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Sydney Snow
Written by a student of Baltimore City Public Schools 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 Sydney Snow's photo on Keisha
12 Feb, 12:17 PM UTC
College Student
College is a never ending cycle of "I just need to make it through this week"
12 Feb, 07:44 PM UTC
girl posts
If death was a noise: girl posts's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 12:26 AM UTC

Quand t’es à la troisième écoute d’une compréhension orale
12 Feb, 04:42 PM UTC
For every RT, MHS Interact will donate $1 to crutches 4 Africa up to $1000. Every RT and donation will save lives.
13 Feb, 01:59 AM UTC
ika wong
Okay @CBSBigBrother just let Keisha pump that breast milk in the DR cause she’s tripping #CBBUS #bbceleb
13 Feb, 01:39 AM UTC
I like my steak like my men...rare
Grodner there was a whole ass Tiffany Pollard out here to put in the house and imstead you put Keisha a breastfeeding mom in wtf were you thinking? #CBBUS
13 Feb, 01:49 AM UTC
Rachel Reilly
DID WE MISS SOMEthing ? #BBCeleb I thought FOR SURE it was going to be a pull Keisha off the block? So now they are voting her out? SO CONFUSED!
13 Feb, 01:43 AM UTC
So after a week of battling, I have lost the battle despite m best efforts... my snapchat has now automatically updated
12 Feb, 08:00 PM UTC
Jessica Frey
#bbceleb Keisha: send me home please Houseguests: okay Metta: Jessica Frey's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 04:50 AM UTC
Aimee Harringtowne
Me when Shannon was eliminated from the veto comp only to have Keisha beg to leave minutes later. #CBBUS #BBCeleb Aimee Harringtowne's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 02:27 AM UTC
Kel Lee
I’m really disappointed. Like I feel bad for Keisha but if you want to go home just go. Don’t waste a eviction ceremony. #bbceleb
13 Feb, 01:48 AM UTC
Chris Braga
Omarosa hiding Keisha’s breast pump for her baby knowing it would keep her safe. #CelebBB #BBCeleb #BigBrother Chris Braga's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 02:05 AM UTC
Evict Keisha.. id rather see peter play #cbbus EARTHDOGBB's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 01:45 AM UTC
12 Feb, 12:14 PM UTC
I dont care if i would look like an asshole. I seriously wouldve considered still using the veto on keisha and backdooring Shannon. Keisha wouldve just self evicted anyway 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ #cbbus
13 Feb, 04:22 AM UTC
Stacy Goddess
#celebbb #CelebrityBigBrother #CBBUS #Omarosa is happy now cause #Keisha said she wanna go on home before her breast milk is like: Stacy Goddess's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 01:50 AM UTC
Best case scenario for all, Keisha, Omarosa and feedsters.👍 #CBBUS FarFromReality's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 01:49 AM UTC
@Kryingkrys Keisha the kind of mom who be like, "My baby is 181 months". 😂🤣 #CelebBB #CBBUS
13 Feb, 05:15 AM UTC
I would’ve had so much respect for @JulieChen if she asked #Keisha why come on #BBCeleb only to ask to leave it. She knew she had a baby who only wants breast milk. Keisha is a very selfish contestant. Makes no sense even applying smh. #CBBUS
13 Feb, 05:41 AM UTC
Timothy Wiley
I can't believe we were robbed of a blindside because Keisha has dry boobs 😒😒😒😒 #CBBUS #CelebBB
13 Feb, 05:25 AM UTC
With a vote of 7-0 Keisha has been evicted from the CBB House #CBBUS #BBLF #BBCeleb #ICTV #BigBrother #CBB #CelebrityBigBrother #ICTV #CBBUS ICTV Reality's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Production drying up Keisha’s breast milk to ensure Omarosa stays?!? I have seen it all 😂😂😂 #CBBUS
13 Feb, 05:52 AM UTC
Vivanne Darkbloom
Julie looks dubious. Almost like she has a question to ask Keisha. Maybe it’s the age of her baby? “And she’s a year plus?” Julie seems... unimpressed. #CBBUS #BBCeleb Vivanne Darkbloom's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 05:41 AM UTC
•tj // like limit
Wow I love Keisha she is a strong woman. Doing this for her kids. #BBCeleb
13 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
Nicole Diver
Keisha 👏 you don’t get to blow up the game on eviction night and wrap it up with “please don’t kill each other”! #cbbus #BBCeleb
13 Feb, 05:26 AM UTC
Snapchat ain’t the same no more 😔.
13 Feb, 04:55 AM UTC
Trekcapri Chats
Just watched the show! First, Julie is getting fiesty, throwing shade on Omarosa's DR Cough! I like Keisha but she was hardcore wanting James out too so to throw Shannon UTB was hypocritical. She should watch the feeds. #CBBUS
13 Feb, 05:48 AM UTC
Happy ( late ) bday keisha I love you so so much I can’t imagine camp w out you hope to see you soon miss u lots today 🤑❤️💙
13 Feb, 05:47 AM UTC
Gloria Rivera 🇵🇷
@dyrne The world just crumbled on non Shannon and Omarosa stans and marrisa not using the veto. If you were referring to Keisha getting evicted.
