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Jason Gregor
I don't buy Klefbom is main reason 1st unit PP is struggling. Many factors. Not moving puck quickly, too stationary… https://t.co/qAbBJYKopD
14 Nov, 09:30 PM UTC
Kent Wilson
Whenever a good player is being pilloried by a team’s attendant MSM early in the year, you can usually bet his PDO… https://t.co/Ju9PfmxxBr
14 Nov, 04:50 PM UTC
KLEFBOM! He may not be able to score on the power play but he can score a shorty! 😏
15 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
Jeff Veillette
Klefbom for Bozak, so McDavid can play a few months with his idol https://t.co/HdstpiU2wc
14 Nov, 04:56 PM UTC
Jason Gregor
Excellent play from Khaira. Didn't force shot and made nice pass to Klefbom, who scores his first SH goal of his career.
15 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
Gerard Murray
@Archaeologuy If Russell doesn’t whiff on keeping the puck in we don’t go short handed and Klefbom doesn’t score, s… https://t.co/2ETzSoFcE3
15 Nov, 02:18 AM UTC
I wish oiler fans at the game would go BOOM after Klefbom goal announced.
15 Nov, 02:19 AM UTC
So I go out for dinner and ask the boys to man the tweets until I get back. One Klefbom tweet with no abs pic. For… https://t.co/miNNXh3AMt
15 Nov, 02:29 AM UTC
Dustin Nielson
What's Klefbom doing so far up ice while killing a penalty? #kidding
15 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
Oscar Klefbom with the shorty! #RogersNHLLive #StarCam
15 Nov, 02:18 AM UTC
I love that Klefbom scored. The Universe has a sense of humour. -bm
15 Nov, 02:34 AM UTC
Chris Gordeyko
Klefbom and Jujhar are a very odd 2-on-1 combo. WORKS THO! #OILERS
15 Nov, 02:17 AM UTC
#GottaSeeIt: Oscar Klefbom kicks things off in Edmonton with a short-handed goal. 🚨 https://t.co/habs1BubrW
15 Nov, 02:39 AM UTC
Beer League Heroes
Fack! THAT was a great period of hockey for the #Oilers!!! JJ Khaira is showing that he wants to stay with the bi… https://t.co/I363a2c6Sk
15 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC
Terry Jones
Shorthanded goal. Oscar Klefbom gets an out-of-the-dog-house goal to give the Oiler s 1-0 lead over the Vegas Golden Knights.
15 Nov, 02:17 AM UTC
Paul Almeida
I dont see the #Oilers trading Nurse or Klefbom. https://t.co/NW1WvOgW51
15 Nov, 02:14 AM UTC
Omg! Why have we never done this?!?!? Oiler fans get the word out klefbom scores we go Boom! https://t.co/2nJwp87ont
15 Nov, 02:23 AM UTC
These Klefbom shots from the point seem to be leading to some chances.
15 Nov, 02:38 AM UTC
I blame @Klefbom93 rough start on the @NHL & @adidas for the lack of Klefbom jerseys and the ridiculous delay in no… https://t.co/eDdH3XvLga
14 Nov, 07:53 PM UTC
15 Nov, 02:39 AM UTC
Dave Gordon
Klefbom’s all like, fuck you Mark Spector!!
15 Nov, 02:38 AM UTC
Matt Henderson
Off a Klefbom shot.
15 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
Klefbom needed that in the worst way. Nice hustle by Khaira for the goal!
15 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
Bryna Campbell 🇨🇦
YEEEEEEAAAAH klefbom! #oilers #goal
15 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
@Woodguy55 BUT, @NatStatTrick can! WITH McDavid 5x4: Shot attempts: Sekera - 113.9/60 16/17 Klefbom - 109.3/60 17… https://t.co/1q2vBFkmg6
14 Nov, 08:17 PM UTC
NHL Daily 365
15 Nov, 02:34 AM UTC
Klefbom just stopped a 4-on-2 leading to that break the other way.
15 Nov, 02:35 AM UTC
Stu The Penguin
Klefbom must have read the @SportsnetSpec piece today. Because he's the best player on the ice tonight.
15 Nov, 03:20 AM UTC
khaira to klefbom 😍
15 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
Trevor Ruptash
Klefbom bandwagon full again
15 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
NHL Goals
EDM: Matt Benning (2) assists: Oscar Klefbom (4), Connor McDavid (13) Goalie Maxime Lagace (EDM 4, VGK 0 - 10:19 2nd)
15 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
Young Benning!!! Klefbom is back and firing the pill like he means it
15 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
oscar klefbom is an anagram for bar folks come
15 Nov, 02:54 AM UTC
If Klefbom keeps this up, he'll stop being the target for critics in a hurry.
15 Nov, 03:39 AM UTC
Rob Soria
@KurtLeavins Yeah...people need to relax on Mr Klefbom. Outside of what was a rough afternoon against NYR, Oscar ha… https://t.co/YcgC72DvFu
15 Nov, 03:22 AM UTC
Klefbom following up a solid outting last game with some great play today.
15 Nov, 02:36 AM UTC
Patrick Henri
Matt Benning fait dévier un tir d'Oscar Klefbom et donne les devants 4-0 aux #Oilers.Une aide aussi pour Connor McDavid.
