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rays lose. Kiermaier last game as a ray. Don’t need starters don’t need relievers just need outs strategy fails. Nerds lose.
12 Oct, 02:40 AM UTC
MLB Stats
A 90 MPH rocket from Kevin Kiermaier! @MLBStats's photo on Kiermaier
12 Oct, 02:13 AM UTC
FOX Sports: MLB
GOT HIM!! Kevin Kiermaier throws out the runner who tried to tag up from 2nd to end the inning! @MLBONFOX's photo on Kiermaier
12 Oct, 02:12 AM UTC
Ben Porter
The Kevin Kiermaier glove spin is elite
11 Oct, 11:39 PM UTC
Jomboy Media
Red Sox fans were chanting “GROUND RULE DOUBLE” at Kevin Kiermaier and he gave them a golf clap (via @jamieroyka2022) @JomboyMedia's photo on Kiermaier
12 Oct, 03:09 AM UTC
FOX Sports: MLB
.@RaysBaseball fans after that Kevin Kiermaier throw 💪 @MLBONFOX's photo on Kiermaier
12 Oct, 02:18 AM UTC
Bally Sports Sun: Rays
After the @RaysBaseball fall in the ALDS, Kevin Kiermaier talks about the Rays' season, the action in tonight's 6-5 loss, the special group of players and more. #RaysUp @BallyRays's photo on Kiermaier
12 Oct, 03:18 AM UTC
Kevin Kiermaier sacó a pasear el brazalete. 🚀 #Postseason @LasMayores's photo on Kiermaier
12 Oct, 02:14 AM UTC
Tim and Friends
Throw of the year from Kiermaier? @timandfriends's photo on Kiermaier
12 Oct, 02:17 AM UTC
Bryan Hayes
I guess Kevin Kiermaier was telling the truth.
12 Oct, 02:36 AM UTC
El Extrabase ⚾️
¡Qué tiro! ¡Qué tiro de Kevin Kiermaier para terminar el inning! #RaysBeisbol - #Postseason #ElExtrabase⚾️
12 Oct, 02:11 AM UTC
Greg Huss
I’ll gladly take Kevin Kiermaier on the Cubs. Sorry if this offends.
12 Oct, 02:51 AM UTC
Alex Speier
Brasier's fastball had been explosive at the top of the zone during his recent run. But against both Zunino and Kiermaier, he worked at 96 mph at the bottom of the zone, and both juiced it to the gap in right-center. It's 5-4, Red Sox, and the Rays have the top of the order up.
12 Oct, 01:49 AM UTC
Katherine Rosales
¡Juego nuevo en el Fenway Park! 🔥 Cortesía de Randy Arozarena con sencillo impulsor y Kevin Kiermaier con su segundo doble de la noche. Los Rays dándolo todo para mantenerse con vida en la Serie Divisional. Rays 5️⃣ - Red Sox 5️⃣ (alta del 8vo)
12 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Matt from Tall Can Audio
Kevin Kiermaier said he hoped Tampa would face Toronto in the playoffs and when they didn’t get their wish the Rays decided to just fuck off and go home in protest.
12 Oct, 02:43 AM UTC
dont have to deal with Kevin Kiermaier and Wander Franco anymore god is good
12 Oct, 03:47 AM UTC
EarthSpeak: Accountability, Healing, Unity
KARMA > Kevin Kiermaier #ALDS
12 Oct, 04:26 AM UTC
Dennis Jove
Gavin Lux just gave some real Kiermaier in Game 3 energy just now 😂😂😂
12 Oct, 04:49 AM UTC
🕷️Getting Romantic About Boo-seball 🕷️
@doinkpatrol @Jomboy_ he's waiting on kiermaier's text back
12 Oct, 04:14 AM UTC
Ryan Thompson
@michaelFhurley Their best hope was Kiermaier hauling ass over to left and making that throw, but the energy that would have required probably would have led to a bad throw anyway.
12 Oct, 04:06 AM UTC
Gregory Pearsoll
@BallyRays But who'll play around him? Much of the roster is likely to be gone this offseason due to trades to avoid arb raises (unless they find a taker for Kiermaier's deal, which this franchise cannot afford - and even that might not be enough).
12 Oct, 03:53 AM UTC
David Mulholland
@FrPBehm Kiermaier was robbed last night in that bounce off the outfielder. I know, rules are rules, but man…
12 Oct, 03:49 AM UTC
Player Fifty Seven
I hate the Red Sox a smidgen less than I hate Kiermaier.
12 Oct, 04:57 AM UTC
Mark Hirschfeld
It was a pleasure to watch Kevin Kiermaier play centerfield for us. Especially in what will inevitably be his final game as a Ray… we’ll see how this off-season goes but I love this city and I love this team and I hope they can make it work in Tampa. Now we wait… #RaysUp #MLB
12 Oct, 04:53 AM UTC
can someone on #Rays twitter explain to me the Kevin Kiermaier situation. is he a free agent? is he going to be traded? I'm kind of new to this😂😂
12 Oct, 04:45 AM UTC
@BarstoolHubbs Oh no ur last tweet about the Sox game was the kiermaier throw. Must b very sad for u
12 Oct, 04:40 AM UTC
Carson Yore
Kevin kiermaier is the greatest baseball player of all time if this was his last game as a ray im gonna cry,
12 Oct, 04:37 AM UTC
Kevin Kiermaier reading the rules about ground rule doubles #BlueJays #RaysvsRedSox #MLBPlayoffs #karmaisabitch @BlueJays @RaysBaseball
12 Oct, 04:30 AM UTC
Andrew Sheehy
Looks like Kevin Kiermaier has played his last game in a Tampa Bay Rays Uniform.
12 Oct, 04:30 AM UTC