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Rob Perez
@nyknicks missed the game again but looks like another hard-earned victory after the big W in Milwaukee! love it that we’re finally back. #Knickstape
06 Dec, 02:49 AM UTC
Nikola Garbagekic🗣💯📋
i am proud to announce that i will be retiring from playing basketball, and i have been hired as head coach by the new york knicks! let’s turn this team around! #KnicksTape #knicks #letsgo #coach #nbatwitter https://t.co/1Uj5aSo7j1
06 Dec, 08:52 PM UTC
DK Nation
The #Knicks finally pulled the plug on David Fizdale, firing the head coach this afternoon, per @wojespn. @SlateBreakerDFS has the details here: https://t.co/SNiIeiINL6 #KnicksTape
06 Dec, 08:51 PM UTC
Glenn - thegametwok @ #CRLFinals
Dolan is that SF5 player who is bad fundamentally, hopes for "their" new character as a big reveal so they'll "get serious about playing the game," gets mad when it doesn't come and then blames everyone else instead of trying to get better from the ground up. #knickstape
06 Dec, 09:09 PM UTC
Nick Fronte
Obviously Knicks roster sucks, but Fizdale’s rotations always made no sense. Was terrible for the growth of the younger players #KnicksTape
06 Dec, 08:51 PM UTC
Mark Jackson 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 please #KnicksTape #nyk #nba
06 Dec, 08:46 PM UTC
super-spicy big dad
.@nyknicks here is my resume. I am submitting it for the position of head coach #KNICKSTAPE https://t.co/mHqvC8JSxw
06 Dec, 08:47 PM UTC
Miss TLC
Welp. It’s been fun Fiz. Actually it hasn’t. It hasn’t truly been fun since the 2012-2013 season. Those were the days. #KnicksTape https://t.co/mXuPaapnvp
06 Dec, 09:08 PM UTC
Evan Ferrara
Later Fiz #knickstape #comeback
06 Dec, 08:52 PM UTC
Young OG
#KnicksTape 😂🤣😂 this why KD and Kyrie fled to Brooklyn https://t.co/D7MxisRnCH
06 Dec, 09:50 PM UTC
Josh Elkin
@FettyFloc Hell na LMFAOOO #KnicksTape and funny cus the comments had niggas talmbout Knicks fan should become LA fans haha wrongggg
06 Dec, 09:31 PM UTC
Any idea, @nyknicks? #knicks #knickstape https://t.co/dESSaaFii5
06 Dec, 09:30 PM UTC
Jamil (JJ)
You alright Stephen A? #KnicksTape
06 Dec, 09:15 PM UTC
Scott Benjamin
I called the Fizdale firing last night with my Dad #knickstape https://t.co/3VZjK0wQy6
06 Dec, 09:12 PM UTC
Roosevelt Cooper🧢
While I wanted Mark Jackson this is NOT a COACHING issue. This is a ROSTER issue. Coach Fizdale was not giving the roster to be successful and he’s being scapegoated. #knicks #nyknicks #KnicksTape #nbanews #knicksnation #garyveechallenge https://t.co/JIvS77tHoK
06 Dec, 09:12 PM UTC
Thomas The Dank Engine
@Marishaq6 #KnicksTape
06 Dec, 08:53 PM UTC
Angela Mack
For the love of God, New York Knicks on behalf of all #KnicksTape fans, PLEASE fcking hire Mark Jackson already! Enough with the BS.
06 Dec, 08:51 PM UTC
Fizdale was not the problem #KnicksTape
06 Dec, 08:49 PM UTC
Rodd.D - Slim Ghetto
The Knicks firing Fiz is the only time in history I’ll ever be happy for a black man losing his job #NewYork #KnicksTape don’t deserve a real Coach until they get a real owner
06 Dec, 08:49 PM UTC
This is great news. Now, it’s not that the Knicks will be significantly better with someone else. They’ll struggle still. But they can now hire an actual coach. Fizdale was more a buddy than head coach. Players need a leader, not a friend. #knicks #knickstape #fizdale https://t.co/RJYbiVxyjc
06 Dec, 08:47 PM UTC
Peace Out Fizdale. #KnicksTape
06 Dec, 08:46 PM UTC
Michael Pilch
FIZ FALLS FLAT #knickstape
06 Dec, 09:57 PM UTC
@nyknicks this would be a good lineup #Knicks #knickstape #nyknicks #mikemiller @DSJfans @TheKnicksWall https://t.co/g1myX6N4fx
06 Dec, 09:56 PM UTC
❌SHnaptain Amerikkka❌
Can we get a mark jackson , thibs, and mike woodson bench?? lol im just sayin #Knicks #knickstape
06 Dec, 09:53 PM UTC
@nyknicks x @MarkJackson13 May the BASKETBALL GODS make this happen please 👏🏾 #MarkJackson #KnicksHeadCoach #KnicksTape
06 Dec, 09:52 PM UTC

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