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Samantha Pell
Capitals’ Evgeny Kuznetsov and Ilya Samsonov will not be dressed tonight vs NYR, per team. It was a team decision, was for disciplinary reasons. Craig Anderson will backup Vitek Vanecek tonight.
03 May, 09:37 PM UTC
Samantha Pell
So to recap: No Kuznetsov or Samsonov tonight for the Capitals. Both late to a team function, out for disciplinary reasons. Ovechkin and Carlson are still game-time decisions with lower-body injuries. Oshie is out (personal/family matter). Vanecek in net, Anderson backing up.
03 May, 09:43 PM UTC
big heatdaddy
Kuznetsov is the bad boy of the NHL change my mind https://t.co/uWW4YNAVxj
03 May, 10:21 PM UTC
Samantha Pell
Kuznetsov and Samsonov were late for a team function. https://t.co/k2emu17Ea5
03 May, 09:38 PM UTC
Japers’ Rink
I think it’s possible that Evgeny Kuznetsov is the worst thing that has happened to Ilya Samsonov. I also think it’s possible that for a kid in a foreign country during a pandemic, Kuznetsov has been a life saver for Samsonov. But be an adult, be a professional. Christ.
03 May, 10:00 PM UTC
Tarik El-Bashir
Evgeny Kuznetsov and Ilya Samsonov will not play tonight at MSG. It's a team decision. They were late to a team function. #Caps
03 May, 09:37 PM UTC
Samantha Pell
Recap, again: Alex Ovechkin and John Carlson are back in the lineup vs NYR. Kuznetsov and Samsonov out for disciplinary reasons (late to team function) Oshie out (personal/family reasons) Schultz out (lower-body, day to day) Caps have to go 11F/6D
03 May, 10:44 PM UTC
noah hockey stick emoji
intentionally scratching kuznetsov for nothing and forcing your franchise player to give it a go knowing he’s not 100% is an extremely stupid and questionable coaching decision
03 May, 11:29 PM UTC
Tarik El-Bashir
Whew. Reracking here: - Ovechkin is back from a 4-game absence - Carlson is back after missing 2 gms - Samsonov and Kuznetsov are scratched for being late - Oshie is out due to personal reasons - Schultz is out with a LBI - Looks like the #Caps will go with 3 centers
03 May, 10:48 PM UTC
noah hockey stick emoji
“evgeny kuznetsov is a bad influence” i’ll find out where you stay
03 May, 10:45 PM UTC
Evgeny Kuznetsov and Ilya Samsonov will not play tonight due to disciplinary reasons https://t.co/3utUU9ki5L
03 May, 10:08 PM UTC
Tom Gulitti
Evgeny Kuznetsov and Ilya Samsonov not dressing tonight, per the Capitals, per team decision/disciplinary reasons. Craig Anderson will dress as Vitek Vanecek's backup.
03 May, 09:37 PM UTC
Travis Tuthill
we should honestly expose kuznetsov in the expansion draft 😶
03 May, 10:47 PM UTC
Dan Rosen
OK, so for the Capitals ever evolving lineup, appears Alex Ovechkin and John Carlson will return, Ilya Samsonov and Evgeny Kuznetsov won't dress because of team discipline, T.J. Oshie is out because of personal/family reasons, and Justin Schultz isn't on the ice for warmups.
03 May, 10:35 PM UTC
The Capitals will play one player short tonight against the New York Rangers, buuuuut (!) Alex Ovechkin and John Carlson are returning from injury. So at least there's that! https://t.co/nSzfGlSM0u
03 May, 10:59 PM UTC
alex ovechkin goal addict
Peter Laviolette when Kuznetsov and Samsonov where trying to explain that they were busy saving a turtle on the road https://t.co/zcEGr6HBpO
03 May, 11:28 PM UTC
NBC Sports Capitals
Evgeny Kuznetsov, Ilya Samsonov out vs. Rangers due to disciplinary reasons https://t.co/XnuwVcmKb2
03 May, 10:48 PM UTC
theScore NHL
Report: Capitals' Kuznetsov, Samsonov out vs. Rangers for disciplinary reasons https://t.co/zWtMqQLMa6 @theScoreNHL's photo on Kuznetsov
03 May, 10:13 PM UTC
Tom Gulitti
Credit to Peter Laviolette. Some coaches might have done differently knowing it meant playing one forward/one skater short tonight, but Kuznetsov and Samsonov sitting for disciplinary reasons after being late to a team function. Team rules apply to all. https://t.co/52fXVNE1xf
03 May, 10:51 PM UTC
Stephen Whyno
No idea what Capitals would have done if Ovechkin and Carlson couldn't have played. OUT: Oshie (personal), Schultz (lower-body injury), Kuznetsov and Samsonov (disciplinary) https://t.co/H39hdxmaMV
03 May, 10:40 PM UTC
Tom Gulitti
So Capitals lineup tonight 11F/6D Ovechkin, Carlson are back from lower-body injuries. Oshie out for personal reasons Kuznetsov, Samsonov not dressed for team disciplinary reasons. Schultz (lower body) out day to day Craig Anderson dressing as backup to Vitek Vanecek.
03 May, 10:48 PM UTC
@capsboybebop if your biggest struggle as a coach is making evgeny kuznetsov show up to things on time you fundamentally do not understand the job you signed up for
03 May, 11:32 PM UTC
x - Washington Capitals Brasil 🇧🇷
Daqui a pouco o #Caps enfrenta o Rangers, mas não jogarão: Oshie: razões pessoais; Kuznetsov e Samsonov: razões disciplinares ao se atrasarem para uma team function; Pelo menos, Ovechkin e Carlson voltam de lesão. #ALLCAPS #BrasilTemNHL #CapsRangers
03 May, 11:06 PM UTC
Report: Caps bench Kuznetsov, Samsonov. MORE: https://t.co/TpnUqv42vx @TSN_Sports's photo on Kuznetsov
03 May, 10:43 PM UTC
FantasyLabs NHL
Evgeny Kuznetsov (disciplinary) is out Monday vs NY Rangers
03 May, 10:31 PM UTC
Maryland Sports Blog 😷
Ovechkin and Carlson return but now Oshie and Kuznetsov are out. #ALLCAPS #ROCKTHERED
03 May, 10:52 PM UTC
Alex B. Smith
Kuznetsov & Samsonov out due to disciplinary reasons? D'Fuck did they do now? https://t.co/UHJKPuFitP
03 May, 10:42 PM UTC
Pro Hockey Rumors
Ilya Samsonov, Evgeny Kuznetsov Benched For Disciplinary Reasons https://t.co/VoFn603Iel https://t.co/UOvWGeV7RU
03 May, 11:38 PM UTC
Eric Miller
I think the Caps seriously need to take a look at trading Kuznetsov this offseason.
03 May, 11:31 PM UTC