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Kayce Smith
1. Kelly Bryant had every right to leave Clemson. 2. Dabo has every right to not give him a ring. Both things can be true and I don't even know how this is debatable.
08 Aug, 04:19 PM UTC
ESPN College Football
Dabo said that the decision not to send Kelly Bryant a championship ring was simple. (via @ClowESPN) @ESPNCFB's photo on Kelly Bryant
08 Aug, 01:51 PM UTC
Damien Woody
I’ve known guys who got SB rings with far less time on a team than Kelly Bryant but what do I know 🤷🏾‍♂️
08 Aug, 01:23 PM UTC
Sports Illustrated
Dabo Swinney says Kelly Bryant didn't get a national championship ring because "you've gotta be on the team to get a ring" @SInow's photo on Kelly Bryant
08 Aug, 04:20 AM UTC
Random Excuse Generator
Reminder: Dabo gave Kelly Bryant the option to stay with the team without playing to preserve his eligibility and transfer after the season. Kelly declined and left the team. END OF STORY.
08 Aug, 02:05 PM UTC
Barrett Sallee
Dabo Swinney not giving Kelly Bryant a ring comes off a bit petty. Bryant led them to four wins, one of them over Texas A&M on the road. He was a big part of that championship team. That said, he’s also setting the tone if/when players consider transferring mid-season.
08 Aug, 05:19 PM UTC
Danny Kanell
@KayceSmith 1. Kelly Bryant didn't make a dime at Clemson 2. Dabo just inked $93 mil guaranteed new deal. Just give the kid a damn cubic zirconia ring and move on. He did win 1/4 of their games
08 Aug, 04:38 PM UTC
Ira Schoffel
The idea that Kelly Bryant deserves a national championship ring from Clemson is the most "everyone gets a trophy" nonsense I've ever seen.
08 Aug, 02:20 PM UTC
Sports Illustrated
Should Dabo Swinney give Kelly Bryant a championship ring? @SInow's photo on Kelly Bryant
08 Aug, 03:10 PM UTC
Chris Low
Dabo Swinney said there are no hidden agendas to former QB Kelly Bryant not receiving a national championship ring. "He wasn’t on the team. You’ve gotta be on the team to get a ring," said Swinney, adding that he hopes Bryant has great success at Missouri.
08 Aug, 03:06 AM UTC
Trevor Sikkema
Kelly Bryant gave 4 years to Clemson. Led them to an ACC title & CFB Playoff. Beat A&M in 2018. Dabo specifically changed QBs after Week 4 so Bryant could keep his redshirt DABO gave up on BRYANT. And Bryant suppose to give up his future? This is so unbelievably petty and dumb
08 Aug, 07:27 PM UTC
Somebody Son
This goes to show you that family stuff Dabo be preaching is fake. Kelly Bryant told Dabo he was leaving to do what's best for him, Dabo claims he made the switch after game 4 to give him the option and this how Dabo does him. I respect what he's built at Clemson but that's trash
08 Aug, 01:25 PM UTC
Three Year Letterman
Not sure why everyone’s so hysterical about the Kelly Bryant championship ring situation. I once gave a youth football player I didn’t like a dunce cap that said “Dumbass of the Year” at the team banquet instead of a championship ring. I don’t regret it.
08 Aug, 06:37 PM UTC
Joel D. Anderson
Dabo obviously didn’t have to give Kelly Bryant a ring. It’s his prerogative as the head of the program. But it’d have been the thoughtful, magnanimous gesture and it’s no surprise then that he didn’t ship one to his old QB.
08 Aug, 01:17 PM UTC
Mark L. Howard, Ph.D.
Sad that @daboswinney is not going to give Kelly Bryant a national championship ring because if it weren't for him @ClemsonFB would not have beaten Texas A&M and Clemson would not have been in the championship hunt.
08 Aug, 03:15 AM UTC
Sports Illustrated
Dabo Swinney says Kelly Bryant didn't get a national championship ring because "you've gotta be on the team to get a ring" @SInow's photo on Kelly Bryant
08 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC
Twitter Moments
“He wasn’t on the team. You’ve gotta be on the team to get a ring.” Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney revealed why Kelly Bryant won’t receive a national championship ring.
08 Aug, 06:32 PM UTC
Aram Tolegian
So people are butt hurt because Dabo won't give Kelly Bryant a ring? Very simple: If you leave the team in September by YOUR CHOICE then you don't get a ring.
08 Aug, 02:56 PM UTC
Matt Brown
Somebody leak an AAC expansion rumor so we dont have to argue about Dabo not giving Kelly Bryant a championship ring for the next 48 hours plz
08 Aug, 06:38 PM UTC
Jeff Benedict 🎙✍🖥📻
BTW, when Kelly Bryant was asked if he got a ring a couple months ago, he said no and that he had not earned one. Why are media and other loser fan bases blowing this up to be more than it actually is?
08 Aug, 06:54 PM UTC
Anthony Raia
Kelly Bryant transferred mid season to avoid taking another snap to preserve his eligibility. That’s not quitting in my mind.
08 Aug, 04:10 PM UTC
Souf Sil Fa Lil 🏁
Kelly Bryant: "Can I get my championship ring?" Dabo:
08 Aug, 04:49 PM UTC
Daren Stoltzfus
"What do you want me to say? He wasn't on the team. It's as simple as that. We played 11 games after he left." -Dabo on Kelly Bryant not receiving a National Championship ring #Clemson #ALLIN 🎥via @AmandaKeaneTV @DarenStoltzfus's photo on Kelly Bryant
08 Aug, 08:48 PM UTC
karina ♛
for people saying Kelly Bryant “quit” the team: making a decision that’s best for his entire career is not “quitting.” Its business. Just like giving the true freshman the starting job is a business.
08 Aug, 08:53 PM UTC
Gary Parrish
Radio show starting. I researched teams that have started 5 freshmen — like Memphis likely will this year — and the results are interesting. I’ll get into that now. Then … 4:25: @YahooSchwab 4:44: No ring for Kelly Bryant 5:00: @geoff_calkins LISTEN:
08 Aug, 08:59 PM UTC
David Walker
@finebaum Wrong and wrong again, Paul. He left the team immediately after his demotion. Why in Hell would Kelly Bryant even EXPECT to get a championship ring? All bets are off and his Clemson career is forfeited. I don’t mind him leaving, but he quit first, and that just shouldn’t happen.
08 Aug, 09:08 PM UTC
Marc Ryan
Kelly Bryant won SIX games against top 25 opposition as starter, the most of any qb during that time frame. He bided his time behind Deshaun, took the team to the playoff when he got his chance, and CLEMSON WOULD NOT HAVE WON IT ALL LAST YEAR WITHOUT HIM. He gets a ring from me.
08 Aug, 09:06 PM UTC
If Kelly Bryant should have a national championship ring, then I should have a juco national championship ring .. 😂😭😩😂😂 lmfao. What a joke.
08 Aug, 09:01 PM UTC
Kelly Bryant QUIT the team. It doesn’t matter how many games he played or how many starts he had. He made the decision to leave the team in the middle of the season. He left them. He wouldn’t be blamed if they had failed. You don’t get to have your cake and eat it, too.
08 Aug, 08:56 PM UTC
Matt Dowell
Here is the video of Dabo Swinney's comments on Kelly Bryant not getting a national championship ring. "He wasn't on the team. We played 11 games after he left. I love Kelly, but you gotta be on the team. He could've been here, but he wasn't." Video: @AmandaKeaneTV @wachfox
08 Aug, 08:55 PM UTC