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Fabrizio Romano
Jurgen Klopp on Ralf Rangnick: “Unfortunately a good coach is coming to England, to Manchester United! He’s a really experienced manager, built two clubs from nowhere”. 🇩🇪 #MUFC “Man United will be organised on the pitch. That's obviously not good news for other teams”. #LFC @FabrizioRomano's photo on Klopp
26 Nov, 12:36 PM UTC
High praise from Jurgen Klopp 🇩🇪 @ESPNFC's photo on Klopp
25 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC
Jürgen Klopp on Ralf Rangnick joining #mufc: "Unfortunately a good coach is coming to England — obviously that's not good news for other teams." #mulive [@footballdaily] @utdreport's photo on Klopp
26 Nov, 12:30 PM UTC
🗣 Jurgen Klopp on Ralf Rangnick joining #mufc: "Obviously, that's not good news for other teams." [@footballdaily]
26 Nov, 12:33 PM UTC
@FabrizioRomano Klopp's literally saying Man Utd have been disorganized on the pitch. Glad those days are finally over
26 Nov, 12:44 PM UTC
Liverpool FC
Jürgen Klopp has described how he will look to manage his midfield selections amid the intensity of our winter fixture schedule 👇
26 Nov, 01:58 PM UTC
Paul Gorst
Klopp: “The PL makes steps every year. It’s not about the top teams, the improvement of the league can be seen In positions below. Brighton, Villa, Arsenal, Wolves…it’s just the league is so strong, Really tough and exciting. For sure the best league I’ve had here so far.”
26 Nov, 12:31 PM UTC
Chris Williams
Just breaking my Twitter hiatus to emphatically say Jürgen Klopp did not get his love of hard pressing football from Ralf Rangnick - which I’ve read about 10 times this week. Wolfgang Frank was Klopp’s mentor, who in turn was influenced by Arrigo Sacchi.
26 Nov, 04:55 PM UTC
Man United News
👑The godfather of German football. ✍️ Mentor to Klopp, Nagelsmann and Tuchel. 🧠 Developed the famous Gegenpress. 📈 Influential in RB Leipzig's rise. Manchester United have potentially pulled off a masterstroke with Ralf Rangnick... 🇩🇪🙌 #MUFC @ManUtdMEN's photo on Klopp
26 Nov, 04:50 PM UTC
Forever United
Jürgen Klopp sobre Ralf Rangnick: “Desafortunadamente, un gran director técnico va a dirigir al Manchester United. El United se organizará, y debemos aceptar eso. No es una buena noticia para el resto de equipos” [@footballdaily] https://t.co/8a0pNAOjON
26 Nov, 12:35 PM UTC
Anfield Watch
Klopp on the title race: "The Premier League has made steps every year. The improvement in the league is massive. Brighton - exceptional. Aston Villa - an incredible team. Spurs - strong on their day. Arsenal, Wolves - sensational." #awlive [lfc]
26 Nov, 12:31 PM UTC
Think some expectations for the rest of the season should be tempered. If our coaching is far behind as people like to say it is, there’s no chance Rangnick can implement his game plan in a matter of weeks. Klopp took a while. If it does turn around very fast…
26 Nov, 06:15 PM UTC
Prashanth Nair
United fans to Klopp and Tuchel right now🤣 #ManUtd #WelcomeRalf https://t.co/T7BKR2Cejs
26 Nov, 12:04 PM UTC
Diablos Rojos
Jurgen Klopp hablando sobre Ralf Rangnick: “Desafortunadamente un buen entrenador está por llegar a Inglaterra, ¡A Manchester United! Él tiene seria experiencia, construyó 2 clubes de la nada. United estará organizado en la cancha, eso no es bueno para los otros equipos." #MUFC https://t.co/tZ7Da3HES2
26 Nov, 01:33 PM UTC
Son style, sa philosophie, ses idées... plongée dans la tête du mentor de Jürgen Klopp et futur entraîneur de Manchester United. https://t.co/d5DLWXgA1R
26 Nov, 02:08 PM UTC
Telegraph Football
Jurgen Klopp: Man Utd hiring Ralf Rangnick is bad news for rest of Premier League/ @_ChrisBascombe & @JBurtTelegraph report https://t.co/C9KZPkaDI4
26 Nov, 04:51 PM UTC
Simpatisan United
🗣 — Jürgen Klopp tentang Rangnick: “Sayangnya seorang pelatih yang baik akan datang ke Inggris, ke Manchester United! Dia adalah manajer yg sangat berpengalaman, membangun dua klub entah dari mana. United akan terorganisir di lapangan. Itu jelas bukan kabar baik bagi tim lain” https://t.co/O3RBhIVzGY
26 Nov, 12:45 PM UTC
ihtishamul nafis96🇧🇩
@Chris78Williams A manager can be influenced by multiple managers. So, yeah.. Ragnick is one of Klopp’s inspiration https://t.co/vdOpigTffy
26 Nov, 05:12 PM UTC
Arteta has the same number of points as Klopp in 2021!😂😂😂 https://t.co/9RQiFFBL12
26 Nov, 05:13 PM UTC
Hale End Fan Account
Klopp cocked up a touchline drama and changed his entire pressing scheme to beat a team of kids at Anfield where they haven't lost to big 6 in 6 years. We're back. The entire league is insecure... https://t.co/u4gPpQoIAz
26 Nov, 06:21 PM UTC
Scotty Tridge 🇩🇪
Klopp's style was apparent after the first game, you could see what he wanted to do he just had a really terrible and unfit squad so, it took a couple years getting them out and ones he wanted in. United have a way superior squad. I would expect us to see the style quickly. https://t.co/uy8BNUxDZ3
26 Nov, 06:26 PM UTC
Dedé Moreira
Dica do amigo: Os 2 do Pep O do Klopp Pirâmide invertida Escola Europeia https://t.co/q3GNjynkkX
26 Nov, 06:11 PM UTC
Players Sayings
Jurgen Klopp on Ralf Rangnick: 🗣 „Unfortunately a good coach is coming to England, to Manchester United! He’s a really experienced manager, built two clubs from nowhere. Man Utd will be organised on the pitch. That's obviously not good news for other teams”. https://t.co/EI6SfJenvZ
26 Nov, 06:28 PM UTC
Tiago Cordeiro
Klopp não se interessar pela final da Libertadores confirma que a Europa não vê os jogos mas não exime a @LibertadoresBR de críticas. A Confederação transformou ida e volta numa final única em lugar pré-estabelecido para deixar a competição mais europeia. Não funcionou.
26 Nov, 03:40 PM UTC
FOX Sports MX
ASEGURÓ QUE SU LLEGADA NO SON BUENAS NOTICIAS PARA LOS DEMÁS😲 #CentralFOX Jürgen Klopp sobre la eventual llegada de Ralf Rangnick al banquillo del Manchester United hasta final de temporada https://t.co/F8sFzkGTAb
26 Nov, 06:30 PM UTC
beIN SPORTS Español
Klopp aseguró que la llegada de Ralf Rangnick al banquillo del United tendrá un gran efecto en la Premier League https://t.co/1uMwTmCmOg
26 Nov, 06:30 PM UTC
Cogito Ergo Sum 
@KhanFaizan645 @FabrizioRomano Ragnick Ka german football par boht influence hai. A proper team builder. Tuchel aur Klopp is hi say inspired haib
26 Nov, 06:27 PM UTC
Chat Shirts Get Banged
@klopp_1 I just don’t wanna cause aggro but I paid for the item on the 12th November
26 Nov, 06:27 PM UTC