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NCAA Softball
The Pokes are heading to the #WCWS for the first time since 2011!!! #NCAASoftball | @CowgirlSB NCAA Softball's photo on #WCWS
25 May, 06:18 PM UTC


Portland Timbers
Brian Fernandez gets his first @MLS start today. #PHIvPOR | #RCTID Portland Timbers's photo on #PHIvPOR
25 May, 10:50 PM UTC


Don't worry, you're just in time for Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night! #MeTVWonderWoman MeTV's photo on #MeTVWonderWoman
25 May, 10:55 PM UTC


Portland Thorns FC
Today's Starting XI at @SkyBlueFC; kickoff at 3PM (PT). #BAONPDX #NJvPOR Portland Thorns FC's photo on #NJvPOR
25 May, 09:16 PM UTC


NCAA Lacrosse
25 May, 06:43 PM UTC


Liz. Laugh. Love.
#ThatWasInTheGoodOldDays Riding bikes until the street lights came on.
25 May, 09:30 PM UTC


alyson hannigan
Happy #NationalWineDay to all my hard working friends out there! Cheers to you🍷@CobieSmulders alyson hannigan's photo on #NationalWineDay
25 May, 02:52 PM UTC


Jordan Bastian
Darvish: "I gave up like 18 hits and 12 runs, but still, I'm a little happy I went seven innings." Multiple teammates called Yu's performance "gutsy" under circumstances, saying the pitching line doesn't tell the story. They needed him to go 7+. He did, Cubs hung on for the W.
25 May, 10:33 PM UTC


Candace Owens
Net worth- Nancy Pelosi: 100 million Elizabeth Warren: 10 million Joe Biden: 5 million Bernie Sanders: 2.5 million I love how the party that claims we need to go after rich white people is conveniently run by rich white people. They think their voters are stupid!
25 May, 11:54 AM UTC

tyler chatwood

David Kaplan
I am a big fan of using Tyler Chatwood to close here. Two run cushion. Let’s see if he can get the job done. He has the stuff to do it.
25 May, 09:27 PM UTC


Tomás Roncero
Me da mucha rabia pero hay que asumirlo. El Barça va a remontar. Una pena...
25 May, 08:17 PM UTC

Patrick Corbin

Washington Nationals
🗣️ PATRICK CORBIN HAS THROWN HIS 2ND CAREER SHUTOUT! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ FINAL // #Nats 5, Marlins 0 Washington Nationals's photo on Patrick Corbin
25 May, 10:31 PM UTC

Wilmer Font

Cespedes Family BBQ
𝚆𝚒𝚕𝚖𝚎𝚛 𝙵𝚘𝚗𝚝 ᗯIᒪᗰEᖇ ᖴOᑎT 𝔚𝔦𝔩𝔪𝔢𝔯 𝔉𝔬𝔫𝔱 𝒲𝒾𝓁𝓂𝑒𝓇 𝐹𝑜𝓃𝓉 𝕎𝕚𝕝𝕞𝕖𝕣 𝔽𝕠𝕟𝕥 ᴡɪʟᴍᴇʀ ꜰᴏɴᴛ ฬเɭ๓єг Ŧ๏ภՇ 𝘞𝘪𝘭𝘮𝘦𝘳 𝘍𝘰𝘯𝘵 山丨ㄥ爪乇尺 千ㄖ几ㄒ 𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐦𝐞𝐫 𝐅𝐨𝐧𝐭 Wilmer Font
25 May, 10:40 PM UTC

Jimmy Havoc

Hairy Wrestling Fan
Jimmy Havoc just stapled Tommy Dreamer’s dick on ITV4. What a time to be alive #AEWDON
25 May, 11:25 PM UTC

Chairman Kim

Donald J. Trump
North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me. I have confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me, & also smiled when he called Swampman Joe Bidan a low IQ individual, & worse. Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?
25 May, 10:29 PM UTC

Adam Page

Hangman Page will face the winner of Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega at a later date for the AEW World Championship after winning the pre-show Casino Battle Royale:
25 May, 11:40 PM UTC

Kip Sabian

Kip Sabian beats Sammy, crowd didn't seem to know Kip but they warmed up to him after he used Super Dragon's finisher.
25 May, 11:52 PM UTC

Dustin Thomas

Golden Maharaja ™
If you’re looking for inspiration, then look no further than Dustin Thomas performing in front of a sold out arena. What a great moment. #AEW #DoubleOrNothing Golden Maharaja ™'s photo on Dustin Thomas
25 May, 11:26 PM UTC

Tommy Dreamer

Genuinely concerned for Tommy Dreamer after an unbelievable assault by Orange Cassidy. #AEWDoN Kenny's photo on Tommy Dreamer
25 May, 11:39 PM UTC

