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When Larry Kudlow says "difficult tradeoffs," he's talking about death panels, folks. They don't care about: - Old folks - Poor folks - Diverse folks - Working folks - US FOLKS They only care about $$$$$$. Disgusting bastards. https://t.co/lZ0y0o5cjS
23 Mar, 07:25 PM UTC
Molly Jong-Fast🏡
Larry kudlow is wrong about everything all the time https://t.co/MiGi0hABQ8
23 Mar, 07:18 PM UTC
Richard Yeselson
This should be getting **much** more attention than it is: according to @nytimes, @USChamber and unnamed corporations are feverishly advising Trump ***not*** to implement the Military Production Act—advice he, Kudlow and Jared are accepting. The result is delays/chaos. https://t.co/HokXehBLB1
23 Mar, 01:51 PM UTC
Max Tani
Larry Kudlow on Fox News: "The president is right. The cure can't be worse than the disease. And we're going to have to make some difficult tradeoffs."
23 Mar, 04:01 PM UTC

@maxwelltani Kudlow should have Rand Paul sneeze in his face to test this theory.
23 Mar, 04:36 PM UTC
Michael McFaul
I like Larry Kudlow personally. But as he tells us today that we need to go back to work, remember he is not an economist (BA in history;not a PhD in economics) & said this last month: "US has contained the coronavirus and the economy is holding up nicely" https://t.co/xHUu2OMIw1
23 Mar, 06:47 PM UTC
andrew kaczynski🤔
A week before the shutdowns began, Kudlow was calling the virus contained and telling Americans to stay at work. https://t.co/01pX0LNTnh
23 Mar, 04:20 PM UTC
Richard Yeselson
“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the heads of major corporations have lobbied the administration against using the act.” Times buries the lede here. Trump, Kudlow and the ⁦@USChamber⁩ have blood not just on their hands, but up to their armpits. https://t.co/gHdXeMca5A
23 Mar, 05:52 AM UTC
Matt Stoller
Larry Kudlow is on CNBC saying that no one expected the surge of coronavirus six weeks ago. That is simply false. Some of us saw it coming. We have to get rid of the kings of finance. They can't think five minutes ahead.
23 Mar, 05:18 PM UTC
Oliver Willis
two weeks ago larry kudlow said the virus was contained and back in 2007 he said there was no recession coming so you should DEFINITELY trust him when he says this isn't a slush fund https://t.co/S68wYIkDwO
23 Mar, 04:41 PM UTC
Julia Davis
Unsurprisingly, free market die-hard Larry Kudlow, i.e., Trump’s never-right National Economic Council director, was “persuaded” by such arguments, as was Trump’s not-very-bright son-in-law, Jared Kushner. https://t.co/mLbrNHkaDo
23 Mar, 07:15 PM UTC
Aaron Rupar
KUDLOW teases that Trump will try to send people back to work next week: "We can't shut in the economy... POTUS is right: The cure can't be worse than the disease, & we're gonna have to make some difficult trade-offs... I spoke w/ POTUS about this very subject late last evening." @atrupar's photo on Kudlow
23 Mar, 04:05 PM UTC
Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
Three weeks after Larry Kudlow adviser investors to “buy on the dip” ahead of the steepest losses in stock market history, today he is advocating ending social distancing. Sounds like more sh*#y advice.
23 Mar, 08:04 PM UTC
Tammy Bruce
Confirming the president's tweet of last night indicating a shift is coming re lockdown "Kudlow: Economic cost of prolonged coronavirus shutdown is 'just too great'" https://t.co/UQumin7eL0
23 Mar, 06:07 PM UTC
John Harwood
“US Chamber and major corporations have lobbied the administration against using the act. They say the move could prove counterproductive, imposing red tape. Trump and economic adviser Larry Kudlow, as well as Kushner, were persuaded, admin officials said” https://t.co/DPPV9cRoKE
23 Mar, 10:58 AM UTC
Joe Concha
Kudlow when asked by Ed Henry on Fox if he's optimistic a deal can get done in the Senate, answers it could get done today or tomorrow before adding "I just can't believe the other side of aisle won't help us on this. It's beyond my head to know they won't help this get through."
