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22 Oct, 11:40 AM UTC
Munh 🌙
Pour la mise à jour #ACNH je veux pouvoir désactiver la musique et juste écouter la nature, fabriquer le même objet plusieurs fois en un coup et passer les dialogues de Morris s'il vous plait
22 Oct, 09:31 PM UTC
Paul Bronks
"any fish?" "yup" "seals?" "no seals" "k" "YOU'RE WITH US, KEITH"
22 Oct, 08:14 PM UTC
Classic Rock In Pics
Mick Jagger having a smoke and Keith Richards playing the acoustic guitar in the studio, 1971
23 Oct, 04:30 AM UTC
Athi 🌹
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22 Oct, 04:36 PM UTC
#sheith Beach day Keith's ass out in the air And Shiro is laughing but he truly appreciates
23 Oct, 12:49 AM UTC
D J 🎼
Keith Richards and Chuck Berry filmed in Jamaica 1986
22 Oct, 07:41 PM UTC
daily keith
❤️❤️happy keith day !!!❤️❤️🔪❤️
23 Oct, 06:46 AM UTC
bad influence ✧*:・˚☽ | BKW ❤‼️
day 6 ~ marathon sex ⋆ sex pollen ⋆ outdoor sex 🌾 #BottomKeithWeek this is /not/ how keith imagined their first time going. he thought it'd be clumsy, but soft and sweet, filled with tenderness. it's nothing like that. this is desperate, intense. /filthy/.
22 Oct, 07:25 PM UTC
yd's commissions open !
modern au kl where keith still has that scar on his cheek & lance doesnt know where it came from l: hey uh- if you dont mind, where'd you get that scar? car accident?? k: uh no, i got into a sword fight with my brother. l: what k: yeah, it was no big deal. we're cool l: ...what
23 Oct, 02:25 AM UTC
Dansen Fans
📸 Keith Dallas Instagram story. #Supergirl #AzieTesfai #ChylerLeigh #KellyOlsen #AlexDanvers #Dansen #Guardian #Sentinel #MilaJones #EsmeDanversOlsen
23 Oct, 04:17 AM UTC
It's almost Keith's birthday, so let's do a quick giveaway for the Keithtober merch set I made last year in celebration!!! ❤RT to enter (likes/QRTs will not count) 🖤Follow not required ❤International is okay 🖤Giveaway ends October 23th at 11:59PM CDT!
22 Oct, 05:00 PM UTC
☽☾ skye
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!!!! 🎉🥳🎊❤️ #Keithtober
23 Oct, 05:02 AM UTC
What's this??? A G-rated fic from WT??? 😂 It's super cute fluff, tho, my peeps. It's got Shiro's Grandma and Keith being an absolute adorable Prince of a human being. ♥️🖤♥️ #Sheith
23 Oct, 02:04 AM UTC
🗨 "A mí me da paz, porque si Keith Richards está vivo, yo me quedo tranquilo", dijo sobre la vuelta de la banda inglesa, a pesar del reciente fallecimiento de su baterista Charlie Watts, con quien recordó una anécdota Enterate del resto en esta nota:
22 Oct, 11:43 PM UTC
🦇 αĸαrι 🦇~
Happy Birthday my dear paladin ❤️ As every year, today is special day because is Keith's Birthday!! Since I started Voltron almost 4 years ago he became very special to me. We love you, Keith! #voltron #keith #sheith
23 Oct, 08:21 AM UTC
ك͟و͟ب͟و͟ن͟ ͟ك͟و͟د͟ ͟خ͟ص͟م͟ ͟ا͟ي͟ه͟ي͟ر͟ب͟ CNU3074
فعال ايهيرب ايهرب CNU3074 ديلي ميلز WE25 l72PuL
23 Oct, 09:59 AM UTC
Keith A. Butler
“If you’re not ready to serve , you’re not ready for marriage.” -Bishop Keith Butler
22 Oct, 09:26 PM UTC
John Henderson
In this weekend's @theipaper, #Inquisitor 1722: Condolences by Chalicea; Eclogue's travels in time (solution 1720); and the lowdown on @ObserverUK's Everyman @dzharrison @Jon_Summers @olyduff @brewyorkbeer @Mickhodgkin @SquareRoutes @somsram @Keith_espiritus
23 Oct, 05:19 AM UTC
ree @ feral axis
Keith? Keith birthday
22 Oct, 10:00 PM UTC
Nola ❤ 45! 🇺🇸⚜️
Follow the🌟MAGA👑KING🌟 @keith0sta 🇮🇪🍀🍀, Nola's 🇺🇸⚜️ MAGA Star @IANOsta 🍀🍀 and his MAGA Krewe! RT Keith's 🚂🇮🇪🇺🇸🇨🇦 FOLLOW ALL! We follow back Patriots! Sláinte Keith!🥃🥃 #IFBAP 🇺🇸 ❤ 🗽 @nola1107 @nola1107 on Keith">
23 Oct, 08:33 AM UTC
Nola ❤ 45! 🇺🇸⚜️
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23 Oct, 08:10 AM UTC
In celebration of Keith’s bday
23 Oct, 09:54 AM UTC
”No way I’ll be taking that poisonous vaccine” Keith Richards
23 Oct, 09:50 AM UTC
Irish Times Sport
Keith Duggan: Time for Plan C as Proposal B is just plain bonkers @IrishTimesSport on Keith"> via @IrishTimesSport
22 Oct, 10:25 PM UTC
Diamond level kinda sorcery 👐👐
23 Oct, 09:55 AM UTC
Mike di Roma
“Le favole non dicono ai bambini che i draghi esistono. Perché i bambini lo sanno già. Le favole dicono ai bambini che i draghi possono essere sconfitti.”🎸⛵️ G. Keith Chesterton✍️ #VentagliDiParole
23 Oct, 09:54 AM UTC
Lemon Bake #WTF #BDS
@altleftnow @TheProleStar @BritainElects that was all on Keith's Brexit U-Turn and you know it....
23 Oct, 07:30 AM UTC