13 Feb, 05:45 AM UTC
Keisha Marie
I have to be up at 7am but i can’t stop playing Fortnite 😅
13 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
Keisha, Tiffany, Ashley 💀
13 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
Good job #Keisha on signing up for a show u now asked to leave. Why even sign up? Smh taking a spot from someone else 🙄 I wish everyone kept her there.. #BBCeleb
13 Feb, 05:36 AM UTC
The miss Keisha vine has been stuck in my head all day 😭😭
13 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
13 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
Ebony Pritchard
Keisha you gave up!!! #BBCeleb
13 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
•tj // like limit
Keisha makes my heart hurt I love her #BBCeleb
13 Feb, 05:25 AM UTC
A Tad bit Off👽👽👽
Keisha is also not here for the games, jokes, wasting of time, etc.
13 Feb, 05:25 AM UTC
@ElissaReillyS @ShannonElizab @OMAROSA That’s too bad Keisha could have won. Smart lady
13 Feb, 05:54 AM UTC
Keisha acting like her baby is gonna die. 🙄 #CBBUS #BBCeleb
13 Feb, 05:52 AM UTC
Yung Kei
Waiting on Rere to respond 😂
13 Feb, 05:52 AM UTC
L is for L❤ve
Ok so why didn’t Keisha just leave? What was the point of waiting for the eviction? 🤦🏽‍♀️ @CBSBigBrother #CelebrityBigBrother
13 Feb, 05:51 AM UTC
@splashroy After the POV Comp Keisha cried in the yard and asked them to evict her She wasn’t producing enough breastmilk when she pumped to feed her daughter
13 Feb, 05:50 AM UTC
Can’t Keisha get hormones to stimulate her breast milk? Or they could bring her baby into the DR once a day. How old is her child? Probably 5. #BBCeleb
13 Feb, 05:49 AM UTC
kimmy gibbler
I am dying... I see the light... at the end of it there’s a human figure..... MS KEISHA???????
13 Feb, 05:46 AM UTC
IG : KisiFmBogor
#np keisha -THIS IS ME #MusiKisi with @ahoong till 2pm |
13 Feb, 05:45 AM UTC
Baby Dee' ❤️
Me and @imsooopretty_ (Miss Keisha) would have a blast!!😍😭
13 Feb, 05:43 AM UTC
Lyon Moore
What in the heck is going on with Keisha crying like that? Girl, get it together. I'm embarrassed for you! #CelebrityBigBrother
13 Feb, 05:43 AM UTC
LOVE by Keisha cole <3
13 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
I’ll run Keisha ovr and reverse on her
13 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
#NowPlaying For Granted (feat. Keisha Renee) by Gene Noble | | For Granted (feat. Keisha Renee) - Single
13 Feb, 05:40 AM UTC
Daria Black
@codythemarine Well it DID up until Marissa pussied out and didn’t save Keisha and got rid of Shannon. So disappointed, ALL that talk for a big NOTHINGBURGER. Reminds of the the whole bs Trump Russia collusion stupidity
13 Feb, 05:40 AM UTC
Maria Killian
Keisha I understand. Children first. 😘
13 Feb, 05:40 AM UTC
K ❀
Wtf is Keisha crying about? #BBCeleb
13 Feb, 05:38 AM UTC
来い桓騎、早くお前の匂いをかがせろ 足音を聞かせろ そうすれば鼓動も伝わり、お前の心臓を握りつぶせる
13 Feb, 05:38 AM UTC
It would’ve been so savage to keep #Keisha in the #BBCeleb house. Idiots. #CBBUS
13 Feb, 05:37 AM UTC
mannn yal betta stop playin w Keisha
13 Feb, 05:37 AM UTC
Jan Smith
@alexshay1 It's annoying that you think that Keisha is annoying for giving up!! She left for a good reason so get over it!!
13 Feb, 05:36 AM UTC
Ricky cherry
Everybody wants to go home on big brother. Is it killing the ratings? It was just last week keisha and mamarosa was talking black girl power. Smh
13 Feb, 05:32 AM UTC
ms. keisha
Ok but it’s amazing how my coworkers call me “keisha” hahahah
13 Feb, 05:32 AM UTC
Keisha should have stayed home with her baby anyway bye bye Keisha good luck 💗
13 Feb, 05:31 AM UTC
#CelebrityBigBrother dang they already picking off the black people just like the regular games so sad bye Keisha
13 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
steve pie
#tmz #BigBrother show had #Omarosa fortunately not voted off with keisha breast milk deficiency condition helping to save #Omorosa ,how weird is that
13 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
Noelle Easton
Watch lesbian movie: Cute Keisha Grey sucking big black cock Noelle Easton's photo on Keisha
13 Feb, 05:26 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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