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Dennis Lin
Last year, while she was pregnant and her husband lay beside her, Ashlee Yates went into a seizure in her sleep. Another struck that August. Ashlee and Kirby Yates have learned to deal with epilepsy in their lives. Now they want to help others do the same:
10 Sep, 03:05 PM UTC
Jeremy Frank
besides the rizzo HBP i don’t think Kirby Yates missed a spot the entire inning. dotted the entire edge of the zone
11 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
AJ Cassavell
If the Padres take the lead, Kirby Yates gets the ninth. If the Padres don't take the lead, Kirby Yates gets the ninth.
11 Sep, 05:16 AM UTC
Kirby Yates is at 3.2 fWAR. Trevor Hoffman's best season ever was 3.1 fWAR.
10 Sep, 06:59 PM UTC
The Athletic
The life of Padres pitcher Kirby Yates was altered when his then-pregnant wife, Ashlee, experienced a seizure in her sleep. Now, writes @dennistlin, the couple is learning to deal with epilepsy and is helping others in the same situation.
10 Sep, 03:30 PM UTC
Kevin Acee
“We had it going. We ran out of gas, stopped playing well, blah, blah, blah. So yes, frustrating.” #Padres process wears on players who know a team can’t win unless it’s all in.
10 Sep, 02:56 PM UTC
Eric (No Longer Miserable)
Essentially in save situations, batters are Austin Hedges against Kirby Yates and in non-save situations they turn into Manny Machado 🤷‍♂️
11 Sep, 05:37 AM UTC
Scott Miller
I have an old high school buddy who has battled epilepsy his entire life. Great work here from @dennistlin on #Padres closer Kirby Yates & wife Ashlee, her recent diagnosis & charity they are starting. Important stuff for tough condition.
10 Sep, 09:12 PM UTC
Beverly Hills Sports Council
Ashlee and Kirby Yates (@KauaiKirby39) learned to deal with epilepsy and want to help others do the same #StrikingOutEpilepsy @EpilepsySD
10 Sep, 06:00 PM UTC
Why do the Padres still have Kirby Yates? Goodness, they could have cleaned up at the deadline for him.
11 Sep, 05:48 AM UTC
@IButts_21 Kirby Yates... a bad man! Let’s go #Padres!!! #FTC
11 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
David Wasserman
@jgbarratt @ESPNChiCubs @gmanskigee I repeat Kirby Yates is out of the game let's hold them and score in the in the 10th We can get within 3 the Cardinals if we pull this off
11 Sep, 05:30 AM UTC
Brad Robinson
Kirby Yates awaits, so they have Bryzzo with a chance to tie it in the 9th and if not, it’s daunting.
11 Sep, 04:32 AM UTC
💀 sara j 💀
If the Phillies don't try their hardest to go after Kirby Yates this winter I'm not watching the 2020 season
10 Sep, 11:28 PM UTC
Beverly Hills Sports Council
Kirby Yates (@KauaiKirby39) and wife Ashlee to host Epilepsy Awareness Night to support @EpilepsySD
10 Sep, 11:00 PM UTC
René Axel
“You can’t have one foot in and expect everything to turn out good. This is the toughest league in the world. It’s not easy to win major league baseball games. You need all your bullets, and you need all your studs. That’s just how it is.” - Kirby Yates
11 Sep, 06:33 AM UTC
Kirby Yates my goodness. Making those Cubbies power hitters absolutely whif.
11 Sep, 05:30 AM UTC
Steve Hartman
Kirby Yates is the real deal! The Padres would be stupid to get rid of him!!!
11 Sep, 05:27 AM UTC
Damn. Best hitters #Cubs have tonight and Kirby Yates does what he's been doing all season. Striking them out and leaving them guessing...
11 Sep, 05:27 AM UTC
Just Your Average Joe
Yet if Kirby Yates were on the Cubs, he’d probably give up the game winning runs
11 Sep, 05:27 AM UTC
Angela Vereau
Wow! Kirby Yates!
11 Sep, 05:26 AM UTC
Uncle Baki
Kirby Yates is good
11 Sep, 05:24 AM UTC
Kristopher Limberg
Step 1: Kirby Yates, get the Cubs out Step 2: Padres walk off Make it happen.
11 Sep, 05:19 AM UTC
Epilepsy AZ
Padres closer Kirby Yates and his wife, Ashlee, will host an Epilepsy Awareness Night at Petco Park after Ashlee was diagnosed with the condition last year.
10 Sep, 10:00 PM UTC
David Wasserman
@Kelly_Crull @thekapman @NBCSChicago Kirby Yates out of the game we caught a break
11 Sep, 05:39 AM UTC
Will Olson
To the 10th, thank god Kirby Yates isn't out there cause he looked unhittable. #Cubs
11 Sep, 05:37 AM UTC
Jerry Beach
Eric Hosmer on with two outs in the ninth inning for the Padres, who pinch-hit for Kirby Yates earlier in the inning.
11 Sep, 05:34 AM UTC
SJ Altherr
Who the heck is Kirby Yates and how does he paint the black on every pitch? That was video game accuracy/location.
11 Sep, 05:31 AM UTC
Sean McDermott
Kirby Yates hits Rizzo with 2 outs, Kris Bryant comes to the plate having already hit 2 homers tonight, Yates strikes out Bryant swinging to end the top of the 9th Cubs & Padres remain tied @ 8 apiece
11 Sep, 05:30 AM UTC

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