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23 Sep, 07:29 PM UTC
Alexandre Gangué-Ruzic
So how long until Luca Koleosho and Ismaël Koné time? #CanMNT
23 Sep, 06:01 PM UTC
Joshua Kloke
“He was relentless with what he wanted.” Meet Luca Koleosho, the 18-year-old who left home at 10 (!) for a European academy and could make his Canadian national team debut today. #CanMNT https://t.co/9DHlGoFAuE
23 Sep, 12:12 PM UTC
CanMNT Superfan
Alright, this game just needs Corbeanu, Koleosho debut and Waterman! Please John, you have been perfect in management so far!! #CanMNT
23 Sep, 06:37 PM UTC
Patrice Bernier
Looking forward today @CanadaSoccerEN to see some bright young talents, Ismael Koné 20 yrs old, Luca Koleosho 18 yrs and Theo Corbeanu 20 yrs old get significant minutes versus Qatar #CANMNT
23 Sep, 03:38 PM UTC
The Athletic Soccer
From ages seven to 11, Luca Koleosho played for a New York City youth club called the Manhattan Kickers. When did Evan Rosenthal — a coach for the club — know that Koleosho had a future in soccer? “Oh, right away.” ✍️ @joshuakloke https://t.co/16Bz3ILUGL @TheAthleticSCCR's photo on Koleosho
22 Sep, 10:02 PM UTC
Mike McGuire
Only criticism I have of the game today is how you give Brym who's shown absolutely nothing every time he's been called in 30 mins while leaving Corbeanu & Koleosho on the bench, especially Theo with the form he's in. Herdman got that wrong #CanMNT
23 Sep, 07:05 PM UTC
@tv_jjd Koleosho / Kone, also maybe TB but doubt buchanan will play i havent even seen a picture of him training
23 Sep, 02:36 PM UTC
Canucks Abroad
🇨🇦 XI: Borjan; Adekugbe, Miller, Vitória, Johnston; Davies, Piette, Eustaquio, Hoilett (c); Larin, David SUBS: Crépeau, St. Clair, Brym, Cavallini, Corbeanu, Cornelius, Kaye, Kennedy, Koleosho, Koné, Laryea, Millar, Ugbo, Waterman 🇨🇦 v 🇶🇦 | #CanMNT #WeCAN | #CanucksAbroad
23 Sep, 03:50 PM UTC
Koleosho_Jnr ♍️
@Naija_PR Make una no start abeg 😂😂😂
23 Sep, 07:45 PM UTC
KJ 🇺🇦
No Koleosho or Corbeanu in a situation that (imo) both should have got looks. #CanMNT
23 Sep, 06:55 PM UTC
Disgruntled Supporters Section
I'm not even watching this #CANMNT match (taped for later), but Brym is getting a 30 min run-out with guys like Corbeanu and Koleosho on the bench? C'mon man
23 Sep, 06:46 PM UTC
Mike Lefave
Alright give me Koleosho and Corbeanu please and thank you #CanMNT
23 Sep, 06:20 PM UTC
Want to see Kone, Ugbo, Koleosho and Corbeanu come on in the second half. Want to see what they can do. Especially Ugbo. This will be a huge confidence boost for him. #CANMNT @CanadaSoccerEN
23 Sep, 06:02 PM UTC
Esto es MLS
Ya hay XI para el partido entre @CanadaSoccerEN🇨🇦 y Catar🇶🇦 en Viena. ⚔️ Alphonso Davies y Jonathan David en ataque, con todo 👶 Koleosho e Ismaël Koné esperarán su oportunidad desde el banquillo https://t.co/XSQ0Nyvv7X
23 Sep, 03:41 PM UTC
Charles-Andreas Brym has no business being subbed in before Theo Corbeanu and Luca Koleosho. Brym hasn’t had a single good touch on the ball. #QATCAN
23 Sep, 06:55 PM UTC
On The Rise
Ugbo, Kone, and Brym all entering the match exactly what I’ve wanted to see! All we need is Koleosho to come on for Hoilett!
23 Sep, 06:19 PM UTC
Vince Alvarado
@NorthernFutbol @GalindoPW @AlexGangueRuzic @ThomasNef What do you think is behind Herdman's aversion to getting guys their debut caps recently? Of the two friendlies you'd think Qatar was the game to sub in Koleosho and Waterman.
23 Sep, 07:27 PM UTC
Shocked to see no Corbeanu or Koleosho today. Considering Theo is top scorer for a championship side and on great form, it’s a big surprise he doesn’t feature. Should have easily won 5-0. Uruguay will be a massive struggle #CANMNT #QATCAN
23 Sep, 07:07 PM UTC
Jon Thompson
@AlexGangueRuzic Was really hoping to see either Koleosho or Theo Corbeanu in the second half
23 Sep, 06:54 PM UTC
El Canaco
Herdman is going to use everyone except Koleosho and Waterman, isn't he? #CanMNT https://t.co/YsOcmH1vBD
23 Sep, 06:37 PM UTC
@24thminute I know what you mean, I had similar worries. Team look good so far. One more goal and Herdman could bring new boys on the pitch to test them (Kone, Corbeanu,Koleosho, Waterman)
23 Sep, 05:58 PM UTC
On The Rise
@Vans_jets Perfect match to see Koleosho and Corbeanu get a chance as well.
23 Sep, 05:49 PM UTC
Banned For Being Right
@tv_jjd Hope to see some of the young talent that have not played yet for Canada such as Corbeanu, Koleosho, Brynn, Waterman.
23 Sep, 04:43 PM UTC
Manhattan Kickers FC
Former Kicker Luca Koleosho and his prospects with the Canadian National Team. https://t.co/dWDtwspxgH @CanadaSoccerEN @RCDEspanyol
23 Sep, 10:27 AM UTC
@NorthernFutbol @GalindoPW @AlexGangueRuzic @ThomasNef Should John not have given Koleosho a run instead of Brym?
23 Sep, 07:38 PM UTC
Adeleke Olamilekan
@NursetoluX @YemorWale 2078131354 uba adeleke koleosho
23 Sep, 07:35 PM UTC
On The Rise
@NorthernFutbol @GalindoPW @AlexGangueRuzic @ThomasNef Do you think Koleosho or Corbeanu will feature against Uruguay?
23 Sep, 07:32 PM UTC
Vince Alvarado
@AlexGangueRuzic No debut today for Koleosho or Waterman. A shame.
23 Sep, 06:34 PM UTC