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09 Jul, 09:57 PM UTC
SportsNet LA
This video of Charley Kershaw is the most wholesome thing you’ll watch all week. 😍 @SportsNetLA's photo on Kershaw
09 Jul, 10:31 PM UTC
Jared Carrabis
The last time I saw Clayton Kershaw pitch live in person, it looked a little bit like this.
10 Jul, 12:48 AM UTC
STAGGERING: Verhofstadt explains why the EU is useless and spends 2.5 x more than the USA and Russia, but only gets 10 to 25% of their results!!
09 Jul, 07:48 PM UTC
Dodgers Nation
Charley Kershaw. A mood.
09 Jul, 09:20 PM UTC
Uncle Jeff
The Dodgers have lost the last 2 World Series. Dave Roberts has also been the losing manager in the ASG 2 years in a row. Last night, Joc lost in the derby semis. Tonight, Kershaw was the losing pitcher and Bellinger/Muncy combined to go 0-4 w 3 Ks. Sorry, had to do it...
10 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Jeff Quagliata
Hopefully that result is a preview of the World Series: W: Tanaka L: Kershaw S: Chapman
10 Jul, 03:08 AM UTC
Ben DuBose
Bregman singles, and Brantley doubles him in. Both off Clayton Kershaw. Life is good today. #Astros #AllStrosGame
10 Jul, 12:49 AM UTC
David Rosenberg
Panorama tomorrow- leaked personal info from disgruntled ex-Labour staff who are still mighty pissed off with Corbyn for winning two leader elections, even after they had stopped thousands of JC supporters from voting. I'm sure it will be very fair... not.
09 Jul, 05:52 PM UTC
Go Astros
*Kershaw is removed from game* Astros players:
10 Jul, 12:59 AM UTC
Brody Hinton
Kershaw against everyone else vs Kershaw against Astros hitters
10 Jul, 12:52 AM UTC
Jugadores ACTIVOS con más #AllStarGame (act. 2019) #MLB: 🇻🇪Miguel Cabrera-11 🇩🇴Albert Pujols-10 🇵🇷Yadier Molina-9 🇩🇴Robinson Canó-8 🇺🇸Clayton Kershaw-8 🇺🇸Justin Verlander-8 🇺🇸Mike Trout- 8 🇺🇸Craig Kimbrel-7 🇺🇸Chris Sale-7 🇺🇸Max Scherzer-7 🇻🇪José Altuve-6 🇨🇺Aroldis Chapman-6 etc
09 Jul, 07:38 PM UTC
Shoulda Used Qualls
Kershaw getting rocked by Astros? It’s deja vu up in here
10 Jul, 12:49 AM UTC
Nιƈσʅα J (ɢᴛᴛᴏ)🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 𝕀ℕ𝔽𝕁🥤
@TheMajorTom7 @TuckerClemens Where was the outcry of supporting when Ed milliband had the entire msn waging antisemitic attacks on him and his father no one but Corbyn Called it out there’s your answer.
09 Jul, 05:57 PM UTC
Marie Coronel
After practice, my little guys watched the All Star Game on DVR excited to see Kirby Yates pitch. Oh well, at least they got to see Dodger pitching in playoff form. Of course, the two runs that made the difference came off Kershaw & Buehler. Should have pitched @KauaiKirby39.
10 Jul, 05:03 AM UTC
Kershaw’s kids have been the highlight of all this. I want my kids to be all about baseball like they are one day.
09 Jul, 11:31 PM UTC
The Halcyon Order
If anyone is in contact with Harry Tuttle outside twitter, could you please pass on my best wishes and solidarity. #gtto #JC4PM
10 Jul, 06:15 AM UTC
It's time Jeremy Corbyn and Labour took legal action against Rachel Riley. This is a despicable tweet.
10 Jul, 06:16 AM UTC
rebecca lawton
If you've seen this beautiful baby pup (she's actually elderly, but I call all fur babies a baby pup) please contact the owner. Thank you x
10 Jul, 01:29 AM UTC
Angel The Artist 🎨
@pastortombrown Famous? You have a 1/4 the followers I have. Go away you unchristian, judgemental baiting Troll. Don't feed to Troll- block!