23 Mar, 04:03 PM UTC
Jamil Smith
There is no cure for the coronavirus, so that alone makes this a stupid thing to say. But presuming he means ending physical distancing to help the U.S. economy, it isn’t difficult to surmise that the workers most in jeopardy of infection won’t be guys like Trump or Larry Kudlow. https://t.co/DEQ9xcdCPm
23 Mar, 05:07 PM UTC
Travis Akers
On February 25th, Larry Kudlow said the U.S. has "contained the coronavirus." He should resign and never be allowed on television again. https://t.co/4KU3SWG4OD
23 Mar, 12:30 PM UTC
Julia Ioffe
President Trump, Larry Kudlow, and people on this website are discussing loosening the mitigation efforts to save the economy. Here is what that spike would look like if we did. Infections and deaths would surge—right before the election. 1/ @juliaioffe's photo on Kudlow
23 Mar, 06:58 PM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
Larry "Wrong Again" Kudlow - echoing his favorite moron/boss - says the US will have to make 'difficult tradeoffs' on coronavirus, since 'the cure can't be worse than the disease.' First off, there is no cure. Second, since the disease kills, what would the cure do that is worse?
23 Mar, 08:20 PM UTC
Mr. Skilling (Parody)
“This guy is a fucking idiot.” - Me, sitting on the couch in my underwear with a mouthful of chips watching Larry Kudlow on CNBC.
23 Mar, 05:41 PM UTC
Simon Schama
Kudlow said to be one of the people telling Trump to ease policies of social distancing, lockdowns etc. NO-ONE should pay a second's attention to him. No training in economics; worthless tv quack investment advisor who in 2008 said there would be no recession
23 Mar, 07:53 PM UTC
Simon Rosenberg
cc Donald Trump, Larry Kudlow https://t.co/nBAIh7L7W8
23 Mar, 08:34 PM UTC
Christopher Bouzy
Larry Kudlow is a jackass like his boss. I don't understand how so many people can be this terrible at their jobs.
23 Mar, 07:09 PM UTC
Towanda the Avenger
I have no immune system. I'd be one of those trade-offs Larry Kudlow is referring to. These are the real death panels. Please don't let them kill me. https://t.co/8PSf6ZQGuX
23 Mar, 08:17 PM UTC
Vaughn Winchell
@justinbaragona I can't remember, where did Larry Kudlow do his residency in internal medicine and fellowship in infectious disease?
23 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
Robert Peters
I’m calling constituents who have serious needs and just talked to Trina who is diabetic. She desperately needs groceries but she is also worried about rent. Folks like Trina deserve to be bailed out. Folks like Larry Kudlow need to sitdown.
23 Mar, 08:36 PM UTC
Seth Friedermann
@MollyJongFast Larry Kudlow is to economics as General Custer was to military tactics.
23 Mar, 07:20 PM UTC
Honey Chile 😘
@maxwelltani LARRY KUDLOW IS AN ITCHY RAW AZZZHOLE! SO, IN HIS "TRADE OFF", WHO IN HIS FAMILY IS HE VOLUNTEERING TO DIE?! #COVID19 😷🧤 #COVID19US #TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus #TrumpLiedPeopleDied #NotADemHoax #PeePeePresident #GOPCOVERUPisNOTAcquittal STILL #ImpeachedForLife 🇺🇸
23 Mar, 05:54 PM UTC
Kudlow said US may have to make DIFFICULT trade-offs, alluding to maybe opening economy back up and disregarding our health. I don't know, but I got a nagging feeling that putting money/himself over citizens is NOT a DIFFICULT choice for trump. You? #TrumpLiesPeopleDie
23 Mar, 08:39 PM UTC