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Mike Wilson
Well, life isn't fun right now for Shawn Shamburger. He's getting ripped by Jeremy Pruitt for hitting Kelly Bryant as the Missouri quarterback was running out of bounds.
24 Nov, 03:31 AM UTC
#Vols freshman LB Henry To'o To'o brings down Missouri QB Kelly Bryant in the backfield on third down. It's now fourth-and-5. Missouri lining up to punt.
24 Nov, 03:53 AM UTC
Peter Baugh
#Mizzou seniors to be honored: Cale Garrett Kelly Bryant DeMarkus Acy Yasir Durant Johnathon Johnson Tre'Vour Wallace-Simms Tucker McCann Ronnell Perkins Khalil Oliver Jonathan Nance Richaud Floyd Justin Smith Jacob Trump Joe Hoy T. Grossman F. Agbasimere J. Dubinski T. Jacobs
23 Nov, 09:52 PM UTC
Kelly Bryant sacked by Daniel Bituli on third down. Mizzou to punt. Again, the Vols can create some cushion with a score.
24 Nov, 03:23 AM UTC
Gabe DeArmond
Kelly Bryant runs for seven and gets blasted as he goes out of bounds. And Bryant clearly isn't fully healthy.
24 Nov, 03:30 AM UTC
Conner Clabough
Remember when Kelly Bryant transferred and still wanted a national championship ring from Clemson lol
24 Nov, 04:02 AM UTC
Kelly Bryant is clearly hobbled. Yet, Missouri called for a designed QB run. Hmmmm. UT gets the ball back.
24 Nov, 03:54 AM UTC
Lenexas Texas
I’ll say it. Kelly Bryant isn’t good at QB.
24 Nov, 03:25 AM UTC
Dominic Panarisi
Why were we so excited about Kelly Bryant again?
24 Nov, 03:25 AM UTC
Hunter Herrin
The Vols keep doing their best to remind Kelly Bryant he used to be a Heisman contender
24 Nov, 03:37 AM UTC
brycen hall
kelly bryant thought he could break bituli... laughable
24 Nov, 03:36 AM UTC
Gregg Morrison
Enough with Kelly Bryant, he is terrible, let’s get someone in who actually can play football!
24 Nov, 03:31 AM UTC
@mizzodcast Kelly Bryant is horrible!!!!
24 Nov, 03:30 AM UTC
It’s kind of ironic that Kelly Bryant will be Odom’s downfall, instead of saving his job.
24 Nov, 03:26 AM UTC
James Tucker
Kelly Bryant suckssssssssss
24 Nov, 02:03 AM UTC
Alan Covington
I think it's fair to say Kelly Bryant's transfer to Missouri has been a bust for both the player and the school...
24 Nov, 04:01 AM UTC
Garrett Shrader fan account
I bet kelly Bryant regrets going to Missouri now.
24 Nov, 04:03 AM UTC
Rick Buckman
A hurt Kelly bryant and you call a qb draw.
24 Nov, 03:53 AM UTC
Ben Barnett
Update 2.0 Shamburger potentially cost us a Ford F-150 for the late hit on Kelly Bryant 😑
24 Nov, 03:38 AM UTC
David D.
Kelly Bryant not coming here should have set off some red flags. He definitely made the right decision. He wouldn’t have made a difference here with this horrible coaching staff.
24 Nov, 03:35 AM UTC
Scott Gaines
It’s no wonder Clemson pulled Kelly Bryant! He’s terrible! #Mizzou
24 Nov, 03:32 AM UTC
I’ve had enough of Kelly Bryant too
24 Nov, 03:30 AM UTC
Grant Parks
Turns out there was no reason to be excited about Kelly Bryant coming to Mizzou
24 Nov, 03:23 AM UTC
brian locklear
@ATBPGH Jalen hurts, Kelly Bryant , tua .. any other QB that has a strong arm and can run/ pass on the rush
24 Nov, 03:10 AM UTC
Kamen Entchev
Kelly Bryant in tears after the game. If you think the players don’t care you are wrong. This losing streak has hurt.
24 Nov, 04:11 AM UTC
Quentin Hogan
I hate Mizzou Football. I hate Barry Odom. I hate Kelly Bryant. AND OH BOY DO I HATE TUCKER MCCANN
24 Nov, 04:10 AM UTC
If you do not think Odom should be gone then you are okay being the laughing stock of the SEC. Kelly Bryant had NO business being this team’s QB. He’s horrible.
24 Nov, 04:08 AM UTC
Garrett Shrader fan account
@ClayTravis Kelly Bryant made the wrong decision
24 Nov, 04:05 AM UTC
KEVin hughes
Kelly Bryant is the worst QB ever now I see why Clemson didn't want him
24 Nov, 04:03 AM UTC
@MizzouFootball @BIGJ5K @big_kobie Fire Odom, bench Kelly Bryant .. He holds onto the ball too long and he has missed wide open WRs all year.
24 Nov, 04:02 AM UTC

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