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Flooding is mad, but boiling hot water is insane. https://t.co/5yLWopIFxI
06 Aug, 10:57 AM UTC
Premier League
GOAL Fulham 1-0 Liverpool (32 mins) Wow! Aleksandar Mitrovic is at the back post to nod in Kenny Tete's deep cross #FULLIV
06 Aug, 12:04 PM UTC
Dash Dobrofsky
Trump is holding another hate-rally tonight at CPAC — where he will brainwash more MAGAs into violence & racial hysteria. Trump learned from Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini about the psychological power of holding big rallies. He is copying murderous dictators. But even worse:
06 Aug, 06:44 PM UTC
FC Barcelona
🇺🇾🛡️ @FCBarcelona_es's photo on Kenny
07 Aug, 12:30 AM UTC
The United Stand
Erik ten Hag is said to have made one thing clear when offered the #mufc job - he needed Frenkie de Jong so that he could play in the style that he wanted. [@draper_rob]
06 Aug, 10:19 PM UTC
Ian Wyatt
06 Aug, 11:34 PM UTC
NFL Rookie Watch
Kenny Pickett has been listed as the third string QB on the Steelers first official depth chart. https://t.co/kQi9jmy2EV
06 Aug, 04:10 PM UTC
Absolute DOMINATION. LA Thieves looking tasty as they serve up Simp's first LAN loss in Champs history as he goes 6-22. Two disgusting 100-point clubs in two days against FaZe and OpTic, not sure anyone can stop them but Vanguard. Kenny is final. @TacticalRab's photo on Kenny
06 Aug, 11:34 PM UTC
🎉#NFTGiveaway🎉 ** Revenue sharing degen mint. 7 legends earn $6000 each from project revenue ** Minting tonight 7:30 pm UTC 🎟 1x DeLegion #NFT 🎟 1 x 1 $SOL 1⃣ Follow: @DeLegionNFT & @0xc06 2⃣ Like & RT 3⃣ Tag 2 friends Ends in 24 hrs⌛️ #NFT #Solana #SolanaNFTs #ad @0xc06's media on Kenny">https://t.co/BzYl2lvxaj
06 Aug, 02:53 PM UTC
8/7開催 / #スタバ 500円分ギフト券を 8月中 #毎日抽選 で #プレゼント企画 \ ⭐️応募方法⭐️ ①このアカウントをフォロー ②このツイートをRT&いいね 締切日:8月7日中 当選者にはDMでご連絡します! #スタバ #スタバ新作 #懸賞 #JIMOTOフラペチーノ #熱中症に気をつけて #RTキャンペーン https://t.co/OFKiWvSD4b
06 Aug, 11:00 PM UTC
The New York Times
Keyshawn Johnson lobbied Pro Football’s Hall of Fame to honor the "Forgotten Four" Black players who reintegrated the league in 1946 — Kenny Washington, Woody Strode, Bill Willis and Marion Motley. https://t.co/1gYSJa45Al
06 Aug, 02:55 PM UTC
夏は真っ白な歯で②🦷✨ #ホワイトニング #キャンペーン 8日目😁✨ フォロー&RTで #Amazonギフト券 3,000円分🎫 #プレゼント企画 #懸賞 #拡散希望 応募方法 🤗フォロー&RT 😵コメント&いいねで当選確率UP 🗓8/31 23:59迄 ⚠️当選ツイート必須 #ライトビューティー錦糸町店 #ホワイトニングサロン https://t.co/3AGfcWPqej
06 Aug, 11:15 PM UTC
Phillip Riley
I hear that after the incredible ratio to her idiotic RWNJ meme tweet that Jane Hume might be requesting a refund from the Chris Kenny ' Winning at Twitter ' seminar .
06 Aug, 10:40 AM UTC
[#Weverse_LIVE] 22.08.07 Sunday 📅 오늘의 #위버스라이브 스케줄 Today's LIVE Schedule ⌚8:00 PM (KST) #트레저 #TREASURE ※ #위버스 앱을 업데이트해 주세요. 일정은 상황에 따라 변경될 수 있습니다. ※ Update your #Weverse app. The schedule may be subject to change.
