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49ers on NBCS
By the slimmest of margins, George Kittle beat out Travis Kelce in a vote for the best TE in the NFL 💪 @NBCS49ers's photo on Kittle
08 Jul, 01:38 AM UTC
Coach Yac 🗣
George Kittle & Trent Taylor looking great out there. The footwork is on point for both. 👀 jholt_athelite IG #49ers
08 Jul, 08:21 PM UTC
PFF Fantasy Football
Most games with 5+ catches and 50+ receiving yards since 2018: ◻️ DeAndre Hopkins (25) ◻️ Julio Jones (25) ◻️ Travis Kelce (24) ◻️ Keenan Allen (23) ◻️ Michael Thomas (23) ◻️ George Kittle (22) ◻️ Robert Woods (21) ◻️ Davante Adams (20)
08 Jul, 12:32 AM UTC
A healthy Hockenson 👀, training with Kittle 👀👀👀.
08 Jul, 10:01 PM UTC
PFF Fantasy Football
@Cantguardmike Hey Michael, these are the numbers including playoff stats: DeAndre Hopkins – 27 Travis Kelce - 26 Michael Thomas – 25 Julio Jones – 25 Robert Woods - 23 Keenan Allen – 23 Davante Adams – 22 George Kittle – 22 Julian Edelman – 22
08 Jul, 03:46 PM UTC
George Kittle was asked about the possibility of a hold out and this was his response: ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #49ers
08 Jul, 11:04 PM UTC
49ers Webzone
George Kittle Says he will not Hold Out #49ers [@grantcohn]
08 Jul, 11:40 PM UTC
Betsy Vazquez
Just don't let Kittle go please🙏🙏 #49ers #49ersfootball
08 Jul, 09:41 PM UTC
CBS Sports HQ
Why is George Kittle the number 1 TE in fantasy?! We'll let @gkittle46 answer ⬇️ @CBSSportsHQ's photo on Kittle
08 Jul, 10:51 PM UTC
Grant Cohn
George Kittle says he will not hold out. Here's why: #49ers
08 Jul, 11:27 PM UTC
49ers Webzone
#49ers insider discusses the possibility of George Kittle holding out for a new contract (via @MySportsUpdate)
08 Jul, 05:29 PM UTC
Can 2020 just stop already! This means Kittle is likely getting his money but we likely lose Mostert. #49ers
08 Jul, 09:14 PM UTC
Nick Newman
These are defining moments for Lynch and Shanahan. The loyalty to their players is being tested. Buckner, Mostert, and Kittle have done everything right for this organization. Each of them respresented this organization as well as they possibly could.
08 Jul, 10:57 PM UTC
Hugh Tomasello
@49ersHive Deserves a raise, however he's gotta wait it out a year. Niners already paid Armstead and are working on a monster deal for Kittle. Keep up the same production in 2020 and they'll have to pay him.
08 Jul, 11:28 PM UTC
JD w/HawkHaterTV
RBs are a dime a dozen. Franchise left tackles aren't. And Kittle will get his money.
08 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
Marco Mart
49ers went out and took care of Trent Williams giving him his money up front but can’t take care of Kittle or Mostert👀
08 Jul, 11:37 PM UTC
𝑱 𝑮𝒊𝒍𝒍
@SLAAAAAAATTTTTT He’s getting paid as a special teams player but He deserves to get paid but we don’t need to pay him because we have other backs. Plus we gotta extend kittle.
08 Jul, 11:35 PM UTC
C-Cake DreamBear 'The Last Warrior'
@JL_Chapman I think they do nothing at this point. I want the guy to get paid, but the Kittle contract takes priority. This is a business and I'm sorry Mostert hasn't gotten that payday yet.
08 Jul, 11:35 PM UTC
David Gomez
@49x365 @49ers with what money?! Kittle is about to get a big contract.. this isn’t some fantasy where the 49ers have unlimited cash to give to every single player
08 Jul, 11:34 PM UTC
Inside the 49
George Kittle wants to be there for his team when camp opens
08 Jul, 11:34 PM UTC
@MarkDaShark28 They have. Just because it’s a love fest for Kittle
08 Jul, 11:34 PM UTC
@flexinroyalty @thaboydom415 @ApMeech Mannn they averages only off of 8 games he ain’t ball out a full season , we need a full season of that production before any check gets cleared & Kittle is first priority
08 Jul, 11:32 PM UTC
Im a Huge Hockenson fan...Kittle ain't so bad
08 Jul, 11:32 PM UTC
Dr. Avalanche
@primtime03 @LeoLuna93 Kittle money won't go for this year tho it'll go towards 2021+. Never know if he can last 16 games that's the part I feel they worry about which they should.Dude has no leverage so he won't get it unless they probably give him more guaranteed money for the contract he has already
08 Jul, 11:31 PM UTC
@waynebreezie That's all next year's battles except Kittle who I believe we should pay now especially if its true that he'll sign for $13m/yr.
08 Jul, 11:28 PM UTC
Marshall Auerback
@BayAreaSports89 FWIW, I think you and @grantcohn are right: Mostert deserves more and I can't blame him for going for a bigger payday. Be interesting to see where he lands. OTOH, RBs are easily replaceable, as Kyle's father showed. But Kittle is the one guy on the offense who is irreplaceable.
08 Jul, 11:28 PM UTC
@JuiceDaaKid @ofwgktadanielle we don’t even have the cap to pick anyone else up 💀 gotta resign kittle
08 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC
Kurt Gauger
And another thing for all the people who want to pay every player max money. Like the Kittle 18-20 million craziness. This isnt the 80s anymore people. There is a Salary Cap. Lynch and Shanahan are just trying to field the best team they can under that Cap.
08 Jul, 11:42 PM UTC
Paul Allen
@True_Dawg @MrRascal71 @TesslerSports Has nothing to do with the corporation. It has to do with the cap. They aren’t going to waste a cent on an easily replaceable guy like Mostert when they need every penny to deal with Kittle.
08 Jul, 11:42 PM UTC

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