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Rex Huppke
So now Donald Trump is trying to get Fox News to fire Karl Rove? Guys, I’m starting to think the GOP’s cancel culture rhetoric isn’t entirely sincere.
05 Mar, 04:22 AM UTC
Rachel Maddow MSNBC
“Trump Goes Full Cancel Culture As He Angrily Demands Fox News Fire Karl Rove” https://t.co/pBG1cdcdFk
05 Mar, 03:31 PM UTC
Alex Cole
So Trump is trying to cancel Karl Rove? I thought conservatives said cancel culture was bad.
05 Mar, 01:55 AM UTC
Greg Kelly
Whenever I see “Karl Rove” trending, I think about the time I almost got my ass shot off in Iraq. That war was the Dumbest, Biggest Mistake in World History. And ROVE AND BUSH made it happen. TRUMP totally has Karl’s “number” @gregkellyusa's photo on Karl Rove
05 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
Eric the editor 🇺🇸🍻⚽️🌊
Nightly news: - Non-Anthropologist Marsha Blackburn thinks Neanderthals still alive - Hippie Pacifist Karl Rove not far right enough for Former Guy - Steve Scalise outraged by US citizens attempting to vote - Offended Marco Rubio quotes First Book of Neanderthals, Verse 5
05 Mar, 04:38 AM UTC
trump posting another 3,000-character mean paper tweet, this hilarious one aimed at Karl Rove. I suspect this disqualifies him from running, right? https://t.co/y78R5knDy7
05 Mar, 02:04 AM UTC
Tom Joseph
The insanity of Trump’s attack on Karl Rove is through the roof. It’s a disorganized, child-like tantrum. He should be silenced by media. Airing him is exploitation of an out of control dementia patient. Rove simply sees Trump’s impairment & ineffectiveness sooner than other Rs.
05 Mar, 10:19 AM UTC
Charlie Dent
Trump’s America Uncanceled tour seeks to cancel Karl Rove. Just more incoherence from Trump. Just another Friday.
05 Mar, 02:08 PM UTC
David Chapman
Donald Trump Statement: "If the Republican party is going to be successful, they will have to stop dealing with people like Karl Rove."
05 Mar, 01:38 AM UTC
Darren Samuelsohn
INBOX: A statement from the former president of the United States about Karl Rove: https://t.co/9D7pG0JLj7
05 Mar, 12:27 AM UTC
Alex Salvi
Former Pres. Trump on Karl Rove: "He’s a pompous fool with bad advice and always has an agenda. He ran the campaign for two Senators in Georgia, and did a rotten job ... Should have been an easy win, but he and his friend Mitch blew it with their $600 vs. $2,000 proposal." https://t.co/sSS7sngvUf
05 Mar, 01:09 AM UTC
Mattie Timmer
I’d like to see the phone record to back up the “Karl Rove called me to congratulate me on my big win” on Nov. 3 claim. Rove most certainly would NOT have thought the stable genius had it in the bag by 10:30.
05 Mar, 01:10 AM UTC
Donald Trump's wrote a long, nasty letter about Karl Rove, which means exactly one thing: Rove said something that hurt Trump's feelings. Poor Man Baby.
05 Mar, 05:13 AM UTC
First Words
Did you see Trump’s tweet about Karl Rove?...Wait, Trump didn’t tweet...He’s been banned from Twitter. But you wouldn’t know it, he’s got “Karl Rove” trending. You see, Trump doesn’t need to tweet. He only needs to publish a statement and his army will take care of the tweeting.
05 Mar, 11:57 AM UTC
George Takei
Donald Trump, who gave the keynote at CPAC’s “American Uncanceled” gathering of deplorables last weekend, is now trying to cancel Karl Rove, calling him a “pompous fool” and urging Republicans not to work with him.
05 Mar, 08:28 PM UTC
Howard ✡
Karl Rove is evil, but not stupid. Donald is evil, and dumber than a sack of Tucker Carlsons stuffed in a box of Marjorie Traitor Greenes. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
05 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC
[COMMENTARY] Former Guy Retaliates Against Karl Rove After Negative CPAC Reviews https://t.co/C1C6k4TXjL
05 Mar, 01:40 AM UTC
Cardinal Conservative
BREAKING: PRESIDENT TRUMP releases a statement hitting back at Karl Rove, Liz Cheney, and other Republican RINO's. *SAVAGE https://t.co/y9R0bPBitN
05 Mar, 01:19 AM UTC
🖤🦋Rowan Moon🦋🖤
Definition of petty: Karl Rove writes an opinion piece on WSJ stating the #FormerGuy no longer appeals to voters & Trump hits back calling on Fox News to 'get rid of' him. Is he....canceling Rove? I thought GOP was against #CancelCulture...🤔
05 Mar, 12:55 PM UTC
Cancel Karl Rove.
05 Mar, 06:36 PM UTC
The Hill
Trump attacks Karl Rove: "A pompous fool with bad advice" https://t.co/FjdhHwyn1K @thehill's photo on Karl Rove
05 Mar, 08:25 PM UTC
President Trump Continues The Big Ugly, Now Turns Toward Karl Rove https://t.co/uaz4n4oJdf
05 Mar, 07:03 PM UTC
"A RINO of the Highest Order - A Pompous Fool" -- Donald Trump's Latest Smackdown of Karl Rove is One for the Ages 💣💥🔥 https://t.co/Ugb4MuF22Z
05 Mar, 07:19 AM UTC
The Hill
“Karl would be much more at home at the disastrous Lincoln Project. I heard they have numerous openings!” Trump said. https://t.co/98n8m6gRyY
05 Mar, 08:49 PM UTC
Drew Holden
if you continue down the page you can see a mention of the NY Senate repealing Cuomo's emergency powers (the headline makes no mention of why) sandwiched between "the 17 most outlandish lines from Trump's attack on Karl Rove" and Jeep *potentially* dropping the 'Cherokee' name https://t.co/PA4nuqacln
05 Mar, 08:42 PM UTC
Louise Mercer
@Mike_Pence Your dear leader, ( the one who almost got you killed recently) just cancel cultured Karl Rove. You good with that?
05 Mar, 08:51 PM UTC
Al Ciuffo
@maddow Like I said yesterday I am a democrat who never liked Karl Rove but the truth is, is that he is smarter and calls it like it is everything rump isn’t. The one that needs to be canceled is rump not Rove
05 Mar, 04:17 PM UTC
Trump descarga su furia contra el estratega republicano Karl Rove. ¿La razón? Descúbrela Aquí 👉 https://t.co/QjxhcZhHTu
05 Mar, 08:51 PM UTC
Donald Trump expands his Republican enemies list to Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal op-eds https://t.co/qHClG2907V
05 Mar, 08:51 PM UTC

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