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Public Citizen
BREAKING: The Keystone XL oil pipeline has officially been abandoned by its developers. Organizing works.
09 Jun, 09:23 PM UTC
Good riddance to the Keystone XL pipeline, and kudos to the Native Americans and environmental activists who fought against it.
09 Jun, 11:37 PM UTC
Brian Tyler Cohen
HUGE: The developers of the Keystone XL pipeline have abandoned the project.
09 Jun, 09:30 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) -- Sponsor of Keystone XL crude oil pipeline says it's pulling the plug on the contentious project.
09 Jun, 09:30 PM UTC
Lindy Li
The Keystone XL was shut down because fossil fuels are endangering our world The filibuster should be shut down because it’s a fossil endangering our country
10 Jun, 01:18 AM UTC
Dallas Goldtooth
OMG! It’s official. We took on a multi-billion dollar corporation and we won!! Keystone XL is dead!! The People made this happen! #NoKXL #NoTarSands
09 Jun, 08:52 PM UTC
Rep. Yvette Herrell
Keystone XL was infrastructure.
10 Jun, 12:39 AM UTC
Indian Country Today
BREAKING: The Keystone XL pipeline project has been terminated by TC Energy. This is a developing story.
09 Jun, 09:55 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
Great news today: Those developing the Keystone XL Pipeline have officially abandoned the project. Native Americans and environmental allied protesters have won. Activism and organizing does work. 💙👊👏
10 Jun, 01:07 AM UTC
The Wall Street Journal
Breaking: The Keystone XL oil-pipeline project was abandoned by its developers, handing a major victory to environmentalists after a decadelong fight
09 Jun, 08:59 PM UTC
Steve Scalise
🚨🚨 The sponsor of the Keystone XL pipeline just pulled the plug on the project because of Biden’s actions. That’s thousands of good American jobs killed. If it was a Russian pipeline Biden probably would’ve green-lighted it like he did for Nord Stream.
09 Jun, 10:28 PM UTC
CNN Breaking News
The developer of the Keystone XL pipeline announced it is pulling the plug on the controversial project
09 Jun, 09:39 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Keystone XL pipeline is now officially dead. Good. It wouldn’t have brought oil to U.S. consumers or created U.S. jobs. It was just a corrupt favor to foreign governments who were surely going to make us clean it up when it inevitably started leaking. Good riddance.
09 Jun, 09:49 PM UTC
Indigenous Environmental Network
After more than 10 years -- we have finally defeated an oil and gas giant! Keystone XL is DEAD! We are dancing in our hearts for this victory! #NoKXL #NoTarSands
09 Jun, 09:16 PM UTC
Democracy Now!
BREAKING: TC Energy, the Canadian company behind the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, says it is canceling construction. The announcement follows years of Indigenous-led resistance against the project and after the Biden administration revoked a key permit for it in January. @democracynow's photo on Keystone XL
09 Jun, 09:55 PM UTC
Zephyr Teachout
Lot going on but the end of Keystone XL. Wow. That took a hell of a lot of muscle to kill that deadly horror show that was supposed to be just the way things are, but by God, that muscle, that truth, science, organizing and love, it stopped it.
10 Jun, 01:12 AM UTC
Sheldon Whitehouse
The market has spoken.
09 Jun, 09:45 PM UTC
Jim Storrie
with the money Jason Kenney wasted on his stupid, doomed bet on Keystone XL he could have housed every homeless person in Edmonton AND Calgary and still have had cash left over
09 Jun, 10:15 PM UTC
Erin O'Toole
The cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline at a time when Canadians are desperate to get back to work is heartbreaking for so many Canadian families. If you want economic growth and jobs, Canada’s Conservatives are your only option. @erinotoole's photo on Keystone XL
10 Jun, 01:17 AM UTC
House Republicans
President Biden KILLS American energy jobs. Pass it on.
09 Jun, 11:58 PM UTC
The company behind the Keystone XL pipeline has announced that it's officially scrapping the project
09 Jun, 09:21 PM UTC
Thomas A. Lukaszuk
.⁦@jkenney⁩ & ⁦@Alberta_UCP⁩ legacy. $1,500,000,000 (billion) of Alberta taxpayers’ tax money down the drain. All for Kenney’s political hubris. #ableg #abpoli
09 Jun, 09:55 PM UTC
Errol Webber
Perhaps if Putin would offer to construct the Keystone XL Pipeline and take the profits for Russia Biden would approve of it? Apparently only Russian pipelines are okay in Biden’s “brain”.
10 Jun, 11:05 AM UTC
Democracy Now!
Today's Keystone XL news comes just days after scores of Indigenous water protectors were arrested while protesting against Line 3, another oil pipeline that would cross tribal lands and sensitive ecological areas.
09 Jun, 10:06 PM UTC
big relly
Woke up to the news that the Keystone XL pipeline project is dead!!!!!! \o/
10 Jun, 12:58 PM UTC
Council of Canadians
Keystone XL is officially dead. This is a huge win for the Indigenous-led resistance & for the climate. It's time to also cancel TMX, Coastal Gaslink, Line 3, & Line 5, and get to work on a Green New Deal for all #NoKXL #cdnpoli
09 Jun, 11:33 PM UTC
Keystone XL pipeline project cancelled by TC Energy @CP24's photo on Keystone XL
09 Jun, 09:19 PM UTC
Governor Greg Gianforte
President Biden’s unilateral action on his first day to terminate #KeystoneXL has come full circle. The cost? Thousands of jobs and devastated communities.
09 Jun, 11:00 PM UTC
Guardian news
Owner cancels Keystone XL pipeline months after Biden revoked permit
09 Jun, 11:14 PM UTC