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PFF Fantasy Football
When you stack both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt in the same lineup @PFF_Fantasy's photo on Kareem Hunt
18 Sep, 03:28 AM UTC
Jeff Allen
Kareem Hunt better than Nick Chubb
18 Sep, 03:00 AM UTC
Andrew Gribble
Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt through 2 games. 55 carries 342 yards (6.2 ypc) 4 TDs (1 rec.)
18 Sep, 04:39 AM UTC
B/R Gridiron
Kareem Hunt ran angry on the Bengals 😤 Browns have a special backfield (via @thecheckdown) @brgridiron's photo on Kareem Hunt
18 Sep, 03:39 AM UTC
Washington’s run defense better show up ready to play week 3 against Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt
18 Sep, 03:34 AM UTC
PFF Fantasy Football
Most rushing yards: ▪️ Nick Chubb - 124 ▪️ Nick Chubb AFTER contact - 93 ▪️ Kareem Hunt - 86 ▪️ Kareem Hunt AFTER contact - 64 ▪️ Joe Mixon - 46 https://t.co/BGUtm4ob6i
18 Sep, 04:11 AM UTC
Michael Fabiano
Are Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt the best fantasy football backfield ever? I need @HarrisonNFL to chime in. Thoughts?
18 Sep, 03:28 AM UTC
The Checkdown
Kareem Hunt was running all over the defense during that last drive 💪 @Kareemhunt7 @Browns @thecheckdown's photo on Kareem Hunt
18 Sep, 03:36 AM UTC
PFF Fantasy Football
Nick Chubb 🔸 22 carries 🔸 5.6 yards per carry 🔸 5 missed tackles forced Kareem Hunt 🔹 10 carries 🔹 8.6 yards per carry 🔹 4 missed tackles forced https://t.co/sgIqDfhurx
18 Sep, 04:51 AM UTC
Remember when Andy went to Maclin’s wedding and then Dorsey released Maclin over voicemail so Andy fired Dorsey and then Dorsey went to Cleveland and gave the Kareem Hunt tape to TMZ so the Browns could sign Kareem Hunt as payback to being fired?
18 Sep, 02:18 AM UTC
Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt combine for 210 rushing yards in 35-30 victory over Bengals https://t.co/ClhREXJb93
18 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
If you started Kareem Hunt this week retweet this so I don’t feel so bad..
18 Sep, 01:30 AM UTC
Jake Trotter
Most yards per rush after contact this season: Kareem Hunt 4.30 Nick Chubb 3.63 David Johnson 2.73 (min. 7 rushes) @ESPNStatsInfo
18 Sep, 11:31 AM UTC
Michael F. Florio
Nick Chubb - 26.3 fantasy points Kareem Hunt - 24.1 fantasy points Great night for both. Hunt is clearly in play every week. And start RBs against the Bengals
18 Sep, 03:29 AM UTC
Daryl Ruiter
Nick Chubb’s 26 yard run pushes him well over 100 on the night. He has 124 on 22 carries. Kareem Hunt follows with a 33-yard run to the 12 & #Browns with a chance to deliver a knockout blow.....
18 Sep, 03:24 AM UTC
Michael F. Florio
#Browns  Week 2 RB Usage - Nick Chubb, 62% snaps, 22 carries, 1 target (2 TDs) - Kareem Hunt, 35% snaps, 10 carries, 2 targets (2 TDs)
18 Sep, 04:08 AM UTC
Fred Greetham
#Browns Kareem Hunt on how he and Nick Chubb performed in the win https://t.co/chxReMq7B3
18 Sep, 04:12 AM UTC
Realistic CLE Fan
Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are the best running back duo in the league and it’s not even close.
18 Sep, 03:23 AM UTC
When u start Joe Mixon over Kareem Hunt in Fantasy: https://t.co/mJEjxhcOth
18 Sep, 03:27 AM UTC
92.3 The Fan
What impressed you the most last night? https://t.co/GR9otPR6Jj
18 Sep, 11:56 AM UTC
Are you waking up like Kareem Hunt today?! It's Victory Friday! Photo: Joshua Gunter, https://t.co/a4YA4W2Cro @clevelanddotcom's photo on Kareem Hunt
18 Sep, 11:47 AM UTC
Norm Bissett Sr.
I love Kareem Hunt
18 Sep, 11:29 AM UTC
Brandon Clark
@JoeBudden Over here feeling like Bill Belichick for starting Kareem Hunt over Mark Ingram this week
18 Sep, 11:29 AM UTC
Michael Hauff
When it’s a Friday and you have Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt on the same PPR roster... https://t.co/bcvSstm0I5
18 Sep, 11:28 AM UTC
The Fantasy Football Executionist
If Kareem Hunt had the Browns backfield to himself he would be a top 3 fantasy back.
18 Sep, 11:51 AM UTC
Bob Rosen
Browns have a great one/two punch with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt- great combination- Go Browns!!!
18 Sep, 11:39 AM UTC
Jarro’s Landsharks
Woke up and had to pinch myself - you mean it wasn’t a dream that Kareem Hunt AND Nick Chubb dropped that sweet chin music last night?! https://t.co/Gf64V6eaFm
18 Sep, 11:29 AM UTC
I want a Browns shirt that just says “thicc” spelled with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt’s legs
18 Sep, 11:53 AM UTC
Shinmon Benimaru aka Benimaru Shinmon
Nick Chub got me 26 points in my ESPN league and Kareem hunt got me 40 in my gang league !!! That’s what I’m talking bout
18 Sep, 11:53 AM UTC

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