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You don’t lose friends. You lose undercover haters. Real friends can never be lost!
22 Jun, 04:24 PM UTC
戦闘機のパイロットが遊園地に行った時www 微動だにしないの草 @kusatta_www's photo on Kevin
23 Jun, 03:41 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Nets’ “greatest vulnerability” is that if Kyrie leaves, Kevin Durant could request a trade, per @wojespn @BleacherReport's photo on Kevin
22 Jun, 06:23 PM UTC
zeek 💎
i feel like kevin feige never got that inhumans comic book that he really wanted for christmas so now he’s out to do irreparable damage to their entire image 😭😭 https://t.co/JvfYC1ULUq
22 Jun, 07:21 PM UTC
Bitcoin Magazine
'A trillion dollars will come into this market overnight.' - Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary on #Bitcoin regulation @BitcoinMagazine's photo on Kevin
22 Jun, 11:05 PM UTC
Kurt Bardella
Kevin McCarthy made a massive strategic error by not seating Members on the @January6thCmte. The Committee expected to get new information, new witnesses & new evidence. They are not rushing this. They are playing it very smart. @Morning_Joe #January6thCommitteeHearings @kurtbardella's photo on Kevin
22 Jun, 02:54 PM UTC
Defence of Ukraine
Colonel Vadym Sukharevsky, call sign Badger. Vadym demonstrated his courage and devotion from the very beginning of the war in 2014 and continues to protect the sovereignty & independence of 🇺🇦 On 18 June, he was bestowed a title of Hero of Ukraine and awarded with a Golden Star. @DefenceU's photo on Kevin
22 Jun, 01:56 PM UTC
Kevin Durant won 2 championships with Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry won 2 championships without Kevin Durant. So easy lol
22 Jun, 10:23 PM UTC
bex 🥚
22 Jun, 08:23 PM UTC
Kevin McCarthy is a coward. https://t.co/YuWJejJihP
22 Jun, 03:04 PM UTC
Greg Sargent
People need to make this connection. When Kevin McCarthy refuses to condemn Trump's fake electors scheme, it should focus us on the fact that this same Kevin McCarthy may soon have the power as House Speaker to ensure that sham electors are counted and real ones aren't. https://t.co/nCZpEGdZjT
22 Jun, 10:11 AM UTC
Geek Zone 🍿 #MsMarvel #ObiWan
Kevin Feige quiere que Chris Hemsworth siga como Thor muchos años más ⚡️ https://t.co/IL9oQzQKiU
22 Jun, 07:20 PM UTC
[#OX] 🌧비 오는날 엠카가 짱이지>^< 이따 엠카에서 봐요!! #OMEGA_X #오메가엑스 #케빈 #KEVIN https://t.co/TlKBsz67xb
23 Jun, 05:47 AM UTC
The only “True Legends” in the NBA since 2000, according to @GetUpESPN: -Kobe Bryant -LeBron James -Kevin Durant https://t.co/JRdI6t9O2C
22 Jun, 03:48 PM UTC
海上自衛隊 日本国練習艦隊【公式】
日スペイン共同訓練を大西洋(ジブラルタル海峡西方)にて実施しました。 スペイン海軍「ヴィクトリア」       「アルミランテ・ファン・デ・ボルボーン」 「共同訓練」としては、練習艦隊が海上自衛隊初でした。(動画添付) #海上自衛隊 #遠洋練習航海 #実習幹部 #日スペイン共同訓練 https://t.co/7KlTnW6nvS
22 Jun, 05:06 PM UTC
on tour with tbz TODAYYYY
kevin holding eric’s hand pt3 🤍 #THEBOYZinRotterdam https://t.co/53OXsyw06r
22 Jun, 10:15 PM UTC
🌙🐝 *:・゚✧
👤 do you know what porfa idols” means? 🐱 “idol” just means “idol”… 🌙 “por favor” means “please” 👤😲 kevin? 🌙 yes! 👤 you’re so genius 🌙 thank u ☺️ 👤 how did you know “por favor”? 🌙 i came from canada! i heard a lot of spanish https://t.co/lVFVNfhTWq
22 Jun, 11:54 PM UTC
Mc: apa yang lo tau ttg marcus? Kevin: apa yang mau lo tanya?😌😌 The way he is so confident lmfao😭❤️ https://t.co/D5xoBJGgYi
23 Jun, 05:34 AM UTC
AXIS ぴろ デュオ@1
150いいね くらいでまじやったるわ https://t.co/dHDoIa8Kui
22 Jun, 02:28 PM UTC
СБ України
Для вас немає неможливих завдань. І якими б складними вони не були, ви завжди виконуєте їх чітко і ефективно. Ваша місія – захищати країну від ворогів і бити їх точно та влучно. Вітаємо спецпризначенців СБУ із 28 річницею створення ЦСО «А»! @ServiceSsu's photo on Kevin
23 Jun, 07:02 AM UTC
Viero Eclipse
// Honkai Spoiler chapter 30 act 3 . . THIS IS HOW VILL V TRICKED SIM KEVIN AND KILLED HIM https://t.co/lUNLSm4HVM
23 Jun, 03:03 AM UTC
𝙵𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚋𝚘𝚢 ✞𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚎 👑🇺🇸
Imagine Kevin hart telling his kids not to joke with their lives and technically that’s what he’s doing.
23 Jun, 08:03 AM UTC
ゴチゴチのおバリスティックヘルメットですわ〜〜〜 https://t.co/ftPo4AR48a https://t.co/ZamblSZjLM
22 Jun, 02:22 PM UTC
Irfan Maulana
Dengan tidak turunnya Marcus/Kevin di 3 turnamen yaitu Malaysia Open , Malaysia Masters , dan Singapore Open . Semoga bisa dapat podium gelar (juara) di BWC Agustus nanti ... Yuk aminkan guys 🙏 ...
23 Jun, 05:47 AM UTC
Eian Rances Family
Hap-PIE monthsary @iampieofficial! Would like to thank you for giving our cutiePIE @EianRances a home & a family in PIE! Cheers to more months with you fam 💙 Also, let’s all tune in to PIE’s 1st month celebration @ 4PM, PHT and vote for our PIEnalo jocks Eian, Kevin & Nicki 🤗 https://t.co/Wjo1shb9KU
23 Jun, 07:57 AM UTC
🌙🐝 *:・゚✧
[📸] 220623 #JACOB #KEVIN Instagram Update “Thank you Rotterdam❤️❤️” #더보이즈 #케빈 #제이콥 #THEBOYZ @WE_THE_BOYZ https://t.co/6ZGEdHWV4G
23 Jun, 08:00 AM UTC
Howard Beckett
Sir Keir Starmer says “There is huge enthusiasm for the direction Labour is headed in”. Among FTSE 100 CEOs, yes there probably is.
23 Jun, 08:18 AM UTC
T. R. Okuna
I find the idea of reparations absurd at best & retarded at worst. Slavery predates the 19th century. Even if we were to confine ourselves to the 19th C, Indian slaves were double the number of enslaved Africans at over 8 million by mid 1800s. You don't see them crying mommy!
23 Jun, 08:18 AM UTC
Good Morning Britain
'It's not a pay rise, you keep calling it a pay rise, you have to accept it's not a pay rise because of inflation.' @adilray questions Network Rail Chief Spokesperson Kevin Groves on how they plan to find a solution with the RMT and end the rail strikes. @GMB's photo on Kevin
23 Jun, 07:46 AM UTC