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#KpopVZ 3rd gen: here's a song 2nd gen: this song is magnificent, changed lives. It stopped my great aunt Susan from k1lling her self. it's impact is truly amazing. it hae knetz throwing throwing their backs in the itaewon clubs. Its the best song ever. here's figaro by 9muses
18 Jul, 11:25 PM UTC
seola fans chicago ♡̶
Round 1 Everglow vs Loona #KpopVZ
19 Jul, 12:34 AM UTC
seola fans chicago ♡̶
Round 2 Red Velvet vs Twice #KpopVZ
18 Jul, 09:59 PM UTC
seola fans chicago ♡̶
Round 3 Red Velvet vs Twice #KpopVZ
18 Jul, 10:09 PM UTC
seola fans chicago ♡̶
Round 3 Everglow vs Loona #KpopVZ
19 Jul, 12:50 AM UTC
seola fans chicago ♡̶
Round 2 Everglow vs Loona #KpopVZ
19 Jul, 12:42 AM UTC
The SVT reps don’t know the release of any Seventeen songs. It’s bad.😭 #KpopVZ
18 Jul, 10:35 PM UTC
bon bon chocolat worldwide hit, played at funerals, weddings, schools, space, hell #KpopVZ https://t.co/RivQtFFMdJ
19 Jul, 12:33 AM UTC
Kacey #Summertime ☀️
#KpopVZ Stan woo!ah! everyone! https://t.co/lVSxkDikCk
19 Jul, 12:44 AM UTC
tayla 🍀
seventeen has such good rookie songs they were set up #KpopVZ https://t.co/xJNO79G0yZ
18 Jul, 10:43 PM UTC
melody 🍹
"Love Foolish" is a song recorded by South Korean girl group Twice, written by Hirai Momo. It is the fifth track of the extended play, Feel Special. It was released on September 23, 2019. #KpopVZ https://t.co/81SfTWmSDV
18 Jul, 10:13 PM UTC
during debut era everyone was up everglow’s ass saying bbc was the best 4th gen debut so let’s not lie now #KpopVZ
19 Jul, 12:35 AM UTC
#KpopVZ Stream Song of the summa yall https://t.co/rtMsPbo9F0
19 Jul, 12:04 AM UTC
hm btw everglow and loona have one the best discographies in 4th gen #KpopVZ https://t.co/18CvToRiHW
19 Jul, 12:55 AM UTC
#KpopVZ ELRIS (엘리스) consists of 7 members: Bella, Hyesung, Yukyung, Sohee, Karin, EJ and Chaejeong. The group debuted on June 1, 2017, under Hunus Entertainment. https://t.co/bZM9brbkKy
19 Jul, 12:02 AM UTC
loona wouldve won with any song anyways stop complaining! #KpopVZ
19 Jul, 12:55 AM UTC
seola fans chicago ♡̶
Round 2 T-ara vs Kara #KpopVZ
18 Jul, 11:23 PM UTC
I DONT KNOW PLAYING?!?! let me bring back this iconic performance truly legendary and unmatched #KpopVZ https://t.co/CRVAxX6zNw
18 Jul, 11:03 PM UTC
graduations, weddings, funerals, birthdays, parties etc #KpopVZ https://t.co/0sBlqWRjFH
18 Jul, 11:11 PM UTC
anyways... stan EVERGLOW #KpopVZ https://t.co/lBB9SO0Kl3
19 Jul, 12:54 AM UTC
it’s been fun everglow! #KpopVZ https://t.co/i0Bwb8Zd9l
19 Jul, 12:59 AM UTC
dua 🍀 hyunjuly time!
i saved "yalla" and "no big deal" onto my spotify liked songs, show some love for wjsn and elris 💗 #KpopVZ
19 Jul, 12:00 AM UTC
pixar milf
kpop did not deserve dalshabet !! #KpopVZ
18 Jul, 10:47 PM UTC
✧ Where’s your ticket? 🎟 ¹⁰¹
The pretty girls are Everglow, Stan them. #KpopVZ https://t.co/iDHpirorQm
19 Jul, 01:05 AM UTC
untouchable is so good but it is in fact touchable #KpopVZ
19 Jul, 12:40 AM UTC
NFT Twetch
🤔Digital Art Came To Stay And It Seems To Be God's Work To Take Care Of The Shit Virus🙌 Art has no owner, but we do know that it is the Language of the Soul❤️ #NFT #Artdigital #nftart #NFTartists #NFTcollectibles #NFTdrop #MITB #KpopVZ #MLB #MLBEnTUDN https://t.co/OhlunvntG0
18 Jul, 11:04 PM UTC
both loona and everglow have amazing music but yall just had to lie to boost your ego #KpopVZ
19 Jul, 01:04 AM UTC
Haseul Fans USA
orbits need to put this energy into ACTUAL awards pleek #KpopVZ
19 Jul, 12:59 AM UTC