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jaboukie young-white
Kylie Jenner The Youngest Person To Refuse Solving The Flint Water Crisis Even Though They Could
12 Jul, 09:00 PM UTC
Natalie Shure
everyone is right that Kylie Jenner is not a "self-made billionaire"; now extrapolate that point to apply to all billionaires
12 Jul, 05:42 PM UTC
Abby Heugel
Kylie Jenner: 20 years old and worth $900 million. Me: 36 years old and just rinsed out a Ziploc bag to reuse for the 900th time. Guess we're both living the dream.
12 Jul, 10:52 PM UTC
There's a GoFundMe dedicated to raising $100M for Kylie Jenner to become a billionaire billboard's photo on Kylie Jenner
13 Jul, 12:50 AM UTC
Sam Yeezy
Getting robbed>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sending money to Kylie Jenner
13 Jul, 03:42 AM UTC
Steph Horry
I agree with Twitter. Kylie Jenner should’ve turned down millions from her family, got a 1 bedroom with no furniture, & tried to make it the hard way.
12 Jul, 07:16 PM UTC
Why tf are people raising $100,000,000 for Kylie Jenner to help her become a billionaire but all of a sudden broke when it comes to helping the kids of Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan and Rohingya etc ???????????
13 Jul, 11:28 AM UTC
Ndolam 💘
La personne à féliciter pour la réussite de Kylie Jenner c’est Krys Jenner. Elle est le cerveau derrière la réussite de toute cette famille. Elle s’est assise, a étudié et a maîtrisé les médias. Si elle écrit un livre à ce propos je serai la première à l’acheter.
12 Jul, 04:44 PM UTC
Why the actual fuck does kylie Jenner need a go fund me to raise the rest of the money she needs to become a billionaire. U people are fucking tapped
12 Jul, 07:38 PM UTC
Give Me Internet
Kylie Jenner - “Self Made” Billionaire according to Forbes Magazine Give Me Internet's photo on Kylie Jenner
13 Jul, 12:40 PM UTC
Kylie Jenner IS self-made Dreadmere's photo on Kylie Jenner
13 Jul, 02:51 AM UTC
🇨🇦 Izzy Nobre
This recent adulation of Kylie Jenner, coming at the heels of the derision Musk gets for the same reason (being massively rich) lays bare the media’s dishonesty Musk is far more “self made” than Jenner — hell, he’s an African immigrant But he’s vilified and she’s celebrated
12 Jul, 09:09 PM UTC
Young Realness
I saw someone compare Kylie Jenner being born into money to Lebron being born an athlete and I think all that makeup is causing the women’s CTE
13 Jul, 12:29 PM UTC
When people say Kylie Jenner isn’t self made no one is saying she didn’t work hard or isn’t successful It’s not an insult to not be self-made it just means you didn’t start from the bottom and that’s okay to admit
13 Jul, 12:11 PM UTC
I get what she trying to say but she used niggas that really got it out the mood. Kylie just gotta hype ass money hungry ass momma as a manager. Kris Jenner need to be on a fuckin cover. She the goat.
13 Jul, 12:44 PM UTC
qaatil | قاتل
Kids killing themselves over words on a got damn screen. Folks mad that Kylie Jenner is a billionaire.
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
Sickening There's a GoFundMe Dedicated to Raising $100M For Kylie Jenner to Become a Billionaire
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
if you donate to a go fund me for kylie jenner you prolly should just kys
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
Aaron King
🗣️Put that same energy ya'll are putting into making Kylie Jenner into a BILLIONAIRE to this poor 92-year-old man who was beaten simply because he was from Mexico.
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
🖤 Kim Tae Hyung’s BabyGirl 🖤
Not sure why there’s a go-fund me page for Kylie Jenner, I like Kylie, don’t get me wrong. But y’all would rather donate to someone who is already rich rather than donate to idk... helping people get clean water to drink, feeding starving people, helping the homeless??? 🤦🏾‍♀️
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
Fatia Nur Masriati
When ur face in between kylie jenner and siti badriah..
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
Nyra Adams
Of course Kylie Jenner’s is a billionaire she grew up in a multimillionaire family. 🙄
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
I liked a @YouTube video Why People Are Freaking Out About Kylie Jenner, Elon Musk, & Hank Green...
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
Ana Othman
⚡Kylie Jenner! Congratulation! Becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in the world⚡ How rich are...
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
Mikon mallinen mies
@riimiton Tais olla niin halluissa että puhui niin löperöjä, että ne voi tulkita ihan miten päin vaan. Kylie Jenner on ilmeisesti tekemässä jotain ennätystä nuorimpana hankitusta miljardiomaisuudesta. Hän vie tittelin yksityisyydestämme kauppatavaraa tehneeltä FB ukkelilta.
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
Rob Saunderson
You have to be kidding me ⁦@FATJEW⁩ ⁦@billboard⁩ ⁦@gofundme⁩ ⁦@KylieJenner⁩ I hope it’s a joke
13 Jul, 12:44 PM UTC
Michelle Says
How Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian Profit Off Black Creativity
13 Jul, 12:44 PM UTC

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