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Rep. Eric Swalwell
Kevin McCarthy would make a great Speaker of the House. In Iran. But in America, women have long enjoyed freedom of their bodies. We won’t go back.
23 Sep, 02:49 AM UTC
Kevin McCarthy says the GOP will fix the economy, yet they all voted against the Inflation reduction Act; They'll "lower gas prices," and they voted against the bill to lower gas prices. They'll "reduce crime" -- but they stand by criminal Trump. Give me a break.
23 Sep, 02:46 PM UTC
Rep. Eric Swalwell
Today Kevin McCarthy will lay out his case for being Speaker of the House. He’s calling it “Commitment to America.” Yet it strips women of all bodily freedoms. So let’s call it what it is, Commitment to Iran. #CommitmentToIran #HouseGOP
23 Sep, 01:25 PM UTC
Rep. Eric Swalwell
Kevin McCarthy could have had anyone sit closest to him to make his his case for being Speaker. He chose @RepMTG. If he’s Speaker he will choose her politics of chaos and violence every single time. #CommunityOverChaos @RepSwalwell's photo on Kevin McCarthy
23 Sep, 01:59 PM UTC
Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸
Kevin McCarthy is unveiling the Republican Party’s “Commitment to America”. Their platform (I sh*t you not): ▪️ End Social Security ▪️ Raise Rx drug prices ▪️ Intimidate voters at the polls ▪️ Criminalize women’s healthcare Their “commitment” is a #GOPContractForCruelty
23 Sep, 01:59 PM UTC
Occupy Democrats
Kevin McCarthy is launching the Republican plan to hurt Americans LIVE ON TWITTER NOW. Can we get 500 quick replies with #GOPContractForCruelty?
23 Sep, 01:48 PM UTC
Jo 🌻
Kevin McCarthy isn’t fooling anyone with his “Commitment to America” BS plan. The real Republican agenda clear. They want a nationwide ban on abortion. They want to end Social Security & Medicare. They want to arm teachers, whitewash history & ban books. And we have to stop them.
23 Sep, 01:39 PM UTC
Aaron Parnas
Kevin McCarthy recently announced his new plan if Republicans take Congress. Generation Z will never let that happen.
23 Sep, 02:04 PM UTC
I don't care what bullshit Kevin McCarthy says the GOP is "committed to." The only thing the GOP is committed to is serving Trump and pushing their extreme policies. Period.
23 Sep, 02:33 PM UTC
AHAHA: When asked what it would be like serving in Congress if Kevin McCarthy was Speaker of the House, Rep. Ruben Gallego said it was hard for him to imagine "someone that dumb being speaker of the House." Perfect answer. #GOPContractForCruelty
23 Sep, 02:17 PM UTC
Kevin McCarthy can never be Speaker of the House. EVER. #GOPContractForCruelty @mmpadellan's photo on Kevin McCarthy
23 Sep, 03:20 PM UTC
Grant Stern is boosted!
Are you watching Kevin McCarthy roll out the new #GOPContractForCruelty? - it cancels women’s rights - it hurts healthcare - it doubts elections
23 Sep, 01:54 PM UTC
Scott Dworkin
Kevin McCarthy is an accomplice to everything Trump has ever done. #GOPContractForCruelty
23 Sep, 02:28 PM UTC
David Weissman
I just saw a segment of Kevin McCarthy saying criminals will be prosecuted. That cracked me up because he defends Trump so I don't take him seriously and neither should anyone else.
23 Sep, 03:02 PM UTC
Jon Cooper
Forget Kevin McCarthy’s slogans—the REAL Republican agenda HURTS working Americans: • Repeals key parts of the Inflation Reduction Act & jacks up healthcare costs • Imposes nationwide abortion ban • Threatens to gut Medicare & Social Security • Repeals the Affordable Care Act
23 Sep, 02:08 PM UTC
🖕🏻Aunt Crabby Calls Bullshit 🖕🏻
President Biden just turned Kevin McCarthy over his knee and spanked him.
23 Sep, 05:32 PM UTC
Nathalie Jacoby
Kevin McCarthy should NEVER become Speaker of the House. Do you agree? ✋
23 Sep, 04:07 PM UTC
Nathalie Jacoby
Comment NO if you don't believe a SINGLE WORD out of Kevin McCarthy's mouth! I want to BOOST you!
23 Sep, 02:52 PM UTC
Maya May
Kevin McCarthy just rolled out the House Republicans’ “Commitment to America” in a last-ditch, feeble effort to woo Americans. But the GOP’s fascism is so loud I can’t even hear the lies they’re selling. #CommitmentToFascism https://t.co/XGe7EOriOh
23 Sep, 01:47 PM UTC
The Democrats
Today Kevin McCarthy is announcing his “Commitment to America” plan. Kevin, we’ve already seen the Republican plan—and Americans don’t want it. @TheDemocrats's photo on Kevin McCarthy
23 Sep, 02:32 PM UTC
Republicans against Trumpism
Is Kevin McCarthy a total fraud, shameless liar, or corrupt politician who'll do or say anything to gain power?
23 Sep, 04:46 PM UTC
Ashley Parker
“A spokesperson for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) did not immediately respond to a request for comment as to why GOP leaders rolled out their plan for America with a video featuring stock footage from Russia.” https://t.co/omMSYafZMn
23 Sep, 08:07 PM UTC
Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦
45 days before the midterms, Kevin McCarthy has finally decided to unveil a Republican policy agenda, and it’s modeled after Newt Gingrich’s 1994 agenda. https://t.co/IMXx05e7UV
23 Sep, 12:39 PM UTC
Piyush Mittal 🇺🇸🇺🇦
Kevin McCarthy is afraid the 87,000 IRS agents will prevent his rich donors from evading taxes. That’s why he’s against them. https://t.co/b5UI4d8ABJ
23 Sep, 05:04 PM UTC
Kate 🪬🤍🇺🇸
Kevin McCarthy could have made a “Commitment to America” after January 6th, but he chose to visit Mar-A-Lago instead.
23 Sep, 03:26 PM UTC
"On our first bill, we're going to repeal 87,000 IRS agents." Kevin McCarthy [@GOPLeader] outlines the House GOP's "Commitment to America" plan in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. MORE: https://t.co/BybI0Ewr94 @newsmax's photo on Kevin McCarthy
23 Sep, 02:28 PM UTC
Fox News
Kevin McCarthy vows GOP-led House would immediately repeal Biden admin's hiring of 87,000 IRS agents https://t.co/3AVXp9mMAF
23 Sep, 02:40 PM UTC
Matt Fuller
The House GOP rolled out its agenda today. And they kicked it off with an inauspicious start: A quote falsely attributed to Abraham Lincoln that is actually a quote from an old Lehman Brothers ad. https://t.co/uMpO3S1VvF
23 Sep, 06:40 PM UTC
Republicans against Trumpism
In their "commitment to America" event, Kevin McCarthy just said "Your law enforcement will be respected, criminal will be prosecuted" It might be true unless your name is Trump. As we have all seen in recent years, these Republicans will NEVER hold Trump accountable for anything
23 Sep, 03:10 PM UTC
Conor Lamb
The fact that genius @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy and lunatic conspiracy theorist @RepMTG stood side by side in western PA today to release the new GOP “agenda” tells you all you need to know about who these people are. We cannot let them get into power. Let’s get to work. @ConorLambPA's photo on Kevin McCarthy
23 Sep, 08:09 PM UTC