10 Jul, 06:19 AM UTC
Manual aka Murf
@mmpadellan @kershaw_sharon Mitch has been upgraded from Mitch the B*tch to Mitch that B*tch😵
10 Jul, 02:55 AM UTC
@AllTTV2015 @bridgetbaseball @LewisRobbie12 She knows more about baseball than you do. Hmmmm let's see. Dave Roberts was handed a team with a top payroll and farm and you had Greinke and Kershaw at one point and STILL can't win a WS. Yep, let's put in Yu Darvish....haaaa...Kershaw has ZEROOOO killer instincts. Ha chokers
10 Jul, 06:10 AM UTC
Angel The Artist 🎨
@Jeremy_Hunt Not only does Jeremy Corbyn believe in Britain, he Believes in the British people! He believes *all* people who live in Britain deserve to have a decent standard of living. Unlike the Tories who relish dehumanising, segregating and demonising those who aren't wealthy or white!
10 Jul, 06:38 AM UTC
Angel The Artist 🎨
WARNING. if this tweet appears in your feed - block. It mentions Chris Williamson in apparent sympathetic terms but it's actually a holocaust denying antisemitic image. Likely to suck people in so they can then *scream* Chris and any followers are antisemitic.A vile thing to do!
10 Jul, 06:16 AM UTC
@ZackMann1997 @AwesomeeAndy No Hosmer either. But at least Dodgers hitters combined for 0-4 at the plate, Kershaw took the L and both him and Buehler gave up a run a piece.
10 Jul, 06:12 AM UTC
Angel The Artist 🎨
@halcyonorder @irisstylosa What a shame. Why are left leaning Jewish People being attacked in this way. It's every kind of wrong!
10 Jul, 06:33 AM UTC
Kershaw Beastmaster #VTXBTS ASG MVP #askjaypark #WelcomeBackHaseul Shane Bieber
10 Jul, 06:29 AM UTC
Angel The Artist 🎨
@tisy47 @chelleryn99 Yep have done! 👍
10 Jul, 06:23 AM UTC
Citizen of Nowhere #GTTO #JC4PM #MustBeAMarxist
@Angel_Kershaw @chelleryn99 Good one. Please pass the warning on.🌹
10 Jul, 06:17 AM UTC
Mike Drogalis 🍕⚾️🎮
@EjAkesson @BennyButtcheeks 100%. I’ve been matching him up with Kershaw and putting Kershaw against Ryan 😈
10 Jul, 06:16 AM UTC
Koko Kadem
@Asmooth718 And Kershaw got the loss, classic
10 Jul, 06:09 AM UTC
@TheStrikeOutFr @MLB Les mauvais langues diront encore que Kershaw a ........non rien en fait..😂
10 Jul, 06:43 AM UTC
Big Mike
@cushmanMLB What is your generation? Because my generation includes Pedro Martinez, Fernando, Randy Johnson, Clayton Kershaw and a whole lot more. Verlander is damn good but not the best of any generation.
10 Jul, 06:38 AM UTC
Classic Hits Radio
All classic music hits rock pop latino #np Wouldn't It Be Good by Nik Kershaw on
10 Jul, 06:32 AM UTC
10 Jul, 06:30 AM UTC
10 Jul, 06:25 AM UTC
10 Jul, 06:24 AM UTC
Wayne C. Yang
My grandma seems to be a huge fan of Clayton Kershaw. She forgets things sometimes but always remembers Kershaw. Kershaw is one of those guys that just wows everyone through the years lol. #Dodgers #MLBAllStar
10 Jul, 06:19 AM UTC
@vgnaidoo @InuWolfie @suture_me @RenaldoGouws A professor on WW2 history, such as Evans or Kershaw is not an appeal to authority.
10 Jul, 06:12 AM UTC
@vgnaidoo @InuWolfie @suture_me @RenaldoGouws Read Richard Evans or Ian Kershaw. Actual historians that have testified in court regarding holocaust denial. Every published historian, historical society, historical department or museum clearly explain that the Nazis were not Socialists.
10 Jul, 06:11 AM UTC
Chris Gleason
@KurtBevacqua @Padres @KauaiKirby39 Who could have foreseen Kershaw shitting the bed on a national stage?
10 Jul, 06:10 AM UTC
Angel The Artist 🎨
@dreamstarworld @CampaignForCW @DerbyChrisW @UKLabour Yes we see what you're doing here. Post a holocaust denying post , mentioning Chris Williamson in the hope people will repost/like without reading it properly.*Then* you start screaming about how antisemitic Chris and anyone who supports him is! What a despicable creep! BLOCKED!
10 Jul, 06:05 AM UTC