Shawn Spears

Yo: "Ojalá que Shawn Spears (Tye Dillinger) no sea un jobber como en WWE, y sea bien aprovechado en AEW y gane la Batalla Real 😍" #AEWDoN: *Shawn Spears eliminado por un luchador sin piernas* Yo: 🙂
25 May, 11:26 PM UTC

Sammy Guevara

What an ending for the Sammy Guevara vs Kip Sabian Match. That 630 into the Deathly Hollows was vicious #AEWDoN
25 May, 11:54 PM UTC

Joey Janela

Chris Toplack
Here's Joey Janela going through the table. #AEWDoN Chris Toplack's photo on Joey Janela
25 May, 11:27 PM UTC

Battle Royal

Bryan Alvarez
Hangman Page wins the battle royal for a future AEW Title shot, very fun battle royal live #AEWDoN
25 May, 11:29 PM UTC

Wilson Ramos

Wilson Ramos is putting the @Mets on his back. 💪 MLB's photo on Wilson Ramos
25 May, 10:01 PM UTC

Orange Cassidy

Chris Brookes クリス・ブルックス
orange Cassidy was fucking robbed.
25 May, 11:33 PM UTC

David Price

Brian McTaggart
David Price is coming out of the game after facing only three Astros hitters.
25 May, 11:33 PM UTC

Jon Voight

Ryan Saavedra
Actor Jon Voight: "President Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln" "Our country is stronger, safer, and with more jobs because our president has made his every move correct. Don't be fooled by the political left because we are ... witnessing triumph" Ryan Saavedra's photo on Jon Voight
25 May, 03:41 AM UTC


Patton Oswalt
What if? WHAT IF?!? #SaveAPBio 🍎
25 May, 06:57 PM UTC


With everything on the line, giving up is not an option. Season 2 of #VidaSTARZ is available to BINGE NOW on the @STARZ App
25 May, 02:00 PM UTC

Luke Voit

Barstool Sports
They measured this Luke Voit bomb at 470’. I didn’t realize the Moon was that close Barstool Sports's photo on Luke Voit
25 May, 08:34 PM UTC

Vandy Whistler

The Vandy whistler isnt "quaint" or "unique" or "part of the fabric of college baseball" He's a shithead who calls the cops on you if you dare ask him to stop. And the sooner people stop tolerating this bullshit the better off we all will be.
25 May, 09:23 PM UTC

Mike Estabrook

Jim Salisbury
Ryan Braun has been ejected. Didn't like Mike Estabrook's strike zone.
25 May, 09:26 PM UTC

DeWanna Bonner

Bleacher Report NBA
DeWanna Bonner couldn’t be stopped. Scored 15 straight points for the Mercury. (via @PhoenixMercury) Bleacher Report NBA's photo on DeWanna Bonner
25 May, 09:25 PM UTC


Steve Hogarty
My only hope is that some of these people who feel sympathy for Theresa May somehow get trapped inside a glacier, so that future civilisations can thaw them out, and study their brains to find out what was, precisely, the fuck wrong with them.
25 May, 05:34 PM UTC


Chicago Cubs
Cubs win! Final: #Cubs 8, Reds 6. #EverybodyIn Chicago Cubs's photo on CUBS WIN
25 May, 09:34 PM UTC


The main event is as entertaining as advertised! #Polaris10 UFC FIGHT PASS's photo on #Polaris10
25 May, 10:03 PM UTC


NASCAR Xfinity
Park it, @TylerReddick‼️ (Gotta be the helmet, right, @barstoolsports??) #ALSCO300 NASCAR Xfinity's photo on #ALSCO300
25 May, 08:07 PM UTC


Saucy 🔞
Sketched some Fenneko in some high-waist tights, cuz I reckon she’d own that look 👀 #cutiesaturday Saucy 🔞's photo on #cutiesaturday
25 May, 06:00 PM UTC


Most Requested Live
Five minutes away from tonight’s edition of #MostRequestedLive! 🙌 @radiocarsonpnw is filling in for @onairromeo, and tonight we’re talking to @audien and @sydneysierota in our @askanythingchat as well as one of our favorite producers... @marshmellomusic! Most Requested Live's photo on #MostRequestedLive
25 May, 10:56 PM UTC

Howard Moore

Jeff Goodman
Absolutely heartbreaking news regarding Wisconsin assistant Howard Moore and his family. Involved in a car accident late last night that claimed life of his wife and daughter. Awful. Howard suffered non-life threatening injuries and his son suffered minor injuries. So sad.
25 May, 05:44 PM UTC


Hard Drive
when a gamer is president every lapras will be shiny
25 May, 03:29 PM UTC

Travis Strikes Again

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes coming to PS4 and Steam Wario64's photo on Travis Strikes Again
25 May, 10:33 PM UTC

