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BREAKING: The first Civil suit has been filed in Kenosha after the Rittenhouse verdict.
21 Nov, 12:30 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec ✝️
God was in that Kenosha courthouse Nothing will ever make me doubt it
21 Nov, 04:17 AM UTC
Rex Chapman🏇🏼
This is Chrystul Kizer of Kenosha, Wisconsin. She was 17-years old in 2018 when she shot & killed the guy who held her captive and sexually abused her for over a year. She was found guilty of 1st degree murder. 1/2
21 Nov, 02:54 AM UTC
Bill Maxwell
BREAKING: Rittenhouse’s victims Gabe Grosskreutz and Joseph Rosenbaum's families have filed the first Civil suit, targeting local officials in Kenosha, questioning their treatment of the circumstances surrounding the shootings.
21 Nov, 01:40 AM UTC
The Babylon Bee
Buffalo Guy Wishing He Had Just Burned Down A Car Dealership In Kenosha Instead
20 Nov, 10:00 PM UTC
BREAKING: The Kenosha Police has been SUED by Rittenhouse’s victim’s family for letting him walk the streets with an AR-15. How do you feel?
21 Nov, 05:05 PM UTC
Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
🚨BOOM! The family of Rittenhouse's victim SUES the Kenosha Police for allowing Rittenhouse to prowl the streets. Who else thinks they should WIN?🖐️
21 Nov, 04:51 PM UTC
Spike Cohen
Crystul's defense is a case in Kenosha that we should all be able to support. If someone is being held captive and trafficked for sex, she has the right to kill her torturer.
20 Nov, 08:57 PM UTC
Desmontando los bulos del caso Kyle Rittenhouse Viendo la inmensa cantidad de personas que tienen información errónea o nada de información, y que tienen una idea equivocada de lo que realmente sucedió en Kenosha, he decidido hacer un resumen del juicio y de los hechos probados
21 Nov, 12:16 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
In 2018, a 17 year old named Chrystul Kizer of Kenosha, Wisconsin killed the scumbag who trafficked and raped her and a few others who he held captive. She was found guilty of 1st degree murder. Rottenhouse murdered two people and is free and sponsored by Fox. White supremacy.
21 Nov, 05:09 PM UTC
Drew Hernandez
Huge project regarding the Kenosha Riot 2020 Night #1 I was there on the ground and broke that story solo the night Jacob Blake got himself shot on August 23, 2020 Stay tuned
21 Nov, 04:32 PM UTC
Ben Shapiro
You don't have to believe Rittenhouse should have gone to Kenosha to understand the massive difference between these two cases.
21 Nov, 05:35 PM UTC
An Open Secret
Chrystul Kizer is currently free on $400,000 bail funds raised. Petition to have charges dropped Contains info for writing letters to Kenosha County District Attorney public email:
21 Nov, 06:38 AM UTC
McKayla J
The FBI had drone footage of the Kenosha riots because they needed to know if the people they paid were doing their jobs.
21 Nov, 05:44 PM UTC
Breitbart News
A 27-year-old Florida man was acquitted of second degree felony murder and three counts of attempted murder of a police officer on the same day that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
21 Nov, 05:30 PM UTC
Alex Salvi
Since we’re talking about self-defense in Kenosha, Wisconsin, don’t lose sight of the case of 20-year-old Chrystul Kizer. She’s a sex trafficking victim accused of killing her alleged abuser and is fighting her mandatory life sentence on appeal.
21 Nov, 04:57 PM UTC
Molly Rogers
@chipfranklin I hope that the citizens of Kenosha will remember how much of their money the city of Kenosha wasted on letting this tragedy go unpunished. Remember it at the polls.
21 Nov, 05:08 PM UTC
Lil Lazer Beam
@johnpavlovitz Based on their logic of previous behavior deserving death, reminding them that he's not just a murderer but also beats up girls, really breaks up their point. They must believe he also deserved the same fate as his victims.
20 Nov, 08:40 PM UTC
@chipfranklin This is Chrystul Kizer of Kenosha, WI. In 2018 at the age of 17, she shot and killed the man that held her captive and sexually abused her for over a year then was found guilty of 1st degree murder. The difference
21 Nov, 05:22 PM UTC
Wicked Fireball Cris🔥❤️
Rittenhouse facts: Fact: it is NOT illegal to cross state lines with or without a rifle! Fact: Kyle’s AR15 was already in Kenosha at the time. Fact: Shooting convicted criminals that are trying to harm you is NOT murder… it is Self Defense!
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
SemperSaint........ Ask the Gunny
@jthemm @disclosetv Isn’t that a tiny portion of the population? So, the majority has to live with a jacked up precedent because of country folk? There’s no farmland in downtown Kenosha.
21 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
@gjhong52 @FighterFerret @Thearose8 @GarrettPetersen @DianneCaristi @KatyOnMSNBC Truther? Guess that means I know and tell the truth. Is Kyle a fireman or a police officer? My brother-in- law is? Firefighters and police officers are literally hired to put out fires and control riots. Was Kyle hired by Kenosha?
21 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
@Princess0fH_ll Kenosha's citizens now have more reason to stand their ground and not let these fucks do what they want
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
Book: Big Tech Tyrants ✝ Author: Todd Cefaratti
@DemocraticTint1 @catturd2 If BLM and ANTIFA weren’t on the streets in Kenosha rioting, looting and burning buildings and cars for 3 days, no one would be dead. There fixed it for you.
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
@RepJerryNadler Rittenhouse’s attackers (they were not “victims”) they were thuggery and all killed or shot while attempting felony aggravated battery on Rittenhouse who’s armed presence in Kenosha Wisconsin that night was not an illegal or act of provocation under the laws in that state.
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
Dang #Cringe if you ask me #BLM 👀 - #Kenosha
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
@CleandesPhilo @awolczyk @W96Emily That’s what the Kenosha story is about. Msm literally trying to create racial violence and unrest to fuel its business and the narratives it profits off of.
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
James Spencer
@_skorOne @iamsuccess2 @AttorneyCrump Dosen't need to be his city he has family that lives in Kenosha & he was asked to be there to help protect a man's business & offering medical help to anyone that needed it. a man followed him around the entire time video proof of everything even him being chased & attacked
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
John Lyden
@sandhillshrink @cookies1961 @mariashriver His dad and other family members live in Kenosha. He was working in Kenosha at the time. The rifle was kept at his dad's house. He didn't travel with it. Did you follow any of the trial? It was live on television
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC