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Cole Ledford
Two years ago, Kim Davis denied David Ermold a marriage license because he was gay, despite it being legalized. To…
06 Dec, 11:42 PM UTC
Holly O'Reilly
Hey, remember Kim Davis? She's that lady who refused to issue gay couples marriage licenses in Kentucky. Guess wh…
06 Dec, 05:48 PM UTC
David Ermold was twice denied a marriage license by Kim Davis. Now he’s running against her. CNN's photo on Kim Davis
06 Dec, 07:00 PM UTC
Cole Ledford
If you would like to donate to David Ermold (one of the LGBTQ+ people denied a marriage license by Kim Davis)'s cam…
07 Dec, 01:00 AM UTC
Washington Post
Kim Davis denied his right to marry another man. Now he’s going to run against her.
06 Dec, 11:53 PM UTC
CNN International
A gay man who was twice denied a marriage license by Kim Davis is now running against her for a county clerk positi…
06 Dec, 10:57 PM UTC
Nicki 🤓
Dear media, His name is David Ermold. Not "that gay man". He's an educator, proud American and was denied a marria…
06 Dec, 08:28 PM UTC
AP South U.S. Region
A gay man who was denied a marriage license by Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis will seek to unseat her in 2018.…
06 Dec, 07:49 PM UTC
Lauren Werner 🗽
Follow and support @DErmold if you agree that thrice-married homophobe Kim Davis needs to find a new job. Donate:…
07 Dec, 05:34 AM UTC
Gay man denied marriage license by Kim Davis challenging her for county clerk - @ABC News
07 Dec, 11:36 AM UTC
🦅 The Right Side Of History 🇺🇸 #RESIST ✊
"It’s Official: Gay Man Denied Marriage License by Kim Davis Announces He’s Running for Her Job" #VoteDavidErmold
07 Dec, 11:47 AM UTC
Jennifer Reed
Happy to sorry the campaign if the mean running against Kim Davis! (You remember this piece of work right?)
07 Dec, 11:48 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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