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Love Tony going to Kopech, ride him until the game is over
05 May, 06:47 PM UTC
Herb Lawrence
I absolutely love the pimp stroll after Kopech strikes a dude out with a high fastball @Ecnerwal23's photo on Kopech
05 May, 07:14 PM UTC
James Fegan
Kopech warming in this scoreless tie
05 May, 06:26 PM UTC
Tommy Barbee
I get it but I would've left Kopech in.
05 May, 07:21 PM UTC
Vinnie Duber
More Kopech in the bottom of the ninth. He'll try to get this game to the free-runner innings.
05 May, 07:10 PM UTC
Eloy vs. The Wall (0-∞)
Everyone decide whether Liam for Kopech is a "boneheaded" managerial decision, quick! Before you have the benefit of hindsight!
05 May, 07:22 PM UTC
I woulda left kopech in.
05 May, 07:22 PM UTC
Vinnie Duber
Like he did in the eighth, Kopech strikes out the first two guys he faces in the ninth. Then a base hit to right that Leury García misplays, allowing the winning run to stand 180 feet away. An intentional walk follows, and there's bottom-of-the-ninth drama in Cincy.
05 May, 07:18 PM UTC
Dan Ryan
Why would Leury bare hand that lol ok Kopech let’s get out of this
05 May, 07:18 PM UTC
Vinnie Duber
Kopech issues his fourth walk in two innings, and the rectangles are rockin' with Redlegs. Tony La Russa swaps Kopech for Liam Hendriks, and the closer needs to get an out to bring about extras.
05 May, 07:21 PM UTC
Jose “White Sox Fan” Munoz
Wowzers! What a horrible sequence by this ump. Kopech got robbed on 2 strikes in a crucial at bat. Absolutely awful
05 May, 07:21 PM UTC
Mark Bussey
Absolutely wild that the White Sox best pitcher is neither A) in the starting rotation nor B) the closer. That said, while I scarcely give TLR credit for anything, I applaud the way Michael Kopech has been deployed this season.
05 May, 07:32 PM UTC
Farm To Fame
Get used to this stare down! Jonathan India works a walk off Michael Kopech in the bottom of the 9th https://t.co/0WVFhCSUzI
05 May, 07:23 PM UTC
DJ musterd
Kopech just got screwed outta two strikes against India
05 May, 07:21 PM UTC
Rick C
Very small strike zone for Kopech
05 May, 07:21 PM UTC
@cheapbbpodcast regardless of whether or not he sent him, pulling kopech meaning liam has to run meaning you can't bunt because you don't want your closer sliding into home leads to all the bullshit in that inning.
05 May, 07:39 PM UTC
@scuriiosa @KindaBleu He should've left Kopech in here
05 May, 07:23 PM UTC
Daryl Van Schouwen
Kopech at 43 pitches and done after loading the bases with Reds with two outs in the ninth. La Russa goes to Hendriks after a lengthy discussion with umpire. Hendriks had dashed in, stopped, headed back toward pen and then entered. Barnhart will be the batter.
05 May, 07:23 PM UTC
Eloy vs. The Wall (0-∞)
Oh, and if it doesn't work, obviously we assume leaving Kopech in would have.
05 May, 07:24 PM UTC
An absolute squeeze fest on Kopech here
05 May, 07:21 PM UTC
@RyanMcGuffey He cost kopech and now he’s costing hendriks
05 May, 07:25 PM UTC
Mike D.
Kopech getting squeezed on the edges of the zone. Top and bottom. Hopefully, Hendriks gets out of the jam. #whitesox
05 May, 07:23 PM UTC
Chansey The Rapper
If Hendricks messes this up the TLR should be fired.... If he does good, then TLR should be fired for letting Kopech struggle.
05 May, 07:24 PM UTC
Kopech not getting anything close #WhiteSox
05 May, 07:21 PM UTC
Ian Eskridge
@Eloy_vs_Wall I thought it was a good move because the Kopech walks and Liam is going to be your guy to shut them down in the 10th anyway.
05 May, 07:39 PM UTC
Rob Dominacki
@Jhowie988 @barstoolWSD Yes Michael Kopech and Liam Hendricks
05 May, 07:33 PM UTC
Brandon H.
@vikesroyal On checking BaseballSavant, their pitchers hadn’t pitched there vs RHBs. Only just got pitches there with Kopech
05 May, 07:30 PM UTC
Chicago Bob
@soxmachine_josh The alternative was let Kopech pitch or pinch hit for Hendriks so I’d rather have Hendriks run at second
05 May, 07:30 PM UTC
Steven Stark
So....TLR decides to take out Kopech for Hendriks...it works he got the final out of the 9th...but now Hendriks is the runner on 2nd to start the 10th...did Tony not realize that was going to happen?
05 May, 07:29 PM UTC
@Larry_Boa Jesus fucking christ! Fucked Kopech and Hendriks!
05 May, 07:28 PM UTC