The Vandy

Dansby back in the Vandy days Round2's photo on The Vandy
25 May, 02:38 PM UTC


🗣️🗣️📢📢We are ALMOST here! ITS TIME TO CHANGE THE WORLD! FITE fans outside the US. Order on FITE Inside the US, order on cable/satellite Ppv or @brlive #DoubeOrNothing FITE's photo on #DoubeOrNothing
25 May, 09:43 PM UTC


坂崎ユカ Sakazaki Yuka
明日はいよいよAEW旗揚げ戦🔥 コンディションはバッチリ👍✨ ワクワクして眠れないけど 寝るっ🥰✊ おやすみラスベガス💎.◌* #tjpw #AEWDoubleorNothing 坂崎ユカ Sakazaki Yuka's photo on #AEWDoubleorNothing
25 May, 07:21 AM UTC


Richard Grenell
Year 2 of the @MurphChallenge in Berlin. Embassy Marines led the Challenge and I was happy to just finish again. #Americanheroes #humbledbythem #MemorialDayWeekend2019
25 May, 09:26 AM UTC

Natasha Howard

Final score: @seattlestorm 77 - @PhoenixMercury 68 Four Storm players finished in double figures. Natasha Howard led the team with 21 PTS, 16 REB, and 5 STL. @jewellloyd notched 17 PTS and 4 AST. @DEEBONNER24 had 31 PTS, 8 REB, and 4 AST for the Mercury #WNBA WNBA's photo on Natasha Howard
25 May, 09:48 PM UTC

Sasha Obama

Sasha Obama in 2009 and on prom night 2019. She's all grown up.😭
25 May, 03:53 PM UTC


Big Cat
Nevermind Chatwood is the closer
25 May, 09:35 PM UTC


Manak Gupta
दिल्ली की 65 असेम्ब्ली सीटों पर BJP आगे रही...!!!!! बाक़ी 5 पर कांग्रेस आगे रही. AAP को 1 सीट पर भी बढ़त नहीं मिली. 67 से 0..!! UNBELIEVABLE 🙈 #SaturdayThoughts
25 May, 06:02 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
In addition to great incompetence and corruption, The Smollett case in Chicago is also about a Hate Crime. Remember, “MAGA COUNTRY DID IT!” That turned out to be a total lie, had nothing to do with “MAGA COUNTRY.” Serious stuff, and not even an apology to millions of people!
25 May, 08:43 PM UTC

David Bote

Jordan Bastian
David Bote came off the bench in the top of the 8th. In his first AB of the day, he delivers an RBI double to the wall in left-center. Cubs up 7-6.
25 May, 09:17 PM UTC

Angelina Jolie

Its Steph tho ✨
I’m not suprised about Jon Voight... there was a clear reason why Angelina Jolie cancelled her own father and changed her name.
25 May, 12:51 PM UTC


bug girl
getting fresh and clean for the gay rat wedding
25 May, 12:02 AM UTC

Phil Maton

Bob Scanlan
Wow…you know things are going your way when you’re able to let your reliever hit in an A.L. rule game and he bloops one fair down line for his first MLB hit…stay hot Phil Maton & Friars!! #MLB1st #Padres
25 May, 09:49 PM UTC


Mikey Flash
#TheGenieInTheLamp wanted me to sit right there while he told me how he became the prince of bel air Mikey Flash's photo on #TheGenieInTheLamp
25 May, 07:00 PM UTC

Definitive Edition

Turn your weekend plans into a video game by putting “: Definitive Edition” at the end.
25 May, 05:00 PM UTC

Coach Moore

Sam Dekker
We send our love and support to Coach Moore and his family through this time...
25 May, 06:05 PM UTC


60s Batman
Physical fitness is essential #HowIStayEfficient 60s Batman's photo on #HowIStayEfficient
25 May, 05:56 PM UTC


Virginia Men's Lacrosse
HOOS WIN!!! We're going to the CHAMPIONSHIP!!! scores the game-winner in OT!! #GoHoos Virginia Men's Lacrosse's photo on #GoHoos
25 May, 06:40 PM UTC

Ryan Carpenter

Anthony DiComo
Mets Game 51 of 162, vs. DET Saturday, May 25, 4:10 p.m. vs. LHP Ryan Carpenter: Rosario SS J.D. Davis LF Alonso 1B Ramos C Gomez CF Frazier 3B Altherr RF Hechavarría 2B Vargas LHP
25 May, 04:10 PM UTC


MoviesMatrix 🎥
On May 25, 1977 #STARWARS debuted in theaters...It changed us & cinema forever! #StarWarsDay MoviesMatrix 🎥's photo on #StarWarsDay
25 May, 02:43 PM UTC


