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Charlie Kirk
Never forget how Senator Mazie Hirono treated Brett Kavanaugh and his family.
12 Oct, 04:26 PM UTC
House Judiciary GOP
Remember what they did to Brett Kavanaugh. We don’t owe the Democrats anything. #ConfirmACB
12 Oct, 01:02 PM UTC
Ryan Fournier
I will never forget what Kamala Harris and the Democrats did to Brett Kavanaugh, and neither should you.
12 Oct, 06:47 PM UTC
Adam Parkhomenko
Trump wants Kavanaugh to sue Christine Blasey Ford. They’re telling us how much they hate women. Are we listening?
12 Oct, 09:04 PM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
Trotting out a woman to take away my reproductive rights, Civil Rights and access to safe, affordable health care is even more offensive than when they used Brett Kavanaugh to do it.
12 Oct, 01:51 PM UTC
Stonewall Jackson
South Carolina: I know we've had issues with Lindsey Graham. However, he showed great strength fighting for Kavanaugh. He'll vote for ACB. Overall he's been pretty good. Far better than a Democrat. The Left is spending more to defeat him than any Senate race ever. Vote for Graham
12 Oct, 03:43 AM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
Sick of hearing these lying creeps lie about "what happened to Kavanaugh." As a reminder, Kavanaugh is a liar who lied under oath about a handshake with me. If this is the defense, end this hearing now. @fred_guttenberg's photo on Kavanaugh
12 Oct, 01:55 PM UTC
Andrea Junker ®
Still no answer to this question: Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club fees plus his $200,000 credit card debt plus his $1.2 million mortgage, and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat?
12 Oct, 03:04 PM UTC
Greg Olear
How did Brett Kavanaugh and his wife afford their $1.22m home in tony Chevy Chase? How did they come up with the $240k down payment? #WhoOwnsKavanaugh https://t.co/BIB50yV3SK
12 Oct, 01:01 PM UTC
Newt Gingrich
Watching the hearing on Judge Barrett. Senator Lindsey Graham did an excellent job establishing a serious positive tone for the hearings. With Lindsey’s leadership this might be a dramatically better hearing than the nasty partisanship Democrats imposed on the Kavanaugh hearings.
12 Oct, 01:20 PM UTC
No one in DC or in the Media will say it so I will... Christine Blasey Ford should be in prison for what she did to Justice Kavanaugh, his family and the United States of America.
12 Oct, 01:40 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Let's take the Senate away from McConnell! Mark Kelly is a veteran astronaut. Martha McSally is a scheming MAGA politician. Tough choice, Arizona. #TrumpIsALaughingStock #VoteThemAllOut #VoteBiden Senator Kennedy Ben Sasse Mike Lee Cory Booker Kavanaugh Joni Ernst Senators @SteveRustad1's photo on Kavanaugh
12 Oct, 06:02 PM UTC
Benjamin Wittes
I am not watching or listening to any of the Amy Coney Barrett hearings. There is nothing anyone at them—including her—could say that would change my mind about any aspect of her nomination. And I say that as someone who supported Gorsuch and, until the allegations, Kavanaugh.
12 Oct, 02:26 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
For years, Moscow Mitch and his Senate GOPers have bragged and laughed about blocking Merrick Garland thus stealing his seat, then bragged about selling a SCOTUS seat to Pervert Kavanaugh’s debt settlers, now they disrespect RBG. Take the gloves off, we have crooks to stop.
12 Oct, 01:36 AM UTC
Fox News
Trump: Kavanaugh should 'sue the women' who accused him during his Supreme Court confirmation https://t.co/X8fWx8rnQ3
12 Oct, 09:35 PM UTC
Ari Berman
Amy Coney Barrett, John Roberts & Brett Kavanaugh all served on George W. Bush‘s legal team during Florida 2000 recount & worked to make sure only GOP votes counted, increasing likelihood 6-3 SCOTUS will throw out enough Dem ballots to keep Trump in power @AriBerman's photo on Kavanaugh
12 Oct, 02:53 PM UTC
Gorsuch - Catholic. Kavanaugh - Catholic. Roberts - Catholic. Alito - Catholic. Thomas- Catholic. Sensing a pattern yet?
12 Oct, 03:56 PM UTC
Chris Murphy
9/ Now the case is in front of SCOTUS. Alito and Thomas have already ruled against the ACA. Their votes are known. And really, so are those of Kavanaugh/Gorsuch. Trump promised to only appoint judges who would strike down the ACA. So the court is now likely 4-4 on the case.
12 Oct, 04:36 PM UTC
John Fugelsang
Senator Kennedy just said that the Senate's Kavanaugh hearings were like the Cantina bar scene in Star Wars. Somebody please tell him that the Cantina had a bit more diversity.
12 Oct, 06:34 PM UTC
Aaron Rupar
Despite what Trump, Lindsey Graham, and other Republicans want you to believe, there is extensive corroboration for Christine Blasey Ford's and Deborah Ramirez's sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh https://t.co/xHRojwkyRL https://t.co/4l2ttd84UA
12 Oct, 09:20 PM UTC
It’s Monday, which means it’s a great day to ask who paid off Kavanaugh’s debts?
12 Oct, 12:13 PM UTC
Mrs. Betty Bowers
Kavanaugh hasn't sued his accusers for the same reason Donald hasn't: DISCOVERY. https://t.co/LJF6Kuxt6Y
12 Oct, 09:26 PM UTC
Once we flip the senate, house Dems should impeach Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh. Twofer style.
12 Oct, 06:19 PM UTC
If Republicans really want to relitigate Kavanaugh, how about the FBI interviews all the witnesses they skipped and he finally clears up the questions about how his debt suddenly got paid off?
12 Oct, 09:22 PM UTC
Matt Fuller
Just remembering the morning of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, when Republicans acknowledged that her accusations were credible. And then Brett Kavanaugh went up there, cried, sniveled, yelled, and verifiably lied multiple times. https://t.co/cIC55U3yq0
12 Oct, 08:37 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Fascism can't happen here??? Mike Lee: "Democracy is not the objective" Trump: "I will not agree to a peaceful transition of power." It damn well IS HAPPENING HERE. #VoteThemAllOut #VoteBiden #SCOTUSHearings #MemoToTrump Senate Kavanaugh Chomsky Judge Barrett Supreme Court https://t.co/S51lPcGRww
12 Oct, 08:33 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Joni Ernst would have slandered Jesus as a far left extremist. Then lectured him about Christian values. #VoteThemAllOut #ConfirmationHearing #SCOTUS #AmyConeyBarrett Senators Ben Sasse Ted Cruz Vote Biden Mike Lee Judge Barrett Columbus Cory Booker Kavanaugh Senator Kennedy https://t.co/ngkBEf1LRr
12 Oct, 05:32 PM UTC
Andrew Feinberg
Kennedy talking about the Kavanaugh hearings and how nobody likes to be called a racist. I thought the issue with Kavanaugh was that he was being called a rapist.
12 Oct, 05:20 PM UTC
Mr. Spock 🖖 (Commentary)
Impeach Kavanaugh for perjury
12 Oct, 06:50 PM UTC
Barbara Malmet
Thinking of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford today- her courage. Experiencing the Barrett hearing as feeling even worse than Kavanaugh’s.
12 Oct, 10:56 PM UTC

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