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Ken Rosenthal
Nolan Arenado asked for a record $30 million in arbitration. The #Rockies offered $24 million.
11 Jan, 11:44 PM UTC
Lloyd Griffith
On @SoccerAM this morning we’re speaking to the @ManUtd gaffer on a live cross from Carrington. We have Kevin Nolan and @JoshOConnor15 on the sofa and @Trampolene_Band playing live. @TubesSoccerAM speaks to @_DeclanRice. I mean, get involved. 10am ⚽️📺
12 Jan, 08:57 AM UTC
Amherst 02 AAA
One ✅ in the Win column with a 7-0 victory over Washington Little Capitals! Goals 🚨 Nolan Gorecki (2) Drew Sarafin (2) Kevin Martin Johnny Armento Jason Kuchey Gideon Sullivan with a shutout 🍩
11 Jan, 06:32 PM UTC
Burnden Aces
On this day, in 2002, Michael Ricketts and Kevin Nolan were on target as Bolton twice came from behind to draw 2-2 with Chelsea at the Reebok Stadium. #BWFC #CFC Burnden Aces's photo on kevin nolan
12 Jan, 11:00 AM UTC
Cameron Cairns
Kevin Nolan on Soccer AM, only had to watch it for a little bit and he's still complaining about referees. He's still a bitter arsewipe!
12 Jan, 10:35 AM UTC
Jack Savage
Kevin Nolan giving an absolute exhibition here on @SoccerAM #Tekkers
12 Jan, 11:01 AM UTC
Gavalar 🇬🇧
interesting stuff. shades of #notts and kevin nolan. #preseason 🤔
11 Jan, 03:53 PM UTC
Kevin Nolan is still good isn’t he
12 Jan, 10:57 AM UTC
scott charlton
Kevin Nolan, fucking top bloke!
12 Jan, 10:36 AM UTC
Paul Marriott
Sir Kevin Nolan scouting for a job 😂😂😂#socceram
12 Jan, 10:15 AM UTC
Jon Bown
@SoccerAM please ask Kevin Nolan what he is thinking here 😂 Jon Bown's photo on kevin nolan
12 Jan, 10:33 AM UTC
Kevin Nolan on the Soccer AM sofa now, still love Nolan what a player
12 Jan, 10:14 AM UTC
Lee Gibbon
Kevin Nolan looks well in his cardigan #SoccerAM
12 Jan, 10:14 AM UTC
Newcastle da Deprê
29 - Kevin Nolan. Ex-capitão do clube, outro que também honrava nossa camisa. Newcastle da Deprê's photo on kevin nolan
11 Jan, 04:08 PM UTC
Kevin Nolan on @SoccerAM is golden . Still bitter and still blaming referees 😂 #PUSB #letitgokev
12 Jan, 11:01 AM UTC
matt broughton
I remember doin serious Gianluca with Kevin Nolan in Yatesys disabled cubicle in Bolton. #socceram
12 Jan, 10:24 AM UTC
Sam Taylor
Great interview this with Kevin Nolan on @SoccerAM a much better programme when its about the football instead of the terrible jokes with @jimmybullard
12 Jan, 10:21 AM UTC
Greg Birmingham
buzzed off kevin nolan at newcastle, him and andy carroll were class @SoccerAM
12 Jan, 10:14 AM UTC
Bobby Moore Upper
12 Jan, 10:14 AM UTC
Hopefully not but these are the same fans who used to boo Kevin Nolan so what chance does any player have
11 Jan, 02:06 PM UTC
Kevin Nolan on @SoccerAM talking about getting sacked and hasn't blamed the officials yet. He's growing up, bless. #pusb #ccfc
12 Jan, 10:19 AM UTC
Jamel Fisher
Kevin Nolan mugging Lloyd Griffith is the best things I've seen today 😂😂😂
12 Jan, 10:56 AM UTC
Kevin Nolan with the megs 😂
12 Jan, 10:56 AM UTC
Graham Down
Kevin Nolan is on @SoccerAM 😍 #bwfc #Legend #Skipper
12 Jan, 10:42 AM UTC
@SoccerAM get super Kevin Nolan back to BWFC
12 Jan, 10:24 AM UTC
Dean Nicholson
Completely agree with Lampard and Kevin Nolan. This spying thing is a disgrace. My opinion. It’s cheating.