Tom Hall ☘
Starlings swirling through the morning skies of Spain. Beautiful! 🦋 #Murmuration #Cool #SaturdayMorning #Birds #SaturdayMotivation Tom Hall ☘'s photo on #SaturdayMotivation
25 May, 06:21 AM UTC


Ted Lieu
Hey @SecPompeo, stop lying. Congress can't act on arms sales until you formally notice the sales. You didn't do that until Friday and then you made up emergency stuff to avoid congressional review. Why are you acting like a lapdog for the Saudis? #SaturdayMorning Thoughts
25 May, 03:58 PM UTC


Venê Casagrande
O Flamengo recebeu a visita do ex-zagueiro Juan. Alexandre Vidal, fotógrafo do clube, registrou uma conversa do ídolo rubro-negro com o técnico Abel Braga. Venê Casagrande's photo on Vidal
25 May, 04:22 PM UTC


Bradley Elliott
Lots and lots of run cycles #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #metroidvania #aseprite #animation #pixelart Bradley Elliott's photo on #screenshotsaturday
25 May, 11:21 AM UTC


can't take back the love that i gave you
25 May, 07:27 PM UTC

Whit Merrifield

Bryan Hoch
Happ has retired 15 of 16, and 14 straight since Whit Merrifield's first-inning single.
25 May, 07:43 PM UTC

Jason Vargas

New York Mets
Remember, concentrate on the moment. Feel, don’t think, use your instincts. #LGM 💪 👉 Jason Vargas 👀 👉 @PIX11 👂 👉 @wcbs880, @ESPNDep1050AM 💻 👉 🏟 👉 New York Mets's photo on Jason Vargas
25 May, 03:20 PM UTC

Copa del Rey

¿Quién quieres que gane la Copa del Rey? bet365_es's photo on Copa del Rey
25 May, 12:46 PM UTC


Why Don’t We
24 May, 09:01 PM UTC

Gerry Fraley

John Blake
The Texas Rangers extend their thoughts and prayers to the family of longtime Dallas Morning News baseball writer Gerry Fraley, who passed away early this morning after a long and courageous battle against cancer. May he Rest In Peace.
25 May, 01:18 PM UTC

Jeff Peterson

Shams Charania
The Brooklyn Nets have hired Atlanta Hawks executive Jeff Peterson as assistant general manager.
25 May, 06:31 PM UTC


gabrielle alexa noel • she/her
If you keep female snakes away from males long enough, they RECONFIGURE their DNA or clone themselves when they wanna have a baby... we stan a strong independent anaconda. 🐍
25 May, 04:14 AM UTC


Indiana Pacers
👀 Look for @Dsabonis11 in today’s #IPL500Parade in downtown Indy. 👋 Indiana Pacers's photo on #IPL500Parade
25 May, 02:15 PM UTC


Actualité - Barça
Pas de 9 Pas d’ailiers Des milieux qui font des passes latérales Le Barca de Valverde. 🙏🏼 #ValverdeOUT
25 May, 07:40 PM UTC


Cowboy Football
How ‘bout those Cowgirls! Congrats @CowgirlSB! #okstate #GoPokes
25 May, 06:31 PM UTC

Fernando Rodney

The A's have designated Fernando Rodney for assignment and selected Wei-Chung Wang from Las Vegas.
25 May, 05:11 PM UTC

Midnight Cowboy

Karen Kilgariff
I’m still mad about the time at my parents house when I was almost done watching Midnight Cowboy and my mom walks through the room just as Ratzo is coughing on the bus and legit irritated she goes “Now he’s gonna get everyone on that bus sick!” on the next great moments in cinema
25 May, 04:11 PM UTC


#IJustWantAnother Few hours of SLEEP! Elizabeth's photo on #IJustWantAnother
25 May, 04:01 PM UTC


Veë 🌎🌿✨
#WhatIfnetflix actually updated their shows & its seasons like they update their price? Veë 🌎🌿✨'s photo on #WhatIfnetflix
25 May, 09:12 AM UTC


AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@tribelaw: The president it seems to me is committing impeachable offenses before our very eyes... When Pelosi talks about an intervention I think the most important kind of intervention... is an impeachment inquiry as soon as possible in the House of Representatives. #AMJoy AM Joy w/Joy Reid's photo on #AMJoy
25 May, 02:28 PM UTC

Glory Road

Souf Sil Fa Lil 🏁
Coach Carter and Glory Road are both underappreciated basketball movies Souf Sil Fa Lil 🏁's photo on Glory Road
25 May, 01:11 PM UTC

ian laviano

NCAA Lacrosse
IAN LAVIANO TIES IT FOR THE CAVS! #NCAALAX Q4 | VIRGINIA 12 | DUKE 12 NCAA Lacrosse's photo on ian laviano
25 May, 06:25 PM UTC

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