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1996 was only the beginning. Whether you kicked things off in Kanto or got on board in Galar, the world of Pokémon is filled with thrilling battles and exciting adventures—every journey is unique. #Pokemon25 https://t.co/kQAygp61cx @Pokemon's photo on Kanto
13 Jan, 02:15 PM UTC
Pokémon GO Japan
🎟お忘れなく!1月14日(木)16時59分までに「Pokémon GO Tour:カントー地方」のチケットを購入すると、1月と2月のコミュニティ・デイ限定スペシャルリサーチを無料でゲットできます!🎟 #PokemonGOTourKanto #ポケモンGO https://t.co/tCWR8wxUgr @PokemonGOAppJP's photo on Kanto
13 Jan, 01:00 AM UTC
Gallaer 🐲
@SerebiiNet I honestly like this and how it shows a different mechanic introduced in each game. Kanto - The original Pokedex Johto - Breeding Hoenn - Pokeblocks and Contests Sinnoh - (Someone tell me) Unova - Pokemon Musicals Kalos - Mega Evolution Alola - Z-Crystals Galar - Curry
13 Jan, 01:14 PM UTC
Johnny 𝄁 8BitCR 👑👻✨
El nuevo logo de #Pokemon25 representa con los iniciales alguna de las novedades que trajo cada generación Kanto - El Pokedex Johto - Crianza Hoenn - Pokecubos Sinnoh - Pokochos Unova - Musicales Kalos - Mega Evolución Alola - Cristales Z Galar - Curri 🍛 https://t.co/3asEXMghuR
13 Jan, 02:18 PM UTC
💎 The #PokéAllGenPlaythru 💎
@Pokemon Started in Kanto in 1998 when I was 10. Love this series! https://t.co/mD767OfEfj
13 Jan, 02:17 PM UTC
Centro Pokémon
Este año The Pokémon Company tendrá un "programa" especial en el que hará un recorrido por las regiones, desde Galar hasta Kanto. Empezaremos con Galar en marzo. https://t.co/mezFXpGuqp
13 Jan, 02:41 PM UTC
Pat || #2021owTreyalPRedemptionArc💕
I prolly might get some hate on this, but even tho they butchered the hell out of it, Kanto is still my fav region. With Lavender Town being my favorite town out of the bunch. Just love the eerie creepy atmosphere of that place 💕 https://t.co/MdTlHRmP0B
13 Jan, 05:26 PM UTC
kanto pandering is real 😍 https://t.co/r8vd149vuS
13 Jan, 05:05 PM UTC
S Class Rob
Here at S Class we celebrate #Pokemon25 in style with a Kanto based art contest! ARTIST vs AMATEUR | Drawing Pokemon from Memory [Gen 1] https://t.co/7t2W6hkwri
13 Jan, 05:27 PM UTC
✨Landon✨ (Pokémon Commissions (CLOSED))
Ah yes! The main new features added to each game! Kanto: Pokedex (Kanto with the most crucial feature) Johto: Breeding Hoenn: Weather Sinnoh: Poffin Cooking Unova: Clothes on Pokemon (whoopee I guess) Kalos: Mega Evolution Alola: Z Moves Galar: Curry? Curry? CURRY!? https://t.co/Wq3UayTSLE
13 Jan, 05:27 PM UTC
katie @ rei day
@kierawaffles Isn’t the question what your favorite is and not what you started with Bc that’s how I answered it, if I answered with what is started with it would be Kanto
13 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
@CountCooki hoenn is 100x more overrated from what ive seen, almost to the point of kanto imo
13 Jan, 05:24 PM UTC
💀Jarzard 1312💀
@Pokemon Johto/kanto (I count them both since you can travel between the two)
13 Jan, 05:30 PM UTC
@kanto_03 칸토님 정말ㅋㅋㅋㄲㅋ 니지동 성우분들을 엄청 좋아하고 계시다는게 확 느껴집니다 제 탐라의 본격 덕질 300퍼 즐기기의 화신!!!!
13 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
Liviu Dragomir 🐲🐲🐲
I started with Kanto and since Alola Johto always intrigued me for it's great culture and mysteries but when Alola came I was impressed with how much detail was put into this region from environments to people , Pokémon , culture and lore . Everything feels so interconnected. https://t.co/yW1HBCpDWx
13 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
@KK_KAnTo いいえー!テンポよくて自分でも笑っちゃいました〜( ◜▿◝ )おもしろmad感謝!ありがとうございます!
13 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
みんレポ 関東版
1/13(水) ガイア西船橋 出玉データレポート 総差枚:-15,649 平均差枚:-35 ☆花の慶次~武威~ https://t.co/qDHjd528Tb 過去の結果一覧 https://t.co/RueWhYCVrO
13 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
Schyler Bisson
@Pokemon Kanto and Johto!! I can’t pick between the two!!!
13 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
@Pokemon kanto, hoenn and kalos :D
13 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
@Pokemon I gotta be honest, Alola and Kanto are my favorites
13 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
jee ; ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭
tawang tawa ako naglugaw kami sa kanto tapos naka kotse pa kami 🤣🤣
13 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
Yasin Inamdar
@TomsSauce Time for the beat Kanto gym battle
13 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
New Year New Brett
Kanto was my first. JOHTO IS WHERE ITS AT! https://t.co/FjJlqmLYVY
13 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
I love Kanto and Jhoto equally considering they were my starting points in the series, but Sinnoh takes the cake as it was the hallmark of gamefreaks integration to the DS and the games that came after. The DS era of Pokemon games defined my childhood much more than prior games. https://t.co/9xuCWLVwRf
13 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
Amy Buchwald
I may be a basic bitch but Kanto forever #Pokemon25 https://t.co/JGKGgP0YxA
13 Jan, 05:27 PM UTC
@KcLatios Ranking Kanto 6th. Gen 1ers are gonna be real made at ya
13 Jan, 05:27 PM UTC
Leopold Stotch SSWI
@Pokemon Still Kanto
13 Jan, 05:27 PM UTC
Scott Upton / Uptoons Studio / Sock
@Ultimat23Dragon @Pokemon facts, Johto was so much fun! even being able to visit kanto postgame
13 Jan, 05:27 PM UTC
ZexyProf 🔞
Hoenn is the perfect blend of both the new and the old. It has the exploration and the sort of 'magic' kanto and johto had, but more streamlined. It also doesn't have 30 minutes of cutscenes before the game starts so that's a plus...
13 Jan, 05:26 PM UTC

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