12 Jan, 10:23 AM UTC
@SoccerAM Kevin Nolan can fuck off as well. Cunt
12 Jan, 10:22 AM UTC
Wonder if Kevin Nolan will turn up to soccer am pissed like he did with training at notts 🤔
11 Jan, 03:46 PM UTC
Joe Lane
That was one of the best interviews I've seen on @SoccerAM with Kevin Nolan. It was like we was chatting to mates without cameras. Told us everything. Quality.
12 Jan, 11:59 AM UTC
L’homme de sucre
@JuniorDiack Nolan Roux, Jean Kevin Augustin et Valère Germain
12 Jan, 11:42 AM UTC
Scott Bingley
Kevin Nolan smashing it on soccerAM #socceram
12 Jan, 11:40 AM UTC
Connor Smythe
Class from Kevin Nolan 👏⚽️ #socceram
12 Jan, 11:02 AM UTC
Simon Cooke
@SoccerAM Kevin Nolan comes across as a top bloke!
12 Jan, 11:02 AM UTC
josh dixon
Wouldn't like a slap off big Kevin Nolan. Absolute unit! #socceram
12 Jan, 11:01 AM UTC
Blackburn fans hugging Kevin Nolan. Never thought I’d see that
12 Jan, 11:01 AM UTC
sandra meakin
@Official_NCFC Kevin Nolan on soccer am!
12 Jan, 11:00 AM UTC
John Stacey
I hate Kevin Nolan with every fibre of my being but he’s smashing the @SoccerAM #socceramproam 😂👍
12 Jan, 10:59 AM UTC
Ian Parry
@NUFC Announce Kevin Nolan now.
12 Jan, 10:58 AM UTC
Joe Pym
Blackburn fans and Kevin Nolan on Soccer AM 🤢
12 Jan, 10:54 AM UTC
So Kevin Nolan thinks it's wrong for #Bielsa to "seek to gain an advantage" - small wonder he took Notts County to the bottom of League 2 #lufc
12 Jan, 10:27 AM UTC
Geraint Jones
Fantastic to see the honesty from Kevin Nolan on @SoccerAM Great insight into his management career to date!
12 Jan, 10:25 AM UTC
john williams
@SoccerAM As a Forest fan, I don’t care much about @Bigalanh5 or Notts, but dear me did he let Kevin Nolan go waaaay too soon!! Good to hear Alan has acceptedthat, and Nolan being very professional explaining when could easily have been quite bitter about it!! 👍
12 Jan, 10:25 AM UTC
Robert Smallbone
@SoccerAM - please ask Kevin Nolan if he’d consider the Forest job! Can’t believe you missed that opportunity!
12 Jan, 10:24 AM UTC
Shock Kevin Nolan thinks it’s a disgrace here on soccer am. It’s always a certain type of player isn’t it, can’t put my finger on it... 🤔 #LUFC
12 Jan, 10:23 AM UTC
Liam Jones
Kevin Nolan on soccer AM. My hero
12 Jan, 10:23 AM UTC
Victoria Lalley
@SoccerAM brilliant interview with Kevin Nolan. A player fans love to hate but came across so well. Good honest interview.
12 Jan, 10:22 AM UTC
Sean Sweeney
Kevin Nolan on Soccer AM. What a guy.
12 Jan, 10:17 AM UTC
Micky Cog
I’m still in love with Kevin Nolan
12 Jan, 10:14 AM UTC
Kevin Nolan on SoccerAM.
12 Jan, 10:13 AM UTC
@requestabet Kevin Nolan to be the next forest manager
11 Jan, 09:02 PM UTC
John White
@TomWilson15 @Karanka Kevin Nolan is a good bet 😀
11 Jan, 08:11 PM UTC
micky Postles
@n55ffc Moyes & Pardue ? Kevin Nolan ?
11 Jan, 06:20 PM UTC
Scott Tracey
@SeanSweeney09 Yep. Same Scott Parker. Kevin Nolan scored and assisted 19 goals in same season. Newcastle stayed up, and with Parker's contribution of 5, we went down. Noble scored and assisted more in that season by the way.
11 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
Ian Smedley
@GerritForward Kevin Nolan’s red and white army?!
11 Jan, 01:31 PM UTC
Tom Burton
@NFFC Kevin Nolan is still available lads 😂😂👍
11 Jan, 01:18 PM UTC
Tom Beresford
@DanDartsDawson Bring back Kevin Nolan, Dan.
11 Jan, 12:53 PM UTC

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