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Sen. Marsha Blackburn
Restart the Keystone Pipeline.
22 Jun, 06:03 PM UTC
Sen. Marsha Blackburn
Vladimir Putin did not cancel the Keystone Pipeline.
22 Jun, 09:11 PM UTC
Nick Adams
Gas prices would be under $2 a gallon if Joe Biden hadn't cancelled the Keystone Pipeline.
22 Jun, 11:29 PM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
Joe Biden needs to re-open the Keystone Pipeline.
22 Jun, 07:02 PM UTC
Daniel Turner
Joe Biden to gas stations: ‘Bring down the price… do it now, do it today.' Me to Biden: Restart the Keystone XL pipeline... do it now, do it today. https://t.co/Qr42gPvIiH
22 Jun, 06:35 PM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
If Joe Biden was serious about lowering gas prices he would approve every drilling permit and finish the Keystone Pipeline.
23 Jun, 08:14 AM UTC
Herschel Walker
You killed the Keystone Pipeline on day 1 in office. @senatorwarnock voted with you every step of the way. This has nothing to do with Putin. Stop blaming other people and look in the mirror. https://t.co/xihRZQbtPc
22 Jun, 08:11 PM UTC
Lance Gooden
Joe Biden's gas tax holiday would temporarily save Americans 18 cents. The Keystone XL pipeline would've permanently delivered 830,000 barrels of oil per day. A gimmick vs. a solution.
23 Jun, 12:55 PM UTC
Jo 🌻
@MarshaBlackburn “Even if Pres. Biden had greenlighted the project… it is unlikely that the pipeline would have been operational today given that the company estimated in March 2020 that it would have entered into service in 2023.” Stop. Lying. Marsha. Just stop. My God. https://t.co/61ZpxJcoC2
23 Jun, 12:44 AM UTC
Donald J. Trump 🇺🇲
Raise your hand if you agree with Elon Musk saying Putin did not cancel the Keystone Pipeline.
23 Jun, 12:12 PM UTC
Congressman Cliff Bentz
“The price of gas is up by almost $2 a gallon *from last year because I declared war on American energy when I took office. Today, I am reversing that decision and restarting the Keystone XL pipeline to drive the cost of fuel down.*” Fixed it for you. https://t.co/KKYS3Og2gw
23 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
We've seen inflation caused by Biden's reckless spending. He wants to abolish the Federal Tax on gasoline til the Nov. Elections to buy votes for 18 cents/gallon Open Up Keystone XL Pipeline! Join Giant Slayers 👇 https://t.co/sVn6qALuSb Email signup at the bottom of the page https://t.co/7lhsYmrMKQ
23 Jun, 06:11 AM UTC
@thebradfordfile He did that the day he took office with an executive orders: 1. to end the Keystone pipeline 2. Gave Russia Nordstream 2 Financed both sides of a war, Russia and Ukraine (with tax payer dollars) when we can't get groceries, baby formula, feminine hygiene, fertilizer diesel fuel
23 Jun, 12:44 AM UTC
Kal - Those who don’t think, don’t question.
@ACTBrigitte It is open. I got so tired of hearing Republican lies about the Keystone pipeline, I contacted the company who owns the pipeline. This is what they told me. ⬇️ https://t.co/dPh0yo3sJQ
22 Jun, 11:11 PM UTC
Wojciech Adalbert Adamek
@ACTBrigitte Keystone belongs to Canada. No oil or money to be made for America. Biden has offered 9,173 leases to the America oil companies, but they refuse. Oil from those fields would drive down the price of gas below $2/gal. They want to keep their profits as high as possible.
23 Jun, 08:58 AM UTC
Let’s Go Mets…F-A-N
3/1: Oil $103.41/barrel Gas $3.60/gallon 6/22: Oil $103.39/barrel Gas $4.95/gallon But yeah, it’s totally the Keystone Pipeline doing this, and not price gouging. https://t.co/vKJMFQgTrJ
22 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
Mary Lauer
@MarshaBlackburn You, Marsha Blackburn, talk to Canada about the Keystone pipeline
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
Ag Science Writer
Interesting to me how national media narratives get translated into local races - Rojo puts out some ads that he is going to solve U.S. energy independence by building the Keystone pipeline/appears on Fox complaining about Biden - Huh? https://t.co/OxKqgU9Va7
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
Pat Whittington
@TheDemocrats Reopen keystone pipeline
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
Penn. Education
We're hiring! Read about our latest job opening here: Head Start Health Assistant - https://t.co/PbOrglTNPP #Education #Harrisburg, PA
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
Terry Brandt
@rsfissel @TerzakisSmBiz @RepLizCheney Your statement is hysterical and so ridiculous. You think shutting down the keystone pipeline is equal to destroying our democracy as we know it and overturning a fair election? What the hell is wrong with you?
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
@KETV @ketv where in the story do you point out the Keystone Pipeline would not be finished until 2024 if it wasn't cancelled and it was just a shortcut for the existing pipeline? Where in the story to you point out that Canada & Europe fuel prices are up? How is that a Biden policy?
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
gary understein
@NickAdamsinUSA The keystone pipeline was designed to EXPORT oil , not import oil…. MORE LIES BY THE REPUBLICANS.
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
@SenJohnKennedy KEYSTONE will give our American friends 900,000 barrels a day and tell Granholm to Resign !!
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
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23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
@ACTBrigitte People that keep talking about Keystone XL are like… https://t.co/Bsrme8Zlzm
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
@RepBentz @HouseGOP How does the tar sand transports by the Keystone Pipeline bring down the cost of fuel for our cars? Would you put this sludge in your vehicle?
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
@LordButters22 @niffy1963 @RyanSmi07429310 @ACTBrigitte The Keystone XL pipeline ... wasn’t expected to be running until 2023. Rather, experts say gas prices are high due to other factors such as the global spike in the cost of crude oil and increased demand after pandemic lockdowns ended. https://t.co/AfpmaA5w6z
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
@AngryTechPriest @TKaczar @MaryKellMi @RockwallBlue @dennyb116 @MarshaBlackburn I think he's also confusing the keystone pipeline, which is already in place with the keystone xl pipeline which would only send oil to the gulf coast to be shipped elsewhere.
23 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC
John William H. Bonney
You did this, not Putin! WE ARE NOT STUPID! Just because your 4 idiot voters agree with this lie doesn’t mean we’re all stupid! Open the Keystone pipeline back up you illegitimate criminal! https://t.co/yK8CfiyYfE
23 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC