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NFL Update
Deshaun Watson hits Kenny Stills for a 35-yard TD. #Texans rolling over New England, up 21-3. 🎸🎸 (via @NFL) @MySportsUpdate's photo on Kenny Stills
02 Dec, 03:30 AM UTC
Kenny Stills has been a pretty good trade for the #Texans.
02 Dec, 03:30 AM UTC
Bodie DeSilva
La Costa Canyon grad Kenny Stills gives a shoutout to Oceanside on Sunday Night Football.
02 Dec, 01:28 AM UTC
Kenny Stills mentioned the #Texans had the trick pass Hopkins to Watson in the bag for a couple of weeks.
02 Dec, 04:59 AM UTC
Well. Just throw it to Kenny Stills instead.
02 Dec, 03:27 AM UTC
Deshaun Watson 🎯 Kenny Stills 🤲 #Texans extend their lead to 21-3 👀 #NEvsHOU | #SNF (via @NFL) @PFF's photo on Kenny Stills
02 Dec, 03:31 AM UTC
Deshaun Watson connects with Kenny Stills after getting TD called back. @deshaunwatson > everybody. 🎸 #ClemsonNFL // #DW4
02 Dec, 03:34 AM UTC
Marc Vandermeer
Rock n' Roll! Watson finds Kenny Stills in the end zone for six. #NEvsHOU | #DeepSteelSunday @TexansVoice's photo on Kenny Stills
02 Dec, 04:08 AM UTC
Deshaun Watson out early warming up with Kenny Stills and Steven Mitchell, Jr. #Texans @PatDStat's photo on Kenny Stills
01 Dec, 11:24 PM UTC
Ari Alexander
Deshaun Watson throws the TD pass to Kenny Stills then breaks out the air guitar solo @KPRC2Ari's photo on Kenny Stills
02 Dec, 03:31 AM UTC
Kenny Stills mentioned that the Patriots were playing zero coverage most of the night. Said they knew they had to win their one-on-ones. #Texans
02 Dec, 05:24 AM UTC
Jay Posner
Texans receiver from La Costa Canyon HS & Oklahoma introduced himself on Sunday Night Football as: "Kenny Stills, Oceanside Pop Warner"
02 Dec, 01:24 AM UTC
Ben DuBose
Between the fashion statements from #Texans LBs, @DeAndreHopkins as a quote machine, and J.J. Watt and Kenny Stills being awesome humans (among many others), this is a really fun team to cheer for. Enjoy this group.
02 Dec, 05:04 AM UTC
Rivers McCown
Kenny Stills on his touchdown catch: "They were playing zero the whole game, so there was no safety back there. The DB didn't have any help, so once 4 broke the pocket and scrambled, he saw me break for the corner of the end zone, put the ball out there and let me make a play." @riversmccown's photo on Kenny Stills
02 Dec, 06:38 AM UTC
Cold Blooded Convos
WATSON TO STILLS! One play after the Will Fuller TD was overturned, Texans strike back with a 35 yard TD to Kenny Stills! Texans lead 21-3 over the Patriots #WeAreTexans #NEvsHOU
02 Dec, 03:30 AM UTC
Jimerro Forever
Kenny Stills crawled through a river of shit to get to a good team. Good for him.
02 Dec, 04:44 AM UTC
Bob McIntyre
Would prefer to see more southern schools but hard to argue. Cool seeing Kenny Stills shouting out his oceanside pop Warner tonight. Awesome look for @OsidePirates.
02 Dec, 05:15 AM UTC
Cajun Rogue🌊🌊🌊⚜️⚜️⚜️#ElectWomen
The Houston Texans Trio of DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, and Kenny Stills Has the Patriots Attention Because "They Ruin Games"
02 Dec, 05:25 AM UTC
@MrMediocre_YT @HoustonTexans 🤞🏻 agreed but Kenny stills at slot though ain’t that bad neither
02 Dec, 06:51 AM UTC
Cajun Rogue🌊🌊🌊⚜️⚜️⚜️#ElectWomen
Beautiful TD...Boomer Sooner ⁦@KSTiLLS⁩. 👏👏 WATCH: Kenny Stills grabs Texans Deshaun Watson’s 3rd TD vs. Patriots
02 Dec, 05:27 AM UTC
VIDEO: Bombazo infernal de Deshaun Watson a las manos de Kenny Stills para el touchdown de Texans
02 Dec, 08:03 AM UTC
Fantasy Football & IPA's
WR Kenny Stills Hits paydirt on SNF #FantasyFootball #Texans #HOU
02 Dec, 07:45 AM UTC
➡➡ Kenny Stills Houston Texans Kenny Stills Helps Marine Attend His First NFL Game in Baltimore Sports Illustrated
02 Dec, 07:30 AM UTC
LineStar NFL DFS
Kenny Stills Hits paydirt on SNF More: #DFS #NFL #News #HOU
02 Dec, 07:30 AM UTC
Kenny Stills: Hits paydirt on SNF #Texans -
02 Dec, 07:14 AM UTC
Wrong Bot
Everything you know about Kenny Stills is wrong.
02 Dec, 06:26 AM UTC
Kenny Stills just fumbled the football
02 Dec, 05:15 AM UTC
@BleacherReport @NFL I ain’t hating but the CB ain’t even try to contest. Kenny Stills had soo much room to catch the ball.
02 Dec, 05:04 AM UTC

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