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i can literally sit and think myself into a bad mood
01 Mar, 04:29 PM UTC
IG: @MSHEATHERROSE Heather Rose 🦋✨
Your perception of me is not my problem nor does it define me.
01 Mar, 06:38 PM UTC
How is Katie getting grilled more than Victoria right now? What's happening? #TheBachelor
02 Mar, 01:18 AM UTC
Jason Tartick
Abigail for #thebachelorette Katie for #thebachelorette Michelle for #thebachelorette That’s what I have to say about that.
02 Mar, 02:05 AM UTC
ellie 🤍🦋
Please @MetroUK take this down, I no longer give consent for this article to be used. I was in a manic episode when I consented and was sectioned 2 days after I am begging you take this down, I have been in mental health accommodation for 3.5years so I am not in a fit mentalstate https://t.co/lsgJJ9U7ea
01 Mar, 08:18 PM UTC
Madison Koenig
Me trying to figure out how the toxicity in the house is Katie’s fault #TheBachelor @MadisonTKoenig's photo on Katie
02 Mar, 01:32 AM UTC
Me during the first part of the show vs me during the Katie and Abigail features #TheBachelor @jodiwatchesbach's photo on Katie
02 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
why can’t my friends just start having children? i wanna be the fun auntie now
01 Mar, 01:00 PM UTC
me when me when Katie all the girls vs gets a whole gang up on segment Katie #TheBachelor https://t.co/wQb3BDAXSx
02 Mar, 01:56 AM UTC
me wanting abigail for bachelorette. me also wanting katie for bachelorette. #TheBachelor https://t.co/3PAmbgmyig
02 Mar, 02:19 AM UTC
The Daily Beast
“The Biden administration needs to bring what I call a ‘season of reckoning’ for the corruption and grift that we have suffered through the last four years,” trial attorney Katie Phang told @WajahatAli https://t.co/xW6KMEFh1b
01 Mar, 01:20 PM UTC
Katie Brooks, US artist known for creating intricate paintings on natural found materials, including leaves #WomensArt https://t.co/XayEp4WaTW
02 Mar, 08:30 AM UTC
The Betchelor🥀
Me seeing Chelsea and Katie start fighting #TheBachelorABC https://t.co/EdCYf7s8ud
02 Mar, 01:17 AM UTC
missing the rare katie behind the scenes pictures we used to get 💔 she is everything https://t.co/gfRgPTeiY8
02 Mar, 01:33 AM UTC
John Maher
Released on this day in 1979: https://t.co/HJD8j8R77k
02 Mar, 09:08 AM UTC
Katie Hopkins - A MESSAGE FOR THE BRITISH CHANCELLOR RISHI SUNAK https://t.co/mJJwkNZhtL via @YouTube https://t.co/lLZuFO38VO
02 Mar, 02:11 AM UTC
@GladiaRupert @ChaelinShit @Katie_Karvinen_ @httpsaidenwtf @zcplusth @ashleyippolito @taylorswift13 @netflix invalidating people’s opinions/problems because others have it worse is a toxic mindset. there will always be someone who has it worse, we can care about more than one thing at once.
02 Mar, 12:40 AM UTC
if you’re reading this, you’re gay for katie mcgrath
02 Mar, 06:18 AM UTC
Just woke up with a massive boner over Katie😻 I’d shag this used and abused MILF hard and spunk on those sexy feet😈 https://t.co/O2A8uf1CTY
02 Mar, 10:21 AM UTC
NYPD 81st Precinct
As we mark the beginning of #WomensHistoryMonth2021, we're celebrating with one of our own- Capt. Melody Robinson- who continues to positively impact our community as the Executive Officer of the 81st Precinct. #BedStuy #Booklyn #WomansHistoryMonth @NYPD81Pct's photo on Katie
01 Mar, 09:57 PM UTC
If you are not about this, don’t DM me https://t.co/FqUjvHBRzb
01 Mar, 06:00 PM UTC
Bee Wilson
'To Comfort the Heart and Take Away Melancholy'. A recipe from The Treasury of Commodious Conceits 1591. You don't see recipe titles like that any more. It consists of borage juice boiled with sugar.
02 Mar, 10:15 AM UTC
Sabah Khan
SNAPS FOR KATIE PLEASE - so incredibly proud of you my friend ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/KfC2qr8qEj
01 Mar, 05:30 PM UTC
What was the point of casting 25 women who identify with BIPOC and not give them any screen time? @BachelorABC made sure to give ppl like Katie, Anna, and Victoria screen time, regardless of them spreading toxicity and bullying tactics throughout the house #TheBachelor https://t.co/nE0pSR0CZm
02 Mar, 05:00 AM UTC
Steve Hall
Really looking forward to introducing @BriscoeClass from @TVInnovates as a guest on @voicEdcanada this morning with @Stephen_Hurley at 11am UK time 6am Toronto time. Lots of community enhanced learning to discuss @katie_leonard1 @annafrancisart @Carola_Boehm @StokeCEP @takaraalf
02 Mar, 09:07 AM UTC
How do companies safely disclose vulnerabilities? @LutaSecurity founder and CEO @k8em0 and @Bugcrowd CTO @caseyjohnellis joined #401AccessDenied hosts @joe_carson and @cybraryIT's Mike Gruen to discuss. Listen now. https://t.co/1dRJhBOQM8 https://t.co/KczgqZHeH7
01 Mar, 08:52 PM UTC
Stan - Voice of Wales
Like UKIP Katie Hopkins Tells Us The Hard Truth. https://t.co/p0ld3mmXk9 @voiceofwales @DavidHadley1973 @CymruUKIP @UKIP
02 Mar, 09:48 AM UTC
The I-Team's @NBC10_Katie shows us how one local town is getting shots into arms while keeping vulnerable people at home by making COVID-19 vaccine house calls. https://t.co/WoYYEAYpCk
02 Mar, 04:22 AM UTC
Gracie 🌸
@GracieHollbeck Leah Driving In Green & Katie Wearing Red Today! Both Looking Very Great! Very Hot Too! @LeahShieldsNews 💚@Katie_Jeffries ❤️ @GracieHollbeck's media on Katie">@GracieHollbeck's media on Katie">@GracieHollbeck's media on Katie">@GracieHollbeck's media on Katie">https://t.co/vamLEIvIJe
02 Mar, 12:00 PM UTC
Meet Katie - our new Employment Advisor. Katie will be working on our @Calderdale Inspire contract alongside Jo. She’s already fitting in perfectly & chomping at the bit to help people into work. Welcome Katie! 🤗 https://t.co/beG7WPN6Ba
02 Mar, 11:53 AM UTC

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