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khloe kardashian contratando a una mujer para tener un bebé por gestación subrogada, para después hacer un baby shower dónde las amigas le tocaban la panza (? y terminar acostándose en la cama de un hospital con el bebé como si fuera recién parida, es de miedo.
22 Sep, 02:42 PM UTC
Khloé Kardashian se ha aprovechado de la situación de vulnerabilidad de una mujer pobre para alquilarle el útero y comprarle a su hijo. Y además ha tenido la desfachatez de meterse en la cama del hospital para hacerse la foto, como si fuera ella la que hubiese parido. Qué gentuza https://t.co/CYIgnwSipk
22 Sep, 01:36 PM UTC
Una rica (Khloé Kardashian) se aprovecha de la necesidad de otra mujer y compra un bebé. Después posa con él como si hubiera parido ella mientras en la sala contigua una mujer empieza con su postparto lejos de su hijo al que ha llevado 9 meses dentro. Explotación reproductiva 🤬 https://t.co/slkhcutSpk
22 Sep, 10:58 AM UTC
Blanca💖🏹 she/her
la foto de la khloe kardashian en la camilla con un bebé como si acabase de parir ella es lo más surrealista y deshumanizante q he visto en mi puta vida
22 Sep, 03:32 PM UTC
BROOOO Tristan was encouraging Khloe to do the embryo transfer by a certain date meanwhile THE WHOLE TIMEE HE KNEW HE HAD A WHOLE OTHER BABY ON THE WAY like whattttttt ?! 🤯🤯🤯 #TheKardashians
22 Sep, 08:17 AM UTC
i don’t care what anyone has to say Khloe Kardashian does not deserve the things that have happened to her. My heart hurts for her.
22 Sep, 05:36 PM UTC
I’m not judging Khloé Kardashian whatsoever because what Tristan did is DISGUSTING. But Khloé & Tristan’s relationship is prime example of when a man cheats ONE TIME whether you’re pregnant or not, you have to let his ass GO! Like ASAP! It only gets worse… #TheKardashians
22 Sep, 11:53 AM UTC
Nicole Browell
Khloe scared to be publicly excited for her new baby for the sake of trolls is heartbreaking, the fact she would face any judgement in the first place is crazy when Tristan let their plans with surrogacy go ahead knowing a baby is on the way with another woman.. #TheKardashians
22 Sep, 10:35 AM UTC
Bolu Babalola (pure) 🍯&🌶
i only watched a few mins of the kardashians s2 prem but the bit i saw was kind of hard to watch. khloe finding out tristan cheated just days after the embryo was planted..like he knew and let it happen. made me feel very sick personally
22 Sep, 04:55 PM UTC
La persona que estás viendo es Khloé Kardashian. ¿Acaba de parir? No, el bebé es por gestación subrogada. Sí, lo ha comprado. Y sí, ha decidido tumbarse en una cama de una clínica como si ella fuese la que ha parido. 🤦‍♂️ https://t.co/VIgLE0Ocdp
22 Sep, 11:08 AM UTC
Tristan really ruined a special moment for Khloe to have as a mother.. TWICE. #TheKardashians
22 Sep, 04:51 PM UTC
Hope ✨🦄
Tristan’s first baby mama was highly pregnant when she found out through social media that Tristan was cheating and openly dating Khloe, not ? And Khloe knows this because it was documenting in court papers for maintenance. So #TheKardashians https://t.co/dtO3QWLsSx
22 Sep, 08:10 AM UTC
Watching Khloe Kardashian in this confessional really is heart breaking. All of us have played the fool for somebody and been guilty of giving a terrible person too many chances.
22 Sep, 04:53 PM UTC
April Hawking
Say what you want about it all but the way Khloe has changed from the funny, confident and tough sister to the reserved anxious one over the years has been so sad to watch 💔 #Kardashians https://t.co/GDnlZeGLJg
22 Sep, 12:47 PM UTC
I’m aware there are more important things going on in the world but i need to know why Khloe Kardashian is lying in a hospital bed with her new baby when she had a surrogate.
22 Sep, 05:36 PM UTC
E! News
He's a star! Khloe Kardashian's baby boy has officially made his TV debut on #TheKardashians @enews's photo on Khloe
22 Sep, 06:00 PM UTC
Khloe and her baby boy💕 #TheKardashians https://t.co/F58vASLXLC
22 Sep, 10:13 AM UTC
goth girl shit ✨
@ella95louise @lonely_thugg It’s been widely reported she and Khloe are both taking injectable GLP1 meds (which are for diabetics) for weight loss. So much so that some diabetic folks are having trouble getting them due to popularity for weight loss. I have a hard time believing she’d go VSG.
22 Sep, 10:47 PM UTC
Khloe Kardashian revealed the newest addition to her family during the premiere of Season 2 of “The Kardashians.” https://t.co/8M92f4m7wC
22 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC
Siân 🏳️‍🌈✊🏼❤️💜💚
Khloé Kardashian (net worth $60 million) & Tristan Thompson (net worth $45 million) bought a baby. They paid a financially insecure women to risk life changing injuries or death to create made to order baby. Khloé then posed in a hospital bed as if she was recovering from labour. https://t.co/OtGilbqb0j
23 Sep, 05:30 AM UTC
Khloe Kardashian has given everyone the first peek at her baby, but she dropped some info about Tristan Thompson -- and the child he had with another woman -- that is REALLY messed up. https://t.co/AOfI9wN3VK
23 Sep, 07:30 AM UTC

the baby’s name should start with a K not a T bc fuck Tristan…Khloe stand up girl hello #TheKardashians https://t.co/DzVImOeigP
23 Sep, 01:33 AM UTC
Carmen Pérez
'El cuento de la criada' se hizo realidad: Khloé Kardashian posa en la cama de un hospital junto a su bebé nacido por vientre de alquiler | Tremending https://t.co/RiyAVtyrZ7
23 Sep, 07:34 AM UTC
Ohh Khloe be strong hun be strong for ur kids🥺the public has nothing on u🤍 https://t.co/JybW5CHpLF
23 Sep, 07:39 AM UTC
ya no sé si quiero tener el pelo de Kim o de Khloe...... identity crisis
23 Sep, 07:44 AM UTC
Mila Juniper
BANGBROS - Young Blonde Khloe Kapri Gets Destroyed By Vlad The Impaler #huge #cock #surprise https://t.co/DsfxDfNWRN
23 Sep, 07:44 AM UTC
Olive Penelope
Casting Creampie Khloe Kapri POV Petite Skinny r/PornInFifteenSeconds #Casting #Creampie #KhloeKapri #POV #Petite #Skinny #r/PornInFifteenSeconds https://t.co/uxD1KAicwj
23 Sep, 07:43 AM UTC
Aaaaaaaa pero por qué tanta crítica a khloe kardashian me tenéis negra
23 Sep, 07:43 AM UTC
Mark Horns
Lamar Odom: It's 'Hard' Watching Khloe Be 'Sad' on 'The Kardashians' https://t.co/SLWBY1rJv6 #usmagazine https://t.co/OWIk1x7Xif
23 Sep, 07:43 AM UTC
#BeByYourself 💋
Can’t lie I feel bad for Khloe. Like this babe doesn’t deserve this.
23 Sep, 07:41 AM UTC