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Bleacher Report
Kerr is letting the players coach against the Suns tonight 😅 Bleacher Report's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 04:11 AM UTC
Steve Kerr's just letting the Warriors coach themselves. ESPN's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 04:10 AM UTC
Warriors on NBCS
Steve Kerr's letting the players coach tonight 💯 Warriors on NBCS's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 04:09 AM UTC
Beyonce has an uncle named Larry Beyince. Bruh....
Kerr letting Iggy draw up some plays isn't even disrespectful. Iggy is smart as shit. He knows basketball. Now if Kerr had Swaggy drawing up some shit......................
13 Feb, 05:21 AM UTC
Warriors Wire
Steve Kerr allowing Andre Iguodala to run the huddle during a timeout against the Suns. 😂😂😂 Warriors Wire's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 04:02 AM UTC
Chris Haynes
Jared Dudley to ESPN on Steve Kerr allowing his players to coach. “It shows a lack of respect for an opponent, and maybe right now, we don’t deserve respect. When you keep getting beat by 40, teams won’t respect you. But it’s up to us to change that.”
13 Feb, 07:09 AM UTC
Anthony Slater
Steve Kerr's reasoning for letting players coach today was simple/transparent: "It had to do with me trying to reach my team. I have not reached them for the last month." Anthony Slater's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 06:17 AM UTC
Alex Kennedy
STEVE KERR IS LETTING THE WARRIORS' PLAYERS COACH THIS GAME. Andre Iguodala is literally drawing up plays in the huddle. If I'm a Suns player, I'm fired up. They aren't taking Phoenix seriously AT ALL.
13 Feb, 03:53 AM UTC
NBA Spain
Ha pasado esta noche... Kerr cede a su jugador, Andre Iguodala, la pizarra. NBA Spain's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 07:41 AM UTC
KIA en Zona 🏀
Steve Kerr cedió su pizarra anoche a Iguodala, decidieron sus jugadores Posteriormente, en rueda de prensa, lo explicó así. Magnífico KIA en Zona 🏀's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 08:29 AM UTC
supreme ace.
lmao bruh, Steve Kerr out here letting the warriors coach themselves, this is trolling on a whole different level, warriors really bored
13 Feb, 04:20 AM UTC
Chris Haynes
Steve Kerr on why he let his players coach tonight’s game against Phoenix. Chris Haynes's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 06:03 AM UTC
Timeless Sports
In honor of Coach Kerr letting Iguadola coach during a timeout, here's a throwback to the time Coach Pop let Manu Ginobili draw up the final play which gave the Spurs a win in 2010! Classic. Timeless Sports's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 04:27 AM UTC
Warriors Fr
Steve Kerr a laissé le coaching aux joueurs hier soir ! « Ça commence à faire du temps qu’ils entendent ma voix. Ça fait un mois qu’elle ne fait plus d’effet. Il fallait un peu de changement » Victoire contre les Suns +46 ... Warriors Fr's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 07:42 AM UTC
CJ Fogler
Steve Kerr is letting the players coach each other tonight and Sam Mitchell is having NONE of it CJ Fogler's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 04:06 AM UTC
Chris Haynes
Suns young star Devin Booker to ESPN. Chris Haynes's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 07:51 AM UTC
NBA Spain
La explicación de Steve Kerr tras ceder su pizarra a sus jugadores #DubNation NBA Spain's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 08:41 AM UTC
Hool NBA 🏀
Confianza en sus jugadores nivel: Steve Kerr dándoles la pizarra en los tiempos muertos Hool NBA 🏀's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 09:46 AM UTC
Chris Haynes
ESPN Story: Suns' Devin Booker, Jared Dudley and coach Jay Triano weigh in on Steve Kerr's decision to give his players the keys to the timeout huddle.
13 Feb, 07:27 AM UTC
George Robinson
This is brilliant. Kerr continuing to show how great a coach he is. Athlete centered and empowerment at its finest. George Robinson's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 05:39 AM UTC
Metaphor of the year goes to @ThompsonScribe: "There is no greater example of the dog days of pre-spring basketball for a championship favorite than the Warriors players passing the clipboard around like blunt" (Below are also some exclusive quotes) 📝:
13 Feb, 09:22 AM UTC
Mark Medina
Steve Kerr sensed some jumping to conclusions when he said the Warriors "needed a new voice." So Kerr chimed in: "Tonight they did. Let’s not get carried away. I like it here. I want to stay. I like this job. I’d like to stay on the job. But tonight they needed a new voice."
13 Feb, 06:40 AM UTC
nick wright
Kerr's responsibility is to the Warriors, and he did what was best for them. But of course it was disrespectful to Phoenix.
13 Feb, 12:58 PM UTC
Ricard Torquemada
Trencar la inèrcia com a norma, no com a incapacitat, sí com a estímul. Thank you, Mr.Kerr!
13 Feb, 12:58 PM UTC
Frank Isola
Steve Kerr says "I haven't reached (my team) for a month." The Warriors are 44-13.
13 Feb, 01:03 PM UTC
Noite de NBA tem Iguodala "estagiário" de Steve Kerr e pedido de casamento globoesportecom's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 01:05 PM UTC
Manuel de la Torre
Personalmente, abogo por la segunda. Los Warriors llevan tiempo siendo muy superiores a casi la totalidad del resto de equipos. Resulta complicado mantener la concentración, sobre todo en RS. Lo que Kerr hace es buscar fórmulas de mantener conectados a sus jugadores.
13 Feb, 11:21 AM UTC
Manuel de la Torre
Hilo con los distintos puntos de vista y mi opinión sobre la decisión de Kerr de dejar dirigirse a sus durante el partido ante los Suns. ¡Ah! También podéis votar en la encuesta
13 Feb, 12:58 PM UTC
Rozier III
Steve Kerr MVC most valuable coach 😭😭😭
13 Feb, 12:21 PM UTC
Wes McElroy
Off and Running!!☕️☕️☕️ 720 @DavidTeelatDP 745 @LaneCtvsports 820 @wahoovoice 845 @SarahBloomNBC12 #PyeongChang2018 Wahoos #1, Su'a Cravens want reinstated, and Steve Kerr has his players coach.
13 Feb, 11:17 AM UTC
Kerr is wild for letting players coach. And they won by 46
13 Feb, 10:46 AM UTC
Niggasami Senpai
@getnickwright So Lavar says Kerr not really needed to coach the Warriors but he gets hate for it
13 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
Dave Jones
Brilliant move by Kerr.
13 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
Brendon Kleen
@samesfandiari Kerr always says Iguodala right?
13 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
christian meliala
Ini apaaaann banget sih si kerr 😂😂😂😂😂😂
13 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
Matt Morrison
Idk why Jared Dudley calling Kerr letting the warriors coach themselves disrespectful, that 128-83 score says it worked lol
13 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
Kawhi MVP Leonard
@58forWestbrook Lmao I remember when Ginobili drew up a play for the game winner and it worked, but it’s the suns so Kerr barely cares
13 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
Idc what Kerr says would he have let his players coach the team vs Houston or Boston ? No way all it did was show Golden states Arrogance towards the suns who are one of the bottom teams in the West Conf #NBA
13 Feb, 01:07 PM UTC
@espn KD Is a way better coach than Steve Kerr could ever be JONNY BLAZE's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 01:07 PM UTC
Roger Massoni
A ver si Kerr deja la pizarrita y se marcha en un partido de playoffs como lo hizo contra Suns. Enorme falta de respeto hacia el equipo rival por mucho Golden State Warriors que se llame tu equipo.
13 Feb, 01:07 PM UTC
Lloy Ball #1
@BabeKwas You like or dislike Steve Kerr letting his guys “coach” the game last night?
13 Feb, 01:07 PM UTC
Patrick O'Brien
#Tuesday News Andre Iguodala, David West, Draymond Green get coaching nods in rout
13 Feb, 01:06 PM UTC
El rabo de Morris
Muy top que lo de Kerr sea para algunos "Una falta de respeto al rival", y mientras tanto cualquier chorrada de Popovich es una "Genialidad". Pero algunos no olvidamos al inventor del karate press NBA:
13 Feb, 01:06 PM UTC
so wait, the Suns mad Steve Kerr let the players take turns calling plays? LMFAO y'all niggas got 40 pieced, shut up. 😂 sounds like they did a bang up job.
13 Feb, 01:06 PM UTC
Trust God not Man👌
@_yungkoala Steve Kerr on the delivery room Trust God not Man👌's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 01:06 PM UTC
Steve Kerr explains why he allowed his players to run huddle during timeouts TSD NBA's photo on Kerr
13 Feb, 01:06 PM UTC
Steve Kerr a clown for that shit he pulled last night.. won’t pull that shit vs OKC tho
13 Feb, 01:05 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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