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Katie Sharp
Kriske is the Yankees MVP
10 Jun, 03:33 AM UTC
Talkin' Yanks
Twins have scored four off Brooks Kriske so far in the 9th. 9-6 with two outs
10 Jun, 03:28 AM UTC
Eric Hubbs
Fucking Kriske
10 Jun, 03:28 AM UTC
Ryan Garcia (Please Score Runs)
Actually i like what Kriske did there: Fuck around until Donaldson comes up just to give him an 0-5. Brilliant.
10 Jun, 03:30 AM UTC
Apprehensive Goer-Outside-r
@Yankees @GerritCole45 Above Kriske's locker tomorrow
10 Jun, 03:41 AM UTC
JC ⚾️
#StartSpreadingTheNews Daaaaa Yankees Win 9-6, I Hate Kriske. The offense may have awoken and it was nice to see a dick slappin! Cole dragged his meat all over Rain Mans forehead. I think we should just win the rest of the season and not lose again #SquadUp
10 Jun, 03:30 AM UTC
thank you brooks kriske for shitting the bed in the 9th so the yankees finally got a win in a game they allowed 5+
10 Jun, 03:33 AM UTC
G.T Julian Guilarte
Yankees 9 Twins 6 recap: Cole gets Donaldson to strikeout twice he goes 0-5, and makes the last out of the game! Judge HR, Stanton 2 HR’s, and Miguel Andújar HR which makes 5 in last 8 games. Sano had a HR for the Twins, Polanco had 2 HR’s and Kriske gave up 4 runs in the 9th.
10 Jun, 04:03 AM UTC
Brooks Kriske I feel bad for you but get the hell off the roster
10 Jun, 03:30 AM UTC
Yankees Analytics Nerds (31-25-6)
I’m actually glad Kriske made it closer at the end. Ended our streak of losing games where the opponent scored 5 or more runs.
10 Jun, 05:01 AM UTC
Apprehensive Goer-Outside-r
@BarstoolHubbs Above Kriske's locker tomorrow
10 Jun, 03:34 AM UTC
And then you look away for 10 minutes and look back and the final score is 9-6 NY? How? Kriske!
10 Jun, 03:46 AM UTC
JT Kirkman
They call that a brooks kriske treat. #yankees
10 Jun, 03:34 AM UTC
Thomas🧢 (33-29💙🤍)
@Yankees Where is the: “After tonight’s game, we have made the following roster moves: • Optioned RHP Brooks Kriske to AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre” Tweet?
10 Jun, 03:32 AM UTC
Not What You Want
LOL thanks Kriske
10 Jun, 03:55 AM UTC
Big Blue In The Bronx 🎙️
Good night for Gerrit Cole as the #Yankees have a great night in terms of offense. Brett Gardner with three hits and Stanton with 2 HRs. Go for the sweep tomorrow! Kriske almost blew it.... #MNTwins #NYY #SquadUp #Twins
10 Jun, 03:31 AM UTC
Brooks Kriske should get a save for allowing the Yankees to give up 5+ runs and get the win for the first time this season.
10 Jun, 03:34 AM UTC
Pain (33-29)
@ktsharp Trade away that bum Cole and Kriske can take his spot
10 Jun, 03:34 AM UTC
@ktsharp Kriske did not look good at all. His offspeed was all hanging. A win is a win at least.
10 Jun, 03:33 AM UTC
Adam Weinrib
So glad the Yankees have used a precious 40-man spot for two years on Brooks Kriske. He rules!
10 Jun, 03:33 AM UTC
Yankees win, everyone else loses, Kriske god awful, Stanton launched balls I don’t even think landed yet #StartSpreadingTheNews #SquadUp
10 Jun, 03:32 AM UTC
@ktsharp Speaks to the “quality “ of Kriske’s pitches. Not a great outing for Kriske tonight.
10 Jun, 03:54 AM UTC
El Rey de Cachu 🇩🇴
Who the fuck is Kriske why is he a Yankee ?
10 Jun, 03:30 AM UTC
Moises Ramirez
@mikescudiero 🚌 get on the shuttle Kriske
10 Jun, 03:39 AM UTC
Danilo Mirabal
@Yankees_Beisbol Nmms qué malo es el brook kriske le metieron todas las carreras con 2 outs ,pero ganaron que es lo importante
10 Jun, 03:36 AM UTC
@amber00827 Dammit Cole, Cessa and Kriske gave poor little Josh an 0 for Wednesday 0-5 and he made the last out of the game 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
10 Jun, 05:18 AM UTC
Jon Mason
@malcolmjelly @stevie6261 @ktsharp Would rather not watch Kriske pitch in the big leagues.
10 Jun, 04:39 AM UTC
Steve the Rougned Odor Disliker
So I turned the Yankees game off after the 8th and I’m again left wondering why the hell they chose to put Kriske on the 40 man over Garrett Whitlock. What the hell were they thinking?
10 Jun, 04:36 AM UTC