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Will Sommer
Trump appears to have gotten his "Kurds didn't help us at Normandy" line from a Kurt Schlichter column. https://t.co/jAbsP9VCQt @willsommer's photo on Kurt Schlichter
09 Oct, 08:59 PM UTC
Will Sommer
Incidentally, Kurt Schlichter was all in favor of backing the Kurds until Trump decided to give them up to Erdogan. Then he changed his mind! https://t.co/FN7Lx3VHZv
09 Oct, 09:14 PM UTC
Cav the Impaler
The absolute worst part about this is that Krazy Kurt is gonna jerk off for months about the president quoting his bullshit. Kurt Schlichter should never feel good about anything, ever. https://t.co/XznXZRWeYu
09 Oct, 09:35 PM UTC
Aaron Astor
This is an atrocious comment from Trump. It apparently is based on a weird reading of an idiotic article by Kurt Schlichter in Townhall about the Kurds not deserving special sympathy since they were fighting ISIS next door and not across the world like we were in Normandy. https://t.co/Sfffijn3kG
09 Oct, 09:26 PM UTC
Serenity Now!
Jesus, Trump got his “the Kurds didn’t help us in WWII” line from a fuckin Kurt Schlichter article. Just gleeful to be influenced by the most absolute garbage people. https://t.co/MttxuJZFSn
09 Oct, 09:32 PM UTC
Kevin Roberts
@CombatCavScout @MalcolmNance "Kurt Schlichter" sounds like someone whose last name has to get bleeped on broadcast television.
09 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
@willsommer Kurt Schlichter the Ohio State QB from 20 or so years ago. Wow. Some career change of direction.
09 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC

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