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Here are your 16 KOTR participants #RAW #KingOfTheRing https://t.co/MXkzsyhKpp
13 Aug, 02:02 AM UTC
Petition for Shinsuke to win KOTR so he can dress like this ever week. #RAW https://t.co/Xuv6cjLvVv
13 Aug, 12:37 AM UTC
Wrestle Features
Confirmed for the KOTR: - The Miz - Ricochet - McIntyre - Ali - Kevin Owens - Chad Gable 😎 - Andrade - Shelton Benjamin - Sami Zayn - Cedric Alexander - Baron Corbin - Apollo Crews - Buddy Murphy - Cesaro - Elias - Joe
13 Aug, 03:20 AM UTC
Novell Sunflower 🏁 🇭🇹
Booker T winning KOTR, being a King and having 2 white european servents was damn near reparations for me as a teenager.
13 Aug, 12:56 AM UTC
Xery Come Home
Ricochet gonna lose in the finals of KOTR cause let’s be honest Letting be King Ricochet makes TOO much sense
13 Aug, 04:54 AM UTC
Ryan Conger
Anybody have a slasher i can use for KOTR? (Xbox) 94+ preferably @WRproamleague
12 Aug, 07:40 PM UTC
-Legend74king 👹
GG’z to @BaitCity2K as we move on to the 3rd round of the KOTR @WRproamleague tourney ! @Big_Brudda_PURP @GsTaR____ @ayo_RANKem https://t.co/3ubA5ksdps
13 Aug, 05:35 AM UTC
HoMi Sr. 🦍
Playing WR KOTR at 11:30 est @mattmorg_
13 Aug, 02:47 AM UTC
Dalton Derrick
@XThreeee Ali vs. Ricochet in the finals is my hope, but I know that ish just ain't gonna happen haha. King Ali or King Ricochet is an easy toss up for the company. There's so many good names in the KOTR though, no overly bad calls can get truly made tbh.
13 Aug, 04:57 AM UTC
SledgeHammerTV ⚒️ ☠️
#KingOfTheRing AND the REAL #LegitBoss SASHA BANKS RETURN to #Raw !! #WWE Brings back #KOTR and already messed up before it starts! #WWERaw 8/12 REACTIONS Now on The #SledgehammerWrestlingShow Only on #SledgehammerTV https://t.co/OIHoIlpMSU
13 Aug, 05:20 AM UTC
wolves Esports !
GG’z to @BaitCity2K as we move on to the 3rd round of the KOTR tourney @WRproamleague @ayo_RANKem @Big_Brudda_PURP https://t.co/Sd6c2XNhx1
13 Aug, 05:36 AM UTC
KOTR WR FIRST ROUND https://t.co/IB4Hdq754k @everyone
13 Aug, 04:49 AM UTC
Teng OG
Anyone trynna matchup up? KOTR 5. @ayo_RANKem @WRproamleague
13 Aug, 05:01 AM UTC
Windy City Slam
An idea we can all get behind: The return of King of the Ring! #WWE #RAW #KOTR https://t.co/HyxOWr8ss8
13 Aug, 04:49 AM UTC
Sterling Richards
I was just talking about how they don’t do KOTR anymore and sure shit next day they announce its back @ThePrydeParade
13 Aug, 04:37 AM UTC
Sean Carless
Basically, after King Booker, the King of the Ring has basically become the wrestling equivalent of being named captain of the Aprile Crew on Sopranos. RUN, dudes. No one survives this... #WWERAW #KOTR
13 Aug, 04:25 AM UTC
WM35 KOTR win, single Finn, rest is trash food #WWESuperCard https://t.co/6gORbCRkVj
13 Aug, 05:44 AM UTC
King EC3
Simulated the KOTR tournament for next week, in the finals it was Kevin Owens against Chad Gable with Owens winning it all. And honestly even though I wish someone else would’ve won it I couldn’t see a better way to capitalize on Owens hot streak atm.
13 Aug, 05:21 AM UTC
@sh0wstealer @WrestleFeatures @KingRicochet This KOTR win can go to anyone at this point
13 Aug, 05:08 AM UTC
Sav✖️BC ✖️ XI
@GGwolvesEsports vs Bait City Series 1-0.. @WRproamleague KOTR Tourney https://t.co/lUqE48yuKp
13 Aug, 04:35 AM UTC
I just thought of this guys! @jessithebuckeye @TheEmilJay I hope they’re bringing back KOTR just so @KingRicochet can rep his twitter handle as hard as possible🔥🔥🔥
13 Aug, 04:45 AM UTC
aka Les Moore
@PaulAceFontaine I know you meant crown but so help me I want Corbin to have a pet crow he calls Prince after he wins KotR now.
13 Aug, 04:36 AM UTC
Javiere De R☀️ssi
@_wwearg Van a impulsar a Kevin Owens como el nuevo estonkol haciendolo kotr?
13 Aug, 04:34 AM UTC
The Copy Freditor
@BeerBaron4life Tournaments work best over one night, like WM IV, not drawn out over a month like this KOTR will be.
13 Aug, 04:27 AM UTC