replacement.
18 Sep, 08:14 PM UTC
𝓢𝖊𝖗𝖌𝖎𝖔 𝑹𝖆𝖒𝖔𝐬 ♛
@ApolloCF_ Encore Kane c’est pas un nouveau dans le marché le mec est present depuis pas mal d’années en PL et meilleur buteur etc. Mais le Becker mdr il viens de la Roma gngng bresilien acheter le 100/80M mdr
18 Sep, 08:14 PM UTC
Melissa Mathias
I voted for KANE BROWN - LOSE IT on wbyz945! Vote at https://t.co/Dm3atXlNer
18 Sep, 08:14 PM UTC
glen wardle
Pochs substitutions are baffling..... 1 up and coasting....rest kane and bring on wanyama, nope let's try and go for a 2nd and fuck it up.#THFC #Spursy
18 Sep, 08:14 PM UTC
Jan Madej
Bramki w Lidze Mistrzów: Kane:0 Milner:1 Taka jest moja prawda futbolu.
18 Sep, 08:14 PM UTC
Farah Kane🇸🇳🇺🇸
I cannot stand these expressions: “Xamna damay moudier Fatou rek” or “Xamna damay moudier deh rek” Y’ALL SOUND DUMB AF. STOP IT!!
18 Sep, 08:13 PM UTC
Ian Evans
@garydonTHFC But as we know Kane wants to play all games! He wants to score for England at each opportunity
18 Sep, 08:13 PM UTC
@FTSIncome I like Harry kane hopefully his performances will improve later in the season, he seems gassed out at the moment.
18 Sep, 08:13 PM UTC
Kane Tanaka en su celebración por el Día de Respeto a los Ancianos en Japón. Supercentenarios's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 08:13 PM UTC
Daniele Faiulo (_P1_ ) (_Legit Boss_)
@WWE @KaneWWE 🔥🔥🔥😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥 @KaneWWE #Kane
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Jimmy Mac
Well done to all the boys playhousenights for a successful first night @1harrylee @jack1metcalfe jordanbarra3 sonny_kane 👊🏻😎 https://t.co/3kwOtVklz3
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Pennsylvania S-Chain
Join the Kane Is Able team! See our latest #job opening here: https://t.co/bwMTOYMRIS #SupplyChain #Scranton, PA #Hiring #CareerArc
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Paul Goodwin
Much better tonight even allowing for average Milan team. Much faster getting forward (2nd half which suits our style not been serge fan but that was his best game. We only need Kane for one game between now and 20th Oct so spurs and England should plan his rest to benefit all Paul Goodwin's photo on Kane
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Caleb Helterbrand
@Linkara19 As someone who got into comics because of your show, your love for the medium and your values really speak to me.
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Danny Boyle
Can see Poch walking soon. @SpursOfficial are in such a mess right now on and off the pitch. New stadium delay, not a single signing last summer, the ‘Captain’ embarrassing the club, set-piece troubles, Kane being burnt out, fans falling out with ex-players. #LevyOut #PochOut
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Caleb Helterbrand
@Linkara19 Personally, I think your writing ability is outstanding. Being able to make a running story throughout 10 years of videos, that’s incredible. Plus your critiques are usually justified and sound.
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Tony Nunes ⚽️
#Salah and #Kane need to go on a holiday together. #liverpoolfc #thfc
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Dan Travers
@RickSpur Timing today wasn’t as bizarre as the actual subs... taking off a high pressing lamela to change tactics.. then resting kane for a whole 6 minutes... that cost is dearly
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Il Satiro
@FBiasin Icardi ha appena superato Kane come media gol in partite di champions
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
@ianevans99 I couldn’t see why Kane was involved with England a few weeks back, Southgate should of done the right thing
18 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Chitown Chaiwalla
@Chokmah4 Lol kane nyanyiso kani
18 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
Andrew Lightle
The @SpursOfficial match today was so disheartening.. we need a left fullback and central midfielder. There is also something up with Kane, he is not himself.
18 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
What’s up with Kane? In the previous 3 seasons I thought the would score every game and now I don’t feel like he will score at all.
18 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
But a certain Harry Kane can't score cos he had his second child. https://t.co/V9BqE67bNp
18 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
Kane just looked so tired today. I always said it.. he is just a 4 season wonder
18 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
Football Stats Live®
Most Man of the Match awards since 2014-15: Eden Hazard - 35 Harry Kane - 27 Sergio Aguero - 23 Alexis Sanchez - 23 Philippe Coutinho - 22 🎩
18 Sep, 02:57 PM UTC
lmao im sorry this was too funny https://t.co/Az8SgviLGg
18 Sep, 08:10 PM UTC
Christian Wainwright
Salahs scored the same number of goals as Kane this season, whys Salah not getting stick?
18 Sep, 08:10 PM UTC
Rod Tilwell
All this talk about Kane being off. What about Salah??
18 Sep, 08:10 PM UTC

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