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Ryan Mead
Yeah you prepared for Panarin, Fox, Mika and Kreider but did you prepare for the worst d line in the NHL of Smith and Hajek??????????? DIDNT THINK SO ISLES
12 Apr, 12:25 AM UTC
Brendan Azoff
Kreider getting an OT shift after getting demoted to the fourth line over the kids is prime Quinn
12 Apr, 01:33 AM UTC
Stat Boy Steven 🇳🇱 🇦🇹➡️🇮🇪
What are the odds that Kravtsov, Kakko, Lafrenière, Panarin and Buchnevich are all in the top 9 the next game? You can't really justify Kravtsov on the 4th line anymore. It's between Kreider and Blackwell for that final top 9 spot on the wing then #NYR
12 Apr, 01:48 AM UTC
Stat Boy Steven 🇳🇱 🇦🇹➡️🇮🇪
Today I am calling the KZB line the "Lazy B" line, because Kreider and Zibanejad are absolutely awful and show zero effort #NYR
11 Apr, 11:58 PM UTC
Im told that Chris Kreider has gone offsides, awaiting confirmation #Insider
12 Apr, 03:40 AM UTC
Mollie Walker
#NYR David Quinn on his decision to demote Chris Kreider to the fourth line at times tonight: "We were struggling so bad during that first period, I really liked the way [Kravtsov] has been playing. I thought it would give that line a little bit different look...
12 Apr, 02:02 AM UTC
John - Lafreniere Is The Way
Howden needs to sit and Kreider needs to be demoted. #NYR
12 Apr, 01:39 AM UTC
Rangers Videos
"Just something that I thought we needed to do" David Quinn talks about his decision to move Chris Kreider down and Vitaly Kravtsov up on the Rangers' lines: @SNYRangers's photo on Kreider
12 Apr, 02:36 AM UTC
Hearing rumblings of Chris Kreider going to....his house. He’s going home, he played an away game.
12 Apr, 03:33 AM UTC
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11 Apr, 09:57 PM UTC
Blaming DQ for this loss is the laziest thing you can do right now. It's not true either. Did DQ tell Kreider to take a dumb penalty? Did DQ tell Mika to suck? Did DQ tell Buchnevich to miss a wide-open net? #NYR
12 Apr, 02:19 AM UTC
Adam, etc.
If nothing else after tonight we now know precisely what it will look like in ‘24 when Kreider is the cornerstone of a gritty yet altogether responsible 4th line.
12 Apr, 03:03 AM UTC
Adam, etc.
Kreider was pulled 15 seconds into his shift because he lost his check in transition which led to a 2 on 1 Shesterkin had to make a big save on. He then replaced him with Chytil, who immediately made a mistake leading to a the game ending goal against, etc .
12 Apr, 02:38 AM UTC
New York Rangerstown
anyways, where on EARTH has Chris Kreider been? Feel like we haven’t heard his name at all since early and late March...
12 Apr, 02:28 AM UTC
@StatBoy_Steven Quinn just said in interview how great kratsov has been and how inconsistent and hesistent Kreider is, which led to demotion. But then Kredier on ice for final 4v4 and in OT. This isn’t so much a complaint more so the messaging is just so inconsistent and confusing.
12 Apr, 02:06 AM UTC
I'm going to make this point on tonight's blog, but really, who says no to the following - Kravtsov should be on the top line on Tuesday night, especially against a bad Devils team. I don't care who gets demoted, whether it's Kreider or Buchnevich. #NYR
12 Apr, 03:47 AM UTC
Thomas Imbornone
@SNYRangers Kreider has not been good in weeks.
12 Apr, 02:43 AM UTC
no unity before accountability
@MollieeWalkerr Yet he then puts Kreider on the ice in OT over Kravtsov & Laf??
12 Apr, 02:06 AM UTC
Kreider didn’t have a good game. I get it. It happens to everyone. Fox in the first period? bread and strome... I can name more. Trade everyone 🤦‍♂️
12 Apr, 03:49 AM UTC
Vinny Petruzzella
@StatBoy_Steven Kreider looks lost.
12 Apr, 02:02 AM UTC
Sam (Bulgarian)
@Trxppebosstar2 They’re not gonna trade for someone because of the fact that they’re likely not making the playoffs, I also think they should take calls on Kreider and see what’s out there
12 Apr, 04:10 AM UTC
@brandonbl111 4 points out my bad but I do have to give them credit they are working there asses off to get in but your just not going to if you have your top 6 forwards playing like crap kreider deserve to stay on the 4th line he played like shit and didn’t contribute at all Mika just having
12 Apr, 03:56 AM UTC
Max Toscano
@FrancisM2H @StatBoy_Steven Panarin Zibanejad Fox Buch Strome Miller Kreider Chytil Lindgren
12 Apr, 03:47 AM UTC