07 Aug, 01:00 AM UTC
Rick Burin
Cobra-lidded Bob Mitchum was born 105 years ago today. Chain ganger, drug bustee, calypso singer, boozer, brawler, amateur poet, shagger, and a sensitive, understated actor whose studied public insouciance didn’t stop him giving a dozen of the great screen performances. https://t.co/Kx2pBEoNar
06 Aug, 08:55 AM UTC
🇬🇧📺 Classic British TV 📺🇬🇧
Remembering the late Actor and Director, Kenny Ireland (7 August 1945 – 31 July 2014) https://t.co/ulxIZ233Ye
07 Aug, 12:19 AM UTC
Fire signs ♈️♌️♐️ Quick check in 💞 Don't let the negative people distract you from seeing the loving and loyal people that have been committed to you! I see some of you getting a makeover. Your health needs to be a main focus! Whether that be your mental or physical health.
07 Aug, 12:54 AM UTC
タランタクティカル製新型ハンドガンのSAND VIPERを受領したKenny君、早速地元マリポサでテスト射撃中です。 さすがKenny君、フルサイズのオープンカテゴリーガン並みの速さで撃ってますねぇ。SAND VIPERのポテンシャルの高さがうかがえます👍 https://t.co/V9CmA2VGqT
06 Aug, 10:37 PM UTC
FaZe vs LAT grand finals of champs! I got Kenny MVP… Pce ✌️ @Staaandy's photo on Kenny
07 Aug, 12:59 AM UTC
#Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett starting to make a case for first team reps? https://t.co/CwE5SvLeg3
07 Aug, 12:55 AM UTC
Yui Hirasawa 平沢唯 画像bot
07 Aug, 12:26 AM UTC
Rupert Pupkin
3rd attempt at making Kenny Shopsin’s Macaroni & Cheese Pancakes. Starting to get the hang of it. Sort of. https://t.co/Tc5uiYfKs8 https://t.co/SRrwhyKRSH
07 Aug, 12:44 AM UTC
Jared Kane
I believe in Kenny Pickett, but his time isn’t now. He’s a rookie. So many people expect him to be thrown into the fire, adjust and win Super Bowls right off of the bat. It doesn’t happen like that. Timing is everything.
06 Aug, 09:55 PM UTC
Allen Larson
Finally the Kenny Chesney concert. Warming up with Old Domonion https://t.co/7bur2piGUm
06 Aug, 11:20 PM UTC
H͓̽a͓̽i͓̽m͓̽e͓̽i͓̽ ͓̽єℓιтє
Man I wanna see a match with Kenny Omega vs Konksuke Takeshita one day. 🥵 #AEW
07 Aug, 12:58 AM UTC
Kenny Pickett: "I thought I had a really good week, as an offense we had a great week and just building off of each day. I feel a lot better (since the first week of camp). Being able to play with these guys for a little bit, I thought it was a lot cleaner this week." #Steelers
07 Aug, 12:57 AM UTC
Steelers Depot 7⃣
Kenny Pickett: "I thought I had a really good week, as an offense we had a great week and just building off of each day. I feel a lot better (since 1st week of camp)." #Steelers #NFL
07 Aug, 12:59 AM UTC
@karolinde73 @annin328 Here’s a fun fact saw a biography on Kenny. Johnny Cash sang this song first & it didn’t do well & honestly it was really bad. Then Kenny recorded it and the rest is history #musicmadness
07 Aug, 12:56 AM UTC
Steelers Depot 7⃣
Kenny Pickett on camp so far: "Being able to play with these guys for a little bit, I thought it was a lot cleaner this week. Being able to play at a much higher level. I definitely feel good going into week three." #Steelers #NFL
07 Aug, 12:59 AM UTC
Alfredo Brown
Kenny Golladay looks rough. https://t.co/fKaw9fFY7c
07 Aug, 12:48 AM UTC