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Clarence Hill Jr
I am old enough to remember when Kenny Vaccaro was a free agent last year and the Cowboys didn't think he was good enough to help them at safety. They claimed they liked their safeties better and he was just a box guy
12 Jan, 03:38 AM UTC
Kenny Vaccaro, also known as SoaR Savage, he did that. #SoaRWithUs
12 Jan, 03:45 AM UTC
Titans Film Room
Kenny Vaccaro jumps the out route and snags the fingertip interception #TENvsBAL
12 Jan, 03:42 AM UTC
NFL Brasil
Kenny Vaccaro com a interceptação em cima do Lamar Jackson! #NFLBrasil #NFL100 #NFLnaESPN @NFLBrasil's photo on Kenny Vaccaro
12 Jan, 03:45 AM UTC
That was a big time INT by Kenny Vaccaro. #Ravens fans immediately get up to exit stage left. Vaccaro single-handedly created a traffic jam on Russell Street. #Titans
12 Jan, 03:37 AM UTC
Titan Sized
INTERCEPTION KENNY VACCARO!!! ANOTHER TURNOVER!!! The #Titans defense making the unbeatable, super-human quarterback look very human tonight.
12 Jan, 03:38 AM UTC
saints 0-0 LSU 1-0
And we got rid of Kenny vaccaro for Marcus Williams? LMFAOOOOOO
12 Jan, 03:38 AM UTC
Steve Layman
Kenny Vaccaro read that route like a book. Interception and the #Titans get their third turnover of the night. @NC5
12 Jan, 03:37 AM UTC
The last time Kenny Vaccaro terrorized a quarterback like this, it was his current teammate Ryan Tannehill.
12 Jan, 03:40 AM UTC
2019 Jameis Winston
Kenny Vaccaro getting INTs?!? Throw this game in rice bro!
12 Jan, 03:39 AM UTC
Matt Dolloff
Titans secondary is pretty underrated. Logan Ryan, Adoree Jackson, Kevin Byard, Kenny Vaccaro balling out tonight. Cruikshank with the breakup on fourth down. Swallowed up the Patriots' receivers last week.
12 Jan, 04:17 AM UTC
Titans Nation
#Titans S Kenny Vaccaro got the best of the probable MVP.
12 Jan, 04:19 AM UTC
Masai/Presti/Morey/Hinkie or bust
@BirdsNetsDevils Logan Ryan-Malcom Butler-Adoree Jackson-Kevin Byard-Kenny Vaccaro
12 Jan, 04:19 AM UTC
abed maneno
The Drake Derrick Henry #LALvsOKC Lori Harvey Kenny Vaccaro Jooheon Tannehill
12 Jan, 04:28 AM UTC
Tim Givens
No. 1 seed goes down. Pretty cool seeing the Titans win. Happy for AJ Brown and Kenny Vaccaro. If Saints and Bridgewater go their separate ways, they should look at former Heisman trophy winner Marcus Mariota as Brees’ backup.
12 Jan, 04:28 AM UTC
Kenny Vaccaro is an absolute stud in this defense and a very important cog in their secondary
12 Jan, 04:24 AM UTC
Austin Straley
Kenny Vaccaro got no love in Free Agency. Good on Tennessee for recognizing the dog in him
12 Jan, 04:23 AM UTC
Bryan Juarez
Happy for Derrick Henry & Kenny Vaccaro tho
12 Jan, 04:03 AM UTC
Lamar Jackson turns the ball over again with pass interception to Titans Kenny Vaccaro #TENvsBAL #Titans #NFLDivisional
12 Jan, 03:57 AM UTC
Andrew Valenti
Hmmm Kenny Vaccaro still can’t cover....
12 Jan, 03:53 AM UTC

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