15 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
Klefbom playing elite, that's the Oscar we know
15 Nov, 03:21 AM UTC
Look at damn Klefbom on the ice for another goal, that guy is the WORST
15 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
Oscar Klefbom to all his doubters tonight: #Oilers
15 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
Klefbom, finally!!!!!! 😁😁😁
15 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
Cody Obrigewitch
Side note I wish Klefbom would celly goals by taking his jersey off... I mean what 😳@OilersNation #absofsteel #OILERSBETTER
15 Nov, 02:40 AM UTC
Klefbom is having another good game.
15 Nov, 02:38 AM UTC
Andy Jamieson
@JamesGronau "Is Klefbom to blame?" #OilersNation 👎🏻
15 Nov, 02:30 AM UTC
Aman Jaggi
15 Nov, 02:23 AM UTC
Darryl Martin
NHL: Edmonton 3 Vegas 0 (End 1st Period) VGK-None; EDM-O Klefbom (2), P Maroon (5), R Nugent-Hopkins (7); Goalies:… https://t.co/eANxSZSijl
15 Nov, 03:29 AM UTC
DJ Splash Bandicoot
@JSBMjeanshorts Really upping Klefbom's trade value
15 Nov, 03:26 AM UTC
Annika Greder Duncan
Klefbom med 1 mål och 1 assist när Edmonton leder med 4-0 över Vegas.
15 Nov, 03:25 AM UTC
megan harris
the one time i bench klefbom he’s having the best night this season.. wow
15 Nov, 03:24 AM UTC
Also it's 4-0 and Klefbom is still nailing the net with slapshots. #raytweetsabouthockey
15 Nov, 03:22 AM UTC
Justin Rayner
Put pucks to the net & good things happen! Nice tip by Benning. D really jumping up into the play tonight & Klefbom… https://t.co/MK7nbaCEY4
15 Nov, 03:21 AM UTC
Knights On Ice
Klefbom and McDavid with the assists. https://t.co/ay8M78T3b7
15 Nov, 03:21 AM UTC
Ice Hockey Newz
Klefbom opens the scoring https://t.co/NO8LMMVPLD
15 Nov, 03:21 AM UTC
Chad Jenkins
@SportsnetSpec How many points does klefbom have
15 Nov, 03:20 AM UTC
Courtney Thompson
Benning! From Klefbom and McDavid! #LetsgoOilers
15 Nov, 03:20 AM UTC
Nick Grant
See Klefbom, when you shoot the puck, good shit happens
15 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
I am Illustrious
TM likes you jumping up in the rush - unless you're Klefbom
15 Nov, 03:13 AM UTC
Shawn Franklin
@Archaeologuy Don’t joke about that, once Klefbom is run out of toe. Who knows who will be next!
15 Nov, 02:55 AM UTC
Matt Sauve
@whaletendy Not a klefbom so we are clear. Custom 77 with klefbae on name bar
15 Nov, 02:54 AM UTC
@DKingBH @EdmontonRaider Seriously. Do you think he doesn’t like Klefbom?
15 Nov, 02:51 AM UTC
MM Diaz
Dear Oscar Klefbom, Congratulations on your face. #Oilers
15 Nov, 02:51 AM UTC
Did Principe just call Klefbom David?
15 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC
Shaun Johal
@SportsnetSpec how's Klefbom looking now?
15 Nov, 02:45 AM UTC
Klefbom and Nuge!! Lesssgooo! #Oilers
15 Nov, 02:39 AM UTC
Sam Happi
Khaira has looked really good, great assist on Klefbom goal. Klefbom has had two very good chances, scored on one. #LetsGoOilers
15 Nov, 02:37 AM UTC
@67sound klefbom is next. hopefully it’s to the leafs for a winger
15 Nov, 02:36 AM UTC
NHL Goal Tracker
VGK@EDM: Klefbom scores on 2-on-1 rush https://t.co/v6lRm1flHU
15 Nov, 02:30 AM UTC
Martin Male
What the hell was Klefbom doing there? Trying to give the goal back? That was a brutal pass to the other team #Oilers
15 Nov, 02:28 AM UTC
FC Oily Boys ⚽️🛢
Flu shot needle pricked me while the notification for Klefbom’s goal came in. WHATEVER THAT MEANS. #Oilers
15 Nov, 02:28 AM UTC
Kye Banack
Everybody shitting on Spector right now about Klefbom is well deserved
15 Nov, 02:26 AM UTC
Mighty Oil Podcast
Oscar Klefbom OVERTIIIIIIMME...khmm... shorthanded goal!
15 Nov, 02:26 AM UTC
NHL Prospects Watch
Klefbom has the #Oilers up 1-0.
15 Nov, 02:23 AM UTC
15 Nov, 02:23 AM UTC
Klefbom 👌👌👌
15 Nov, 02:22 AM UTC
Edward DeBartolo III
@ryan_batty Thinking klefbom should be your best d is more of a chiarelli problem than a klefbom problems. The off… https://t.co/7RLhxR9X4G
15 Nov, 02:22 AM UTC
Brandon Cohen
@CHRlSKREIDER @EdmontonOilers it's okay. i support Klefbom because I like to think he's playing in honor of him. thank u
15 Nov, 02:22 AM UTC
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