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Steve Gelbs
Yesterday, Luis Rojas said that Kevin Pillar was hitting the ball hard, but just getting unlucky. Guess he was right.
04 May, 12:40 AM UTC
Donnie Stevenson teaches aggressive baserunning. Kevin Pillar with the heads-up play! @SNYtv's photo on Kevin Pillar
04 May, 12:09 AM UTC
KEVIN PILLAR GOES DEEP TO MAKE IT 5-2! @SNYtv's photo on Kevin Pillar
04 May, 12:42 AM UTC
MLB Home Run
Kevin Pillar - New York Mets (2) 2-run
04 May, 12:41 AM UTC
Joe DeMayo
Kevin Pillar is simply a pro. He’s a valuable member of this team. I know many wanted him sent to the land of misfit toys after Almora made the catch, but he’s clearly the better player. #Mets
04 May, 12:43 AM UTC
Marc Luino
04 May, 12:42 AM UTC
"I played damn near every day up until this year. I knew what I was signing up for when I came here...I like to remind people I can play this game" Kevin Pillar reflects on having 2 consecutive strong performances at the plate @SNYtv's photo on Kevin Pillar
04 May, 03:33 AM UTC
Michael Mayer
Kevin Pillar is 5–for-7 with two home runs in his last two games.
04 May, 12:42 AM UTC
Mathew Brownstein
Kevin Pillar has a home run in back-to-back games for the first time since August 20-21, 2019. #Mets #LGM @Metsmerized
04 May, 12:46 AM UTC
Tim Healey
Mets lineup at Cardinals tonight, still without Brandon Nimmo and J.D. Davis: 2B Jeff McNeil SS Francisco Lindor RF Michael Conforto 1B Pete Alonso LF Dominic Smith CF Kevin Pillar 3B Jonathan Villar C Tomas Nido LHP Joey Lucchesi
03 May, 09:10 PM UTC
We have never said a bad word about Kevin Pillar
04 May, 12:42 AM UTC
Justin Toscano
Luis Rojas has been criticized a lot this season (and he’s probably deserved some of it — what manager is perfect?). But dang, his decision to give Kevin Pillar a shot to get rolling is paying off right now.
04 May, 12:55 AM UTC
Michael Baron
Monday #Mets lineup vs. #STLCards… Jeff McNeil - 2B Francisco Lindor - SS Michael Conforto - RF Pete Alonso - 1B Dominic Smith - LF Kevin Pillar - CF Jonathan Villar - 3B Tomás Nido - C Joey Lucchesi - LHP
03 May, 09:10 PM UTC
Enrique Rojas/ESPN
Jonronazo de Kevin Pillar. #Mets 5-2 en el inning 3.
04 May, 12:40 AM UTC
Phill 🚀
I guess now Kevin Pillar is all bat no glove
04 May, 12:52 AM UTC
Pat Ragazzo
"I've been a guy that has had success in the major leagues. I've been an everyday player damn well every year of my career. Speaks to the volume of the talent of this team. It's been an adjustment, but I knew what I was signing up for." Kevin Pillar @Metsmerized
04 May, 03:28 AM UTC
MLB HR Videos
Kevin Pillar - New York Mets (2)
04 May, 12:45 AM UTC
Maybe Kevin Pillar is related to Donnie Stevenson
04 May, 12:52 AM UTC
Joey Lucchesi had a rough outing in Monday's 6-5 loss to the Cardinals @SNYtv's photo on Kevin Pillar
04 May, 03:27 AM UTC
Justin Toscano
Yesterday, I asked Luis Rojas why he continued to start Kevin Pillar over Albert Almora. Rojas said the team’s metrics indicated Pillar was doing all the right things at the plate but getting unlucky. They might’ve been right. Still early.
04 May, 12:59 AM UTC
𝓗𝓸𝓸𝓭𝓲𝓮 🅱️𝓮𝓷𝓷𝔂👑🌊🎡
If Pillar completes the Bingo-Bango-Yahtzee tomorrow I’m becoming a full-time Kevin Pillar fan account
04 May, 12:51 AM UTC
04 May, 02:12 AM UTC
@Mets Lindor is making 34 million and Kevin Pillar has contributed more offensively
04 May, 02:11 AM UTC
The bullpen was great, Luchessi not so much. Kevin Pillar smashed a 3 run home run which put the Mets in front but the lead doesn’t last long. Onto the next game which is tomorrow. Jacob DeGrom takes the hill at 7:45 PM EST. #lgm #lfgm #mets #nym #yagottabelieve #newyork
04 May, 03:16 AM UTC
The Amazin' Citi
04 May, 12:41 AM UTC
CBS New York
Mets let early lead slip away, struggle against Cardinals' bullpen in 6-5 defeat. #LGM
04 May, 03:58 AM UTC
Jonas Yoshiya
Kevin Pillar when Nimmo got hurt
04 May, 12:49 AM UTC
MLB HR Tracker
Kevin Pillar - New York Mets (2) 2-run.
04 May, 12:47 AM UTC
Anthony Nasisi
I don't understand how fatso Pete Alonso and Kevin Pillar are hitting better than Lindor #poverty #joke #sad
04 May, 01:12 AM UTC