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Rudy Giuliani
We are now hearing if the whistleblower testifies, Congress will put them “behind a screen” and distort their voice. This is ludicrous! How hellbent are Dems in keeping the American public in the dark? #KangarooCourt
08 Oct, 07:14 PM UTC
Eric Matheny🎙
Until the House follows protocol, holds a formal vote on the #ImpeachmentInquiry, and - per Congressional rules - allows Republicans to issue subpoenas and hold their own hearings, I wouldn’t give the Intelligence Committee a damn thing nor provide any testimony. #KangarooCourt
08 Oct, 04:42 PM UTC
Matt Gaetz is the Fred Flintstone of Bozo the Clowns #KangarooCourt Captain Kangaroo #ContemptOfCongress https://t.co/0gBdizFzk9
08 Oct, 09:19 PM UTC
Elle De Sylva 🌊
Raise your hand if you’d trust a bunch of kangaroos over the GOP. 🙋🏻‍♀️🦘🦘🦘 #KangarooCourt
09 Oct, 12:47 AM UTC
Texas Fredo‼️
.@POTUS We agree with the president's decision to NOT participate in #Schiff's #KangarooCourt where #Democrats want to deny him due process, violating his civil rights. Americans 👏 will 👏 not 👏 have 👏 our 👏 votes 👏 trashed. Period. #MAGA2020 #ImpeachmentInquiry https://t.co/v3fRK08yiY
08 Oct, 03:09 PM UTC
Bonnie Greer
#GOP Congressman thinks that #kangaroocourt comes from US kiddie show: #CaptainKangaroo. Being a dual national (American/British) is quite interesting these days. Two blond #despots who are pretty much the same guy. Their supporters..not too far apart, either. #DespotsWillFall https://t.co/eAc19IiT09
08 Oct, 09:34 PM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
@Ladycat954 Oh, shit. Trump's base would go NUTS. #contemptofcongress #kangaroocourt https://t.co/kThIri39to
09 Oct, 12:25 AM UTC
Susan Chadwick
Hey dummy.... @mattgaetz I think you're having issues understanding what a Kangaroo Court means.The man in this pic is Captain Kangaroo.He has ZERO to do with a #KangarooCourt But then again,look at the dummy you support.Shocker! #WorstPresidentEver https://t.co/6K04s4t5Lh
08 Oct, 08:54 PM UTC
D Alex 🔴
Republicans #Resist The #KangarooCourt President @realDonaldTrump has full GOP support in Congress AND in the country. The unilateral Democrat scheme to #impeach is doomed. https://t.co/tb37S1BdKk
09 Oct, 12:58 AM UTC
Todd Griffith
The Department of Justice recognizes the transcript of the phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as the official document of record. Any testimony of so called "whistleblowers" shall be seen as partisan & political warfare. #KangarooCourt
08 Oct, 09:57 PM UTC
John Mott
Hi @GOP - the #KangarooCourt line isn’t working. What’s the next talking point? Ugh this was so much easier with ‘her emails’
08 Oct, 08:16 PM UTC
#KangarooCourt #captainkangaroo meets #romperroom #RepublicanStyle thanks @lindarchilders https://t.co/QzA5WLBJ06
08 Oct, 07:14 PM UTC
Bob Marsdale
Rep. Matt Gaetz : “Kangaroo Court” comment. A Millennial trashing the memory of a Baby Boomer icon, Captain Kangaroo... I’m appalled. #KangarooCourt #ImpeachmentInquiry https://t.co/HRujqfWvX3
09 Oct, 12:28 AM UTC
@atensnut Schiff’s circus of a “committee” received a rousing blow today in the form of a letter from The White House Council: “Your ‘Inquiry’ is constitutionally invalid and violates basic due process rights and separation of powers...” #KangarooCourt https://t.co/Wl0hD5uNxg
09 Oct, 01:08 AM UTC
🐮 Devin Nunes' Mad Social Media Skillz 🐮
🐮 #KangarooCourt is in session. I don't think it means what Rep. @MattGaetz (R-FL) thinks it does. It isn't where they adjudicate DUI charges either.🐮 https://t.co/c3NaUKOVNH
09 Oct, 01:28 AM UTC
#WrestlingCommunity #WWETheBump #WWEDraft #WWEonFOX #WWERaw #SmackdownOnFox #SmackDown #WWE #HIAC #WWEHIAC #WWENXT #wrestling #AEWDynamite #tuesdayvibes #podcast #Joker #Blizzardboycott #PlayStation5 #KangarooCourt #NewYork https://t.co/iLdpfsrW5m
09 Oct, 12:04 AM UTC
† † ‡ societys__blood ‡ † †
@eastversewest @nypost the house by law has to take a vote for impeachment inquiry and the wont you know why because that opens aa whole new can of worms for the dems the REP we be able to cross examine the witnesses which they cant do till the house votes #kangaroocourt
09 Oct, 01:30 AM UTC
❌Trump the Insanity❌
The Democrat House of Representatives are nothing more than a #KangarooCourt led by pencil neck @RepAdamSchiff and nervouse @SpeakerPelosi No rules, just impeachment at any cost. The cost will be in the 2020 election when Americans realize what a joke the Democrat Party is
09 Oct, 01:28 AM UTC
Buzzword #KangarooCourt
09 Oct, 01:27 AM UTC
09 Oct, 01:27 AM UTC
@DavidLeeMAGA @mkraju This is a MUST READ the Intelligence Community doesn’t want you to know. thehttps://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/08/us/politics/fbi-fisa-court.html #DrainTheSwamp #DeepState going down #KangarooCourt https://t.co/81oD2b7YT0
09 Oct, 01:27 AM UTC
John Bohannon
#KangarooCourt and #bananarepublic if the Democrats succeed! https://t.co/QE7j8u2iw1
09 Oct, 01:27 